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    ....I have a question.

    It looks like our store husband wants to open will happen as long as we can get financing. (HA....just a minor little thing really)

    I've been working on lists galore and finding out costs of things, what we need, what we need to do, etc.

    One of my ideas was to make our own customer counter area. I saw some conversation tables once that were topped with what looked to be a veneer made of sheet metal and decorated with swirls put in by a disc grinder. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with the counter.

    What I have in mind is basically a 10 ft long, 4 ft high, 3 ft deep .......well...honestly...think a homemade bar for your basement. I want the top to come out about 4 inches beyond the front of the counter but otherwise, from the customer's view, it's a big long box. I figure we can make it out of 2x4's and plywood and I want to cover the front and sides with a thin sheet metal with a similar design ground in it as the ones I saw at the hotel. (I have friends who can do the designs) I've got a couple of inquiries out to people I know who work in metal fabrication factories to see how much the sheet metal will cost. I figure that industrial sheet metal is going to be pricey though and for the life of me I can't think of anyplace else to look.

    I was thinking solid sheets but I think I could make squares work too....kind of like the tin ceiling panels. I'm not a crafty person so it's entirely possible I'm completely overlooked other sources.

    Any ideas?

    Also...I was thinking of doing this on the top too but now I'm thinking of using a good quality plywood and either staining it or just layering on the clear coat.
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    'stang- I like your idea! Keep in mind that there are requirements for accommodating people in a wheelchair. If there is a counter that people need to write on, you will need a section that is lower. If it is a counter to just pass things over to whoever is working, it can be higher but can only be so deep. Again, this is only a section of the counter, not the entire thing.
  3. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    Oooh....good point. *writes on my list* I have a couple of friends in chairs who can be my guinea pigs for correct height, angle and location too.
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    Check out pages 18 & 19 and Section 7.2. These are federal guidelines to be used in order to comply with the law on disabilities. You will have local laws too but they will probably be consistent with these.