Freaking out over money! Send some good juju??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. hearts and roses

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    I hate freaking out over money :scared:, but here I am on January 2nd doing just that. I usually start my year off fairly secure in my financial situation, you know, doable, able to meet the needs of our family and home, but not a whole heap leftover.

    But I am overdrawn on my account!! :checkwriter: I just had difficult child go to one bank and withdraw money and put it into my main account at another bank. I figured out what happened. I sent in a bunch of scripts for me, easy child and difficult child and figured they'd be one amount and they wound up being a much larger amount. I never even checked my account over the holidays, that's how sure I was that I was okay. But today, I checked in on line and sure enough I was just under $100 overdrawn!! :smile:

    I had this personal item I HAD to buy today and now I can't and I'm basically [email protected] now and I don't know what to do. I don't get paid until the 15th - omg, that's 13 days away! :slap:

    My exh hasn't sent me child support since Sept and up until that point I had been used to getting almost $600/month, so that's a drastic change in income right there. I have all these prior committments and no way to meet them over the next 3 months. I don't want to panic, but I am.

    Please send some good positive $$ vibes and juju!! ::money::

    Thanks~I'll be off looking for things I can sell. :treadmill:
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    Ohmmmm send da money Ohhhmmmm, Ohmmm send da money Ohhmmm.
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    I'm with you.....freaking out over money stinks! I'll send you the good juju ****$$$$$$$$$$$$ vibes**** and send a couple to myself too ::money::
  4. flutterbee

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    Ugh! That's such a frustrating, helpless feeling.

    My car loan (now paid off) and my checking account are with the same bank. Bank in July, I scheduled a one time payment online. They took it 3 times! I was overdrawn by $800.00 - before overdraft charges.

    I thought I was going to puke.

    Doing a money dance for you.
  5. busywend

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    If you and husband keep things separate - see if he can help out! It is not worth stressing over if your partner has the ability to help.

    Otherwise - sending good juju your way!

    I am so numb to the money worry! LOL!
  6. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Thanks ladies...BW, I asked H to help me out and that I'd pay him back in March (that's when I expect to see some light) but he said no. He claims that he can't. I know he can, he just won't. He doesn't understand the urgency and I also think that he's still :censored2: off at me about buying that time share back in November.

    Speaking of which I called them to see if I could get out of it. I hate to give it up because I think it will be something awesome that I will use forever, but now I'm getting nervous, you know? I think I could probably :censored2: it up and do it, but now I'm not so sure. God, I hate when this kind of stuff happens. I may have bitten off more than I can chew and H is likely waiting for me to admit it. He eats that kind of stuff up. Ugh.

    Waiting for the good $$ juju to happen!
  7. DammitJanet

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    Oh I money worries more than anything. I get very witchy when I worry about money. That said...I would be spitting nails if H had the ability to get me (US) out of this jam and refused. I mean isnt it in the vows about richer and poorer, sickness and health...yada yada yada? Isnt he supposed to help take care of you and all that jazz?

    Sheesh. Its not like you went out and bought dope or gambled the money away or spent it on other men.
  8. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I'm with Janet. I wouldn't ask husband to help, he'd be expected to help, and if he didn't......well, let's just say he knows better. lol

    Nothing can make me a witch with a capitol B faster than money worries. Too bad we have so many of them these days. *sigh*

    Instead of thinking of things to sell, would crunching down on the budget help? You know, make sure lights are shut off soon as they're not being used, don't leave water running, cheap meals for dinner like mac and cheese with hot dogs, no fast food....ect. Or would that take to long to help you out of the jam??

    I hate bounced checks. husband used to do it to me so darn much that I haven't written a check in years. If he wants to bounce one, on his head be it. Not mine.

    Just, whatever you do, DON'T go to one of those cahs advance places. You'll get caught in a vicious cycle that is harder than heck to get out of. husband did that to us, took us 6 mos to get out of the hole he'd made. argh!! :rolleyes:

    Currently I'm worrying over whether we'll have the cash to buy school supplies. My classes start monday.

    Sending tons of good vibes your way. :hypnosis:

  9. busywend

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    I know some 2nd marriages do this - keep everything separate. It is OK - until something like this comes up.

    Don't do anything right now, just see how things go for the next couple months. $100 should be able to be made up by adjusting groceries and entertainment. See how husband likes it when you can't make a pie for a few months...see how fast he helps you then! LOL!
  10. Marguerite

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    Serious suggestion - call ANYONE you have a loan with and explain the situation. Ask if they can re-calculate your loan so you can make easier payments for a while. It is amazing how much they will bend, because they would rather get SOME money from you, rather than nothing because you've gone into receivership.

    Also, look at your credit cards - see if you can change to one with a lower interest rate. Or see if you can re-schedule your loan on the time share with someone else for a lower rate.

    We have time share. I don't like the hard sell they use to flog the things, I think it's borderline dishonest, but we're happy with our time share and the travel we've been doing. You CAN buy time shares as re-sale, at a fraction of what we're asked for up front. And if THEY say you can't get out of it - get another opinion.
    I'm surprised husband is blaming you for buying the time share - in Australia, they won't let you sign up if you're married, they insist on it being a joint decision. And if husband tried to blame me for what is basically a joint decision, he'd be finding his extracurricular activities (ie personal hobbies) very much curtailed. He might even find I "couldn't afford" to get food for him.

    Talk to your bank. Maybe they can waive the fees, considering the hardship issue (EX no longer paying child support). Also, a bank charging fees - you can sometimes appeal and get the fees waived. You need to put it in writing, but one way to have a go is to point out that the fees charged are more than offset by the money they make having the use of your money at other times. Also, they often charge far more than the actual costs to them of you being overdrawn. In Australia our banks in general have had to drop some fees totally, after many people complained and the banks were challenged publicly.
    Talk to the pharmacist (in case the prescriptions didn't really cost that much and there was an error).

    An episode of Oprah on Aussie TV yesterday, was on how to reduce your debt. Some very useful info. You might be able to find some info online, from that episode. I'm fairly sure there were some books being promoted which you might be able to borrow.

    We're just clawing our way back from a very bad couple of months. With all the medical bills for easy child 2/difficult child 2 and me, our credit cards maxed out. One trip to the paediatrician costs us about $500. When we get another thousand in the same week, more medical bills - we're short for a while. We'll get some of it back (insurance pays for about a third of it) but in the meantime, things get tough. And we've already done what we could to cut our costs back, so we have NO LEEWAY at all...

    Do you have anything you could trade? Skills such as cooking? Ironing? Sewing? You might be able to barter with some neighbours or friends, to cover your needs in the meantime. This afternoon we traded some chicken manure for cucumbers. I use the cucumbers to make tzaziki, then I bake a loaf of bread (saves another few dollars and the kids are happy to feast on bread and tzaziki. They think they're in gourmet heaven, not poverty row. Add in some home-made pasta (eggs and flour) and the little (?) tummies are full for very little dosh indeed.

    Can you live out of your cupboard for a few days? What do you have in storage?

    There are ways... I hope you can manage.

  11. mom23gsfg

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    have you thought about taking something to a will get you the money you need and as long as you go and pick up your item within 30 days you dont have to worry about never seeing it again.i think at most places you just have to pay them back $10-15 extra...also if you cant pay the whole amount back within 30 days some places let you just pay so much on it to keep it a few more days
    its better than having to pay those expensive bounce fees
  12. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Thanks Marg, for all of your tips. Several of them have already been put into place.

    I have done really well in whittling away at all my old debt following my divorce. I got down to about $1300 when I had to take out the college loan for easy child last year. I had already transferred high interest credit card to a credit card with 0% until August 2008, so I'm good in that regard. And if I'm not done by then, I will transfer the balance then to a new 0% interest card.

    It's not just about the $100 overdraw, which I know in the big picture is really not a big deal. Thankfully, my bank does not charge overdraft fees on MY account. I've been with them for a long time, it's a small bank in a small town, I have auto deposit and they know me really well, so they waived all fees. I called and before I even called, the fees that were deducted were credited already! Lucky me, seriously.

    I think what is making me panic is because my pay structure has changed beginning this month. Rather than getting a separate check for auto allowance, which essentially pays my auto loan, the annual auto expense amount will now be incorporated into my paycheck, have taxes taken out of it, and will be divvied up between 24 pay periods throughout the year. So I have to adjust my bill payment structure. Also, not a big deal in and of itself. On top of that, I just learned that I will need another crown in my mouth, which is an unexpected $500 out of pocket expense. Likewise, I learned that difficult child will have to have gum surgery and that is all out of pocket - have no idea what it will be but they are estimating $800. On top of that, I just topped off our oil tank for a whopping $465 (only 150 gallons!) and we're already down again and will need to have another delivery at roughly $500 by early February. And lastly, I also just learned that I owe difficult child's psychiatrist $75 for cancelled appts, and a hospital ER visit she had back in November that she never told me about that is an additional $75. Arrrrggh!

    I spoke with the time share people and the woman I spoke with said that since I'm not officially into my mortgage I may be able to get out of it, but may lose my deposit. I have to speak with my closer on Friday and see what's up with that. I think I would still be entitled for at least the $478 life insurance I paid for if I'm not getting the mortgage, correct? Yes, I would think so. I know I can probably squeek by and keep my timeshare (I really do think that we will use it and love it in the long run) but I was/am just panicking thinking of all these extra expenditures coming up in the next few months and I hate being behind the 8 ball.

    I have already listed out how I am going to be planning menus (a la Linda-style!!) so that right there will save me a few dollars each month. Also, I found out where some budget grocery stores are and I will shop there using coupons of course - the two stores are a bit of a drive, but still worth the ride since my car is a hybrid. We will of course be eating more pastas and salads and less meats these next few months. H complains no matter what I make so poop on him. I couldn't care less. I told him last night that if he's so unhappy with my meal plan, he can make them and shop for them himself. He said he would but he won't, so he will have to eat what I make.

    I reduced my auto loan by trading my old Passat Wagon for the Hybrid - I'm saving $65/month in loan payment each month, not to mention almost $100/mth in fuel as well! I already use draft dodgers at all my doors and we have an auto timed thermostat for the house that kicks down when no one is home. Of course, with difficult child home during the day these days she is putting it up to 70 when I'm not around.

    Basically, I'm just thinking and fretting out loud still. But everyone's responses have helped me to see that A)it's not so bad, and B) I'm certainly not alone.

    And in regards to H, we do keep everything separate in money, however, we divvy up the bills. He pays the mortgage (not even our home actually - it's in his dad's name, but that's another post!), auto insurance for him, me, easy child, and difficult child, plus his life insurance, cable, difficult child and easy child's cell bills, and most entertainment & dinners out. I pay electric, phone, fuel oil, food, college loan, my own personal debt, plus most of the girls' needs. Sometimes it's even, sometimes not. But easy child and difficult child are my daughters technically, so I feel responsible for them before I expect H to kick in. Of course, easy child basically takes care of her own needs like clothing, co-pays, personal care, etc.

    I called exh and we straightened out the child support issue. Beginning next week he will be sending me directly $100/wk...or so he says, we shall see how that pans out. I am not completely convinced he will stick to that plan as his job seems shaky and now that the support enforcement bureau is not breathing down his neck he has little incentive except when I threaten to take him to court again. Another

    So, now that I've laid out all my financial woes on the table...hahaha. Thanks for listening and all the advice and empathy.
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    Jo -

    I'm still thinking positive vibes -
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    I'm still thinking positive vibes - </div></div>

    I can feel it - thanks~ :flower:
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    Good $ ju-ju on it's way.