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    I just LOVE this site. I posted a while back that we wanted an electric razor for Wizard. None of us feel it is a good idea for him to use one with a blade, not with the previous cutting. he thinks the electric will help with that, and keep him from cutting off his acne.

    Soooooo I just got an email from a gentleman. He says he emailed when I first posted, but wanted to check back because he got no response. I will pick up the razor this weekend!

    I also have had people come to pick things up and they are all so very nice. If it is furniture I either have husband be here or have it on the porch so they don't come in. Otherwise we meet in town.

    I have passed on a LOT of stuff, gotten some items we really needed, AND gotten my mom to help a headstart teacher who was making clown costumes for her entire very large class - mom gave supplies of all sorts, an easier pattern (changed the pattern so it could be much easier to make, put on, and easier for the kids to wear comfortably), and a fair amount of help with the sewing. The kids were adorable!!

    Anyway, with all the higher prices, this is one way I really like to save $$$.

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    Susie, I love freecycle, too. I get rid of a lot of junk thru there, and I acquire a lot of things I'd otherwise be buying there. Its amazing what people can and will give!
    A couple years ago, I posted for old lincoln logs. A man who periodically randomly chose a "wanted" post to fulfill for his good samaritan project picked our licoln log post and offered to BUY difficult child a brand new set, completely at random - set them aside at a customer service counter in town, email him where, he would purchase them.
    Turns out someone else offered to give difficult child an old set they had at the time, so I asked the man to find another "wanted' post, but still, it was very moving what he was doing. He said he did it a couple of times a year.
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    Me too! I ♥ Freecycle!