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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, May 22, 2009.

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    These past couple of days have just felt like forever....and the news just gets worse and worse.

    When I went into my daughter's room to pack a bag for her stay at the psychiatric hospital, I discovered a handful of papers ripped into tiny shreds in her garbage can. I know that she had written down a list of the penalties she was going to impose on her brother if he snitched--and I assumed that was what it was.

    However, when I began assembling the papers, I discovered that they were a series of notes to boys she has been sneaking around with. The notes contain phrases such as "I need blood"; "I'm gonna get him"; "we'll kill him in his sleep"; "meet you at ______--don't forget to bring a knife!"; "I'll go, but if I don't come back it means I'm dead".

    I don't know what they mean. I don't know who these other kids are.

    This whole thing scares me to death.

    husband and I have decided to try and alert the parent of the other kids that may be involved--but it means we will need some help figuring out who these kids are.

    I'd like to approach the school, but I think that Privacy Laws are going to be an issue. I'd like to think that public safety trumps privacy--but I'm not sure how that works.

    Meanwhile, at the psychiatric hospital--difficult child sounds like she is having the time of her life. Everything's great! She is definitely wearing her "I'm a wonderful, happy, helpful girl with these awful parents" face.

    I hope the psychiatrists can see through the facade....

    Thanks for all the prayers and support!!

    Will keep you posted....

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    Does your daughter have a friend that you trust to help you? That may be a way to go without getting the school involved first. But, getting the school involved may not be a bad thing either.

    And make copies of that note!!!! DEFINATELY take a copy to the psychiatric hospital and show to the docs.

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    Hi Daisy. What a scary thing with the notes. On the bright side, atleast you know she is getting help right now. I think you are doing the right thing by trying to contact the other kids parents. The school may decide to contact the parents instead of giving out their personal information.
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    I would hope that the docs weren't born yesterday and can see through that stuff.
    I've got my fingers crossed.
    I hope the notes were just saber rattling and nothing imminent or do-able.
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    Dude has been in several Phosps, Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s and the like. Let me enlighten you a bit about children who get to the psychiatric hospital with angelic demeanor and brilliant behavior. It's commonly known as the honeymoon period. Dude could honeymoon at most places and did for the first 2 months to 6 months. I was delighted that he could hold it together for that long. It gave me hope. The staff and counselors there will see through it. Eventually they ALL end up in the safe room, screaming about how unfair life is and how they are going to get back at everyone.

    As far as the disturbing note? Tape it back together and copy it and give it to the psychiatric hospital. As far as showing the other parents of the child involved? Nope. But DO show it to the people there so they can deal with your daughter and it lets them know her state of mind. IT also gives the counselor a place to start in therapy with "WHY" and HOW...she's in a place right now where she can NOT hurt anyone, so I don't think I would alarm the parents of that child just yet.

    I'm sorry that she's where she is - but for now I think maybe you can have a little respite and enjoy the silence and recoup and regroup. Take thsi weekend to just ignore the world, and have a relaxing holiday.

    Your daughter is in a place none of us are ever happy that our kids are at, but we're happy that our kids are getting help. IF anyone asks where she is? Just say "Shes away at private school for the summer."