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    My gut instincts are pretty good about telling me when to get into alanon or as somebody called it alamom :) mode and now it's telling me to get into advocate mode.

    We went to the outpatient clinic yesterday that is both a methadone and suboxone clinic. The way they say it works is you do an intake, the next day you go back to a 2:00 group and then if you show up for the group, the next day they will put you on the suboxone or methadone.

    My son meets with someone yesterday and told her how he tried to get into detox/rehab over the weekend and couldn't and that my insurance will only cover outpatient treatment for opiates and also will only cover suboxone and not methadone. He told her he's homeless, but still has a job and he wants to straighten his life out and get clean before he loses all that he has left, which is his job and his car. For some reason she's telling him that she's not comfortable giving him the suboxone, and asked him why he doesn't do the methadone. He told her because my insurance pays for the suboxne and I can't afford the $40 a week out of pocket it would cost me for the methadone. Then I guess she made a comment about how it will cost a lot less then the drugs he's been buying. So she took the name of his last prescribing suboxone doctor and said she wants to get his records from her first before she decides whether to give him the suboxone or not and tells him to call at 2:30 yesterday afternoon and she will let him know if he should show up for the 2:00 group today, meaning if she says yes, he gets the suboxone tomorrow and if not, who knows what. He called, left a message and she never returned his call, so he has no clue today what he is supposed to be doing.

    I'm picking him up at 9:30 and I'm bringing him back there and he is going to walk in and ask to speak to her again and if she doesn't give him an answer, I'm going to ask to speak to her. This kid is screaming for help and can't get it. I don't understand why she would say he can pay for the methadone, but can't have the suboxone that my insurance covers. They both do the same thing, so either you believe he wants to help himself and are going to treat him, or you aren't. Do they make more money off the cash they get for the methadone then they would off the suboxone my insurance covers. She said she isn't comfortable because he can't even give her an address where he lives. Hellooooo, he doesn't live anywhere and needs to keep his job so he can live somewhere!!!

    he said she made comments about not knowing if she believes he really wants to do this and she thinks he might just be trying to get high. He told her he wants to come to meetings everyday and do whatever it takes and then move into a sober house. She told him nobody will take him into a soberhouse on suboxone. She is totally wrong because I found places on line that say they take methadone and suboxone users.

    If they can't help him I don't know where else to take him!! When somebody actually wants help it shouldn't be this difficult. If she's afraid he's going to sell the suboxone because it's a prescription he's going to tell her he'll come there everyday and have someone give it to him like the methadone.

    Oh and if he can come to the 2:00 group today he also needs to come in tomorrow sick in order for them to give him the suboxone I guess to prove he hasn't used, but he'll never get through work tonight with nothing in his system. What a viscious cycle!!

    Wish me luck. I'll let you all know how it goes!!
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    This sounds off to me.

    The way I understand how methadone and suboxone work is that they prevent the user from getting "high" from opiates. They also help ease the craving for them. If that is the case then her rationale is wrong. And honestly after all I went through with BFF I don't recall hearing any one of her druggie friends wanting to get high from either of these.......Everything else under creation, but these 2 were never mentioned. They are pretty much exactly alike in function.

    Wonder if she is more familiar with methadone then suboxone and so doesn't feel as comfortable prescribing it.

    Is there a program that will let him come in each day to take his medication as an outpatient? Bff found one in dayton that does this. Their outpatients come in to receive their daily medications, they're drug tested first. If they test positive, they don't get the methadone. They do the other one too, but she was taking methadone. Then they went to classes and therapy all day. She never had a script to fill and have at home.

    Stinks that he wants help and having issues finding it.

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    We just got an answer. I never left the house to pick him up this morning because he called her first and she told him she still didn't have an answer for him, so I picked up the phone and left her a message telling her I know she can't tell me anything about him, but I'm hoping what I can tell you will help you decide whether you can give him the suboxone or not. Well something I said must have worked because she called him and told him he's all set. he has to go to group at 2:00 today, then they can start the suboxone tomorrow.

    Thank God!! Now he just has to figure out how to get through work tonight because he's going to be sick as a dog by then.
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    I am SO happy for him and you! Prayers hon!!
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    Can she suggest anything he can do for tonight?

    Congrats! Sounds like a good plan forward! Fingers crossed he can do this!
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    I really hope they can help him!
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    I don't know if they can suggest anything to get him through tonight or not. My thought is if he is showing up for this group today already sick, why can't they dose him this afternoon so he can work?? I just don't get the waiting, but maybe it's all part of the process to see how bad they want this. I'm going to suggest to him that maybe he can ask someone about it after the group today.
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    It surprises me that she would want methadone rather than suboxone. My exSIL is a nurse with addictions and the program run by the licensing board will NOT approve of methadone treatment - only suboxone. They say she would still be getting high from methadone but not from suboxone. She also has several severely painful chronic problems, including a seriously messed up back and nervous system froma ansty car accident that was NOT her fault and she was NOT under the influence of anything - it was my mom's car so we got the police report including that she demanded they breathalyze her and take blood at the scene of the accident so there would be no question of her being under the influence and the hosptial not finding it because they didn't test her right away.

    So she has to navigate unholy pain levels and addictions at the same time. Hers is NOT dependence, or not only, she also has addiction to almost anything you can get addicted to so she has a lot of problems. Anyway, I am rather surprised that the lady would want to push methadone above suboxone. I may have my info wrong though. It may have been a test to see how willing he was to do whatever was needed. WHile the comment about $40 being less than he woudl spend on drugs seems callous but it IS true. Very true. Just not terribly helpful.

    I am glad they are taking him!!! He seems to be trying really hard.
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    I am surprised that methadone is actually that expensive per week to be honest. Maybe per month. At least the dose Im on is really cheap. I have no clue what the dose is for coming off of addiction.

    I was also going to point out that there are people who do get high on methadone. How I dont know. I feel nothing with it. I have also wondered what would happen to me if something bad happened like I was in a car accident and they needed to give me stronger pain medications, what would that methadone do to me then? Would it make it so the pain medications didnt work? Something that has always niggled at the back of my mind because I am supposed to go for operations at some point in time.
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    That's right about the methadone and my son even said that. He can't get high off the suboxone, but you can off the methadone. He just called. he went to the group, they are calling in the suboxone and he has to pick it up, but can't take it until Thursday!! and has to take it to the clinic and take it in front of the Doctor. This place doesn't make much sense to me because they know what them not using does to them, so they are almost setting them up to use to get through until they are allowed to take the suboxone. he's already feeling like **** and has to wait another 48 hours before he can take the suboxone???? How do they think he is going to get through work for 2 more nights??

    I'm glad they are starting him on it, but I think I need to do my research into other facilities he can transfer to or another private suboxone prescriber who can also give him counseling. The way this place does things isn't giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling if you know what I mean.
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    K...I have to keep my methadone in my purse because some of Cory's friends have found out that I take it. Cory has grown out of the stealing mom's pills stage but he worries about his friends so he has advised me to keep them in my purse at all times. His friends have begged him to get them from me. Of course, he refuses like a good boy (TG!). However, he is so worried about me being on methadone because he has heard horror stories about it.
  12. Hound dog

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    Janet from what I understand, if I'm remembering correctly, methadone should not be mixed with anethesia. If you need surgery it will have to be discussed with the surgeon beforehand as to what you should do.

    Odd. I've never heard of anyone getting high from methadone. Hmm. Makes you wonder what the purpose of giving it to get off other drugs is then.