From Chaos to calm

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  1. It drives me batty. How my difficult child can go from complete chaos telling his sister she should just die one week and being defiant to me to a week later being all calm and polite and helpful. I just don't get it. The note home from his outpatient hospital program yesterday said no major problems to work on, just his weekly goal of keeping negative comments to himself. Now don't get me wrong - we have lots of things going on still and will for some time, it just amazes me how we can go from he might need to be hospitalized to I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor releases him this week. That brings up a whole other worry of mine: school.:sweating:
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    The description of moodswings make me wonder if a mood disorder has been ruled out--not just depression. How about early bipolar? Has he ever been tried on a mood stabilizer to see if that helps? Any of that on the family tree? Also, Prozac and Wellbutrin are antidepressants and can make mood disorders even worse.
  3. I have mentioned to the doctor about a mood disorder - my bio brother was just diagnosed a couple of years ago, believe me my son in a lot of ways reminds me of my brother. I will be discussing with the doctor yet again this week when I meet with him. The last two weeks the doctor hasn't been actually in attendance for the treatment team meeting - some family emergency. Anyway, I brought it up to the counselor last week at our weekly meeting and I will be doing it with the doctor this week again. His current medications are the only medications he has ever been on.

    I brought up last week about the possibility of the Prozac being the problem and the counselor said he would mention to the doctor, but he said that if Prozac was the problem then his rages would be more consistent and not sporadic. All I know is he can fly off the handle at the drop of the hat and then be like nothing happened afterwards and we go from good weeks and then onto completely awful weeks.