From Innocence to Entitlement: A Love and Logic Cure for the Tragedy of Entitlement


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There is a Love and Logic book for Entitlement now!! I think we have ALL seen how entitlement is crippling our children and ourselves and our society. Even if we do not give our kids everything they want, we still have problems that stem from this problem.

I haven't looked at the L&L website for quite a while but was very happy to see this new addition to the L&L library. I thought some of you might also be interested. Here is a link to the book on amazon:

While I have not read the book, I do think entitlement is one of the biggest problems we face as a society. More and more adults honestly believe that the world and esp their parents owe them a certain lifestyle. I cannot fathom how that works, but I know people who laugh about it and sayt hat they didn't ask to be born so their parents MUST support them and all their wants and whims. I am often boggled by this, Know what I mean??

What do you think will help the overwhelming wa ve of entitlement that we are seeing?


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Hi Sus,

Honestly, It starts very young in my opinion. And it is fostered out of what seems like "love" or "efficiency".
I know that I come from 2 generations of mom's who did EVERYTHING, sigh, I expected the same from myself.
I have a mom who would (and still does) take over when I didn't do something the way she thinks it should be done...or she will go back over it in front of me after I think I have completed a task. I did much the same with my difficult child's. I also felt it my responsibility to ensure they got good grades so homework often became MY homework, my book report, my science fair project, etc.
I think wanting to make it seemingly "easier and quicker" is where this comes from.
I am trying hard to change my ways with my grandchildren.

Recently, my grandson came up to me to help him get his helmet off after he had gone for a bike ride with his little sister and husband. Well, in the past, I would have unfastened the snap on the helmet for him...but instead I taught him how to do it FOR HIMSELF with instructions that he was willing to follow.
And that I think is key...Not doing for them what they are capable of learning to do for self.
Sure, it can take longer...but there is a BIGGER price to pay if we don't empower our children and teach them how to be self sufficient!

Uhg...I wish I had known better when they were little.


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Lovemysons, great insight. I agree.
But we are working against others in society. If only everyone could see some of the notes we write on this board...


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Amen! I dont know what happened but I know I didnt dress my kids but suddenly parents are dressing 4 and 5 year old kids! Like they dont know how to put a shirt on? Now I understand buttons or zippers but a pull on shirt or pants? Or velcro shoes? Please.

I refuse to help Keyana anymore. I will set out her clothes but I wont put them on her. At gymnastics, I tell her to get her stuff out of her cubby and I sit there while she puts her stuff back on so we can go home. Im not going to sit there and put pants, socks and shoes on an almost 7 year old! She's toast now too because I just found out she can brush her own hair and put it up in a ponytail! (that doesnt sound like such a big deal but if you knew her hair it is)