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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by witzend, Oct 28, 2009.

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    M called the house before I got a chance to call him. He decided that his friend Z, whom he was going to lease an apartment with (and wanted us to co-sign on) was not as on the up and up as he had thought, and maybe he was avoiding life and not actually going to try to get through school. Hmm....

    In any case, he has made arrangements to rent a room in student housing (someone else's child has fallen through the cracks? :( ) from another person/student without his friend Z. It is right across the street from school. Between his lack of employment, finally getting on track with his "ward of the court" status, and whatever other grants he was able to utilize, he will be fine. He won't be rich, but he will be fine.

    Maybe. Just maybe - he is getting his act together.
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    Wow. He came to that conclusion on his own. That's big! And found a solution that works for him.....even bigger. Maybe the light is beginning to dawn. :) We can keep our fingers crossed.

    Travis isn't doing bad on limited funds. In fact, all the roomates, except the one who works as a kindergarden teacher (I haven't figured out how he does that yet), are also low on funds. So they put their heads together on how to cut costs. I think it's helped all of them. Although they're eating alot of frozen pizzas and the like lol.
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    Witz, I quit college for a year between my sophomore and junior years. I earned $280.00 per month gross. I got one of the highest raises in the office which brought it to $295.00 gross per month. To say I was poor is a gross understatement (no pun intended ;) ).

    I know I'm singing to the choir here but I have to say that because of my extreme poverty, I learned more that year than any other single year of my adult life.

    This will be good for him and I'm sending him a high five. I hope he sticks it out.

  5. witzend

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    Yep, I figure we'll have him over to dinner sometime soon just to be sure he doesn't starve.
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    I'm so glad Matt figured this out for himself and also that he didn't play the blame game this time with you. It sounds like after years, he is finally "getting" it. At least enough that you feel like you can invite him to dinner-----That's a very good thing!
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    Oh, such baby steps! LOL! Why did they learn to walk so fast, and getting an apartment is sheer torture!
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    I'm glad he figured things out on his own. I agree, extreme poverty is the best motivator.
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    Good for him! Wishing him much success. -RM