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    husband saw his psychiatrist the other day. Apparently psychiatrist commented on how husband always brings me up at their sessons. News to me, not sure if it is good or bad. Then they were talking about husband's drinking. He drinks a couple (2 or 3) beers every now and then. He used to drink like a fish. That was about 11yrs ago. He has had multiple DUII's, arrests and the list goes on and on. When husband drinks it does help with his tardive dyskinesia. psychiatrist said that is fine as long as he is not drinking a case of beer a night. husband said that won't happen. Then somehow the conversation came to me. husband said that I am his game warden, and he is the hunter. ROFL. husband said he gets 3 tags. If he gets four animals he is in trouble, and 5 animals and he goes to prison. psychiatrist asked what prison was. husband said that there is a camp trailer beside the house he would be living in, but that the camp trailer would not be beside the house he would have to pull it somewhere.

    psychiatrist said that's good, that he needs someone like that in his life.

    So now I feel like a control freak.

    I am not a control freak, I set boundaries. I mean them,and there are consequences. I am not a control freak, am I? This is nuts.

    Can I have a badge??? lol
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    LOL! If this is the biggest problem husband is "complaining" about, I think you're doing ok! It sounds like you help him stay in line and he and psychiatrist appreciate it, in my humble opinion.
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    Just give me a badge, a gun, a truck and a bull horn. Ohhhhh Can I have a hat.
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    You may have a hat and don't forget the shirt with the badges on the arms.

    Some people just need more visible and oral boundaries than others. "Step away from that 4th drink."

    Keep up the good work. As long as this is working for the too of you, I wouldn't call it controlling. It is when he stops accepting the limits and your enforcements include the gun and badge, that he might look at it as controlling.
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    I am praying manster finds a game warden some day. Many of our difficult children best hope is to find people like you :) ML