Gday on Thursday


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Marg's Man here.

You know that bug that Marg said that difficult child 2/easy child 2 had? She's got it now and "feeling poorly" so you have to put with my ramblings tonight (errm, today). Why does it seem that the only things the kids share is their diseases? LOL

Another warm day, only in the high twenties where we are, thanks to a cooling north easterly breeze coming off the ocean, in Sydney's west it got to the mid thirties. It doesn't bother me too much until it gets in the high thirties but I like it cooler when I try to sleep. Marg's the other way round. But; no matter how crook she is; she'll get a swim in if she can. Actually she says she just went and lay on the beach with her friend. [True! Marg]

We just finished watching Letterman. We don't normally get him here [yes we do - midnight shift, right before the all-night advertorials] but one of the channels put the show on because it was the one featuring Terri & Bindi Irwin. Crikey! I'm glad we don't get him normally. I know he's pretty popular over there but I just couldn't put up with him and resorted to watching something and switching back every five minutes or so until the Irwin ladies came on. Bindi just blew him away - OK she's eight but I got the distinct impression that Letterman was completely out of his depth.

They were on his show to promote Tourism Australia where Terri (officially) and Bindi (unofficially) are Tourism Ambassadors for us. If you think about it - you're in the middle of winter and we're in the middle of summer. Combine that with the fact that next Friday (26 January) is Australia Day and it makes sense that we want to encourage the world to come see us.

Marg mentioned the fires yesterday - these are the SAME ONES that have been burning since early December. One weather forecaster said that only Bass Strait or floods will stop them after burning continuously for nearly fifty days now (I'm not sure if it's 46, 47 or 48) they are expecting another bad weekend as temperatures climb into the forties on the fireground.

You may want to be warmer wherever you are but you don't want it t-h-a-t warm. Keep well everyone.

Marg's Man
PS I've just drafted this, now I'll get Marg to give it an edit and post, cheers all

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Good Morning!

Marg's Man-I hope Marguerite is feeling better soon. I had to chuckle about her going to the beach-I'll go to the pool in the summer every chance I get-if I had a beach I'd do that too!

It was a long day yesterday and I'm starting to get grouchy when I have to miss my workouts. I did, however, get some of my homework done for the class I'm taking. Today will be hard too as my sister in law and brother in law are in town (staying at her daughter's) and we are meeting them out for pizza after work. It will be fun but does mean another missed workout unless I'm disciplined enough to go much later than usual. Oh well-I'll survive. It's amazing to me how much a workout can help destress me.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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:smile: Happy Thursday

Marg's Man, give Marg my best wishes for a speedy recovery! I can totally relate to her regarding the daily swim - I'm an ocean gal as well :cool:

Sharon, hope you have fun tonight with sister in law and brother in law. I know what you mean about the workout - it definately helps the stress level!

It appears that many of you are in the snow and the ice :smile: I've been watching the news this morning with pics of all the effects on driving - especially in places like Texas where they don't have the equipment or chemical the roads before/during the storm. Stay safe!!

Office all day today - oh, except with a stop at Lowes this morning to see if I can find some "pink foam insulation". difficult child has to make a 3D blue marlin for tomorrow and he wanted to carve it out of styrofoam. I decided that would be such a mess. So, I'll find that foam insulation that set dressers use since it can be cut really easily.

Wishing everyone a great Thursday. Stay warm, stay safe, be happy.



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Good morning Marg, Marg's Man, Sharon & Sharon,
Duckie is student of the week and has a little celebration today, so I'm driving her into school today. Gotta run, it's 18F and I'd like my hair completely dry before heading out.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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Good morning all,

Marg's Man, give Marg our best - hope she's feeling better soon.

Sharon, here's a word you need to start using "no" - this is my time. I've been able to say that a great deal lately. Too many demands on my time almost took me down; the lack of time for myself was devastating to my spirit. Repeat after me "NO".

Sharon, wish difficult child luck with that marlin model. Sounds like a fun project.

TM, hooray for Duckie.

A busy day looms ahead for me. Appointment with attachment therapist to rework kt's treatment plan & transition home. kt comes home this evening through Sunday.

Need to make a trip to SSA - psychiatrist, 2 tdocs & several SW's have told me that now is the time to start the application process for SSI for both kt & wm. I was hoping not to have to take this battle on. psychiatrist felt it would be a no brainer.

I'm working on getting our sewing room setup for use. I had started that over a month ago & other demands interfered with that project. I'd like to have a sewing area that I can leave setup.

Piano lessons later this afternoon.

Enjoy your day all.


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Good Morning my friends. It's a cold and icy morning. :smile: The snow day was fun. I made a big pot of stew with biscuits on the top and an apple pie. It was a nice day. husband only stayed at the office for a few hours and came home.

Marg's man, give her my best. Hope she feels better soon. I know she wants to get back to the beach soon.

Wiped out, hope you get your work out in. How is difficult child's mood swings going? I hope he is settling down. Enjoy your visit with s i l and b i l and the pizza.

LDM, enjoy the Lowe's run. I am heading that way too. I have a few nuts and bolts I need(and not just in my head)Have a productive day at the office. We are somewhat paralyzed in the ice. No doubt about it.

TM, congratulations on Star Student of the Week.

Linda, hope you get through your day easily.

Thursday is usually the day I run errands, so I will be out of here shortly. Hopefully it won't be too long. I'm not wild about freezing. :rofl: *

difficult child had dinner with us. It was a fun evening of playful banter. He can be so lovable that it hurts to see the veil of ODD fall over him. Sigh.

Hope you stay warm and have a no meltdown sort of day. :smile: