Generation Found

If you have Amazon Prime there is a documentary available called Generation Found that was filmed to showcase the teen addiction recovery programs we have available in Houston, Texas.
My daughter is not in the documentary, however, it was filmed while she was attending Archway Academy, Teen and Family Services and the intensive outpatient DBT Group at the Center for Success and Independence.
I cannot say enough about how truly Blessed we are here in Houston for the wraparound programs we have available for our addicted teens and their families. My husband and I attended the parent support meetings that were a part of each of the programs and the fellowship is life changing. The one caveat is that most programs are not covered by insurance and they are expensive. There are grants and scholarships available if you qualify.
I can also say while drug addiction was not my daughter’s addiction, hers was self-harm, the programs work for any addition based behavior. (gaming, sex, drugs, alcohol, self-harm, etc.)


100% better than I was but not at 100% yet
Thank you for the information. I will watch it when husband goes on his next business trip. I'm glad to see your daughter is doing better.

Our son is now in a faith based long term program and when we talk to him, he sounds really strong and good and it's only been 3 weeks!

I have met many recovered addicts (young men) during my son's "journey" in Florida and each of them found their faith that helped them overcome their addiction, so having our son in a program like this is really encouraging.