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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by VagabondDreamer, Nov 6, 2011.

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    I've been trying to get my son help since he was 4 and nobody would help us because he was "too young." They said wait until he's in kindergarten. Now he is in kindergarten and still can't get him help. Called to sign up for in-home/at-school counseling services 6 weeks ago, and aside from asking me a million questions, they haven't done a thing to help my son.

    Have you guys had this problem? How long does it normally take to get an appointment with a child psychiatrist? Might ditch the counseling service.
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    Hi there! Welcome. Are you in the USA? What kinds of things are you worried about. If you can give us a little more information about your son, others will be able to pop in with their thoughts.

    I would like to say no one had ever experienced that..but sadly I fear many have. It is crazy to me to think anyone says a child is too young for help when it is clear in ANY circle that early intervention is best for EVERYTHING. People used to fear "labeling" kids at a young age for fear they would be thougth of that way and that way only and that they would grow to their label, meet the limited expectations that people would have for them based on a label. There are valid points to that, but in general kids are labeled by everyone anyway, and if not given the correct, appropriate label, they will not receive appropriate services.

    Have you called your school district and asked for an evaluation? Many here (including me/my son) have used the services of a neuropsychologist. Obtaining a neuropsychologist evaluation from a child development center or university or other such location provides a comprehensive look at what your child's strengths and weaknesses are and can help sort through different diagnosis.

    Hope you can share more (if you are comfortable doing so, dont need names or specifics, just the situation). Would be helpful to know birth history and developmental milestones, behaviors, etc. What is of most concern to you now?

    Mostly, you are not alone, there are many here who have some very challenging parenting experiences. i'm sure others will chime in.

    Again, welcome....Buddy
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    Buddy, my difficult child 2 went through that and just in july2011, when he was 5, I finally get a diagnoses that he is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) not otherwise specified and ADHD.
    Before that, two months before he turned 3, pediatrician feels I should call early intervention and these people came and diagnosed he has speech apraxia. Fought over a year to get him the IEP he required and preschool slot,just to have them remove the IEP a year later
    Now, I have to keep bugging people for services. Our psychiatrist thinks its my mental health that is making me see all negatives. He doesn't believe me and refused to medicate my difficult child 2. This child broke my 2 months old SUV WINDSHIELD , coffee table, patio door, 42' LCD TV, several remote control, bitten our 68lbs Labrador .we basically have no friends around cos they are being labelled as mental children and I m being labelled as PITBULL cos I became very protective ( you would too if your kid comes home bleeding 4x a year and you witness kids throwing stone at him).
    All I want to say is,vagabondDreamer , heads up!! Don't be defeated at the negative things that is happening now.
    Take a book,note down like a journal of your son's daily life.
    Make an appointment with a child psychiatrist if you have concern. Like buddy say, you need to tell us what problems are you having with him..
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    Have you started the formal asking for IEP process?