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I read an article recently (okay, Thursday at the doctor's office) on feeling overwhelmed. Now I know this topic doesn't apply to many here - so just be patient with me.

I have struggled to find a routine of any kind since the first of the year. There have been many changes - good, bad & indifferent here.

One thing that struck me in this article was the recommendation that instead of making a to do list, set up a schedule of sorts. (Nothing set in stone, unless that is what you need to get it together.)

I was a bit put off yet I thought about the basic premise. I generally do laundry on Mondays & Tuesdays, but rarely at the same time & rarely do I finish what I started.

Over the weekend I set a time for laundry (8 to 11 in the morning); to get what can be done in that time frame. In that same time frame I scheduled vacuuming, dusting & cleaning of the bathroom.

I must say - it seems to have made a difference. In those 3 hours I got more accomplished than I have in a long time. I didn't have these "duties" hanging over my head that needed to be checked off a list.

I wanted to offer this "mindset" to you if you are struggling. I'll let you know if this continues to work for me.


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I had posted similar to you, it seemed to have worked for me.....I kinda went to it with the mindest "this is my job, now" and I scheduled things in, yes, I wrote it down, and somehow, instead of the things weighing heavy on my mind of what I need to do, it is right there on the chart, and right there scheduled out, and "gosh this is my job, now" and somehow it helps make the overwhelmed feeling be least for those routine house things, etc.


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Oh my! I will try to delete those copies of my post, YIKES, sorry, I do not know how/why it posted so many times!

Anyway.....I found this----

I have that happen a LOT......
I use the transition times of year to um....try to get back from whence we have strayed often. Like Um.....Jan back to school, I use it to get firm again on whatever we have gotten lax with. I use back after spring break the same way, but YIKES now I am homeschooling!
Yes, our life's little crises "derailed" us, that's what I call it. "derailed" First was marriage and adjusting , then husband got ill so soon after and then the babies and then my career change and on and on till me being bedridden and then all the travel for days out of town for son. I am SO derailed right now it is not even funny. SO much so I do not know where to start.
I sit here at dinnertime and go OMG I do not know WHAT we are having.
Um..this is NOT me. Not. Even. Close.
I could not have worked 2 full time jobs if I were this scattery and off track.
So------I now write a menu for dinners.
I set alarm clocks for waking and yes, to remind me to begin bedtime routine.
I make lists.
Although my 2 kids no longer have to be on a set schedule, and neither do me and husband.....when you do not have to be on a schedule you tend to waste enormous amounts of time, and while I never was a procrastinator, it is even to do so when you have time. SO- now I got rigid about setting specific days for chores-----Monday is laundry. Friday is shopping. First day of month I pay the months bills. Strip beds sunday so bedding is ready to go to laundromat on Monday. Clean fridge on Thurs so fridge is ready for new groceries for Fri. etc etc etc.
Then I combine things like OK gas station is next door to laundromat, so gas up car while by laundromat.
I do still have one child in school so I set a regular between when she gets home from school and when she leaves for work. SO now we have a set dinnertime. Then I personally decided, no chores after dinner cleanup- (I mean like going to laundrymat, which if I am off routine, I have been known to dash off to laundromat at 10 PM just cuz) OK so...after dinner cleanup- we CA do bedtime routine. And homework. Or write personal letters or take turns checking email etc.
That leaves homeschooling for daytime, good. good place for it.
And then once I have rethought it all out to suit me, then I pick The Day. Usually a Monday. Often the first of a month. Very often based loosely on some other already transitional time, like New Years or right after spring break, or whatever.
And I head to that day like it is a brand new job. I view it as a new job. I also announce it to the family. On Day x we ARE adhering to THIS schedule and routine and these rules. I announce it often. Then as it draws nearer, I do a countdown.
ANd when I wake up that day, I say OK the new job starts NOW.
Me- 47, rheumatic illness and Lupus. Hubby