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I put in a formal, dated request for thank you to be evaluated on oct 23. It has NOT been done. I have kept in touch with his teacher, but she is frustrated because the higher ups won't listen to her. So I have started emailing and talking to various people up the chain, kindly, not burning bridges, but I am starting to see results.

The district is "looking for" an INTERN to come and do the evaluation.


I will be on the phone tomorrow to make sure the top banana KNOWS who I am and gets a PROFESSIONAL to do the evaluation.

thank you is coping, but showing signs of real stress and problems. And in basketball I notice his toe-walking and odd way of holding the ball is setting him apart.

It aggravates me to have to do this. I sent the request certified, and hand delivered it. Any other suggestions?




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I'm willing to bet that they'll be on the ball, now. I had the same problem with B, and that worked. It gives you proof that they can't ignore. I'm sure you'll hear from them soon. It's really sad that you have to do that sort of thing to make them do their job.


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<font color="green">susie, don't reject out of hand the idea of an intern or fellow conducting the evaluation. jarrod was evaluated by an intern & i couldn't have been more pleased. he was much more willing to go the extra mile to get the ever~resisted evaluation done. he, more than anyone, recognized the magnatude of jarrod's school phobia & was even willing to come to our home to get the evaluation done. the school psychologist would not have done that i strongly suspect. by the time they get to intern they are finishing up their clinicals.....yes, still on the learning curve, but just about done. i think you stand a good chance of getting someone who is more open....& certainly more likely to listen to YOU.

have you posted about the delay on Special Education forum???

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I'd be following up in writing, with a list of even higher ups listed at the bottom of the letter, with "cc to..." in front of their names. Then follow through with getting copies to these people. I would include in your letter the immortal words..."the urgent assessment as requested in writing on OCt 23 2006, which I have been told is to be carried out by an intern - please explain the rationale behind giving such an important task to an unsupervised and not fully qualified student. Also please give me reasons, in writing, for the delays to this date."

thank you is your six year old? What proportion of his life has he been waiting for this "urgent" assessment? I would also include this calculation. When did you fist request this verbally? I would make reference to anything like this, use the second letter to document any history of neglect by the system and ask for written response to be expedited, so that you can make alternative arrangements should they become necessary.

Be polite, unemotional, but clearly annoyed. Try to not annoy the higher-ups you're sending the letter to - remember that you want action, don't use it as a chance to vent. Just document the problems and ask for an explanation as well as some action to make up for the delays to this point. Add the argument that assessment and intervention has got to be of major benefit to the education system, in providing accurate information on how best to manage this child without causing too many difficulties in the classroom. Sell it to them, make it clear that you are reasonable. It makes any lack of response seem unreasonable, which is what you want.

Good luck. Kick a*se.



Susie, Martie and Sheila on the Special Education 101 board always advise not talking in person or writing emails when sending requests for evaluations (including follow-up requests). I think you should send a letter (certified mail, of course) to the head of Special Education in your SD that includes a copy of your original request and emphasizes that the evaluation has not been done in the mandated time frame. Sending ALL correspondence certified mail is your legal safeguard.