GFGmom's 5 year old steals.......


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Evidently, even on medication now, my youngest grandchild is compelled to take things. As you all probably remember I am not
involved in raising her at all...on purpose. on the other hand, she is cute as a bug in a rug and husband and I do care about her.

I never raised a child who stole things (more than one time, that
is) so I have no advice for GFGmom other than watch her. Is there anything I should pass on. She picked up things at Walmart
when she was with an adult sitter and got caught at school taking
things out of other childrens cubbies.

I don't know of any advice to give but thought perhaps you all might have some suggestions before the little girl gets in trouble. Where we live...trouble is a VERY bad thing. DDD


DDD, what is her diagnosis? What medications is she on? Perhaps the diagnosis or medications are wrong? Just a thought . . .

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My difficult child is one who has stolen a lot in the past-especially when he was around 5 and 6. One time he stole a cell phone off the porch of a neighbor-we made him give it back and he had consequences but it seemed nothing worked when he was in this mode. We have the teachers take his backpack every day when he goes to his class so that he can't take things and hide them in his backpack. For whatever reason he doesn't seem to be stealing much anymore.

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It sounds like little difficult child has some impulse control issues. Both of my little wonders have a tendency toward sticky fingers.

Every single time they were caught stealing there was a consequence. If tweedles dee or dum stole from the store they had to speak with the manager of the store & offer an apology along with the stolen item or money to pay for it.

If they stole from a peer or from school, again it was returning the item or restitution along with a letter of apology.

While kt & wm still have "sticky fingers", it isn't to the extent it was a few years back.


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She is diagnosis's ADHD with a capital H. I'm not sure if, in time, there may be other letters added. She is on medications now but, of course, lives in chaos with GFGmom. There is no doubt she is
very impulsive and very sneaky. on the other hand she is (like GFGmom was) a
darling child who when fully supervised tends to be delightful.
GFGmom is not capable of consistently supervising.

I'm going to suggest one consistent consequence and see if GFGmom
can follow through. Checking her packpack and pockets would also
be a good suggestion. Thanks, guys. DDD