Girl Abducted in 1991 is alive!

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    Eleven year old Jaycee Lee Dugard was taken while walking to his bus stop in South Lake Tahoe in 1991. As her step father looked on, in his horror, he saw a car speed up, grab Jaycee, and then sped away. Step Dad tried to chase the car on his bike, but became exhausted (this is a mountain town) and rushed back to call 911.

    For all those years, the step Dad was the primary suspect. Until yesterday, when Jaycee walked into Contra Costa County Sheriff's office yesterday. It has since confirmed that it is, indeed, Jaycee.

    Apparently, she was kept a prisoner all these years and her abductor fathered two children, 11 and 15, with her. They have lived in isolation and it's reported they have never been to school. I can't even imagine the life they have lived all these years.

    It's big news here in CA. I remember it vividly because I was living in Central CA at the time. Of course, my thoughts went directly to the mother of this girl. I'm sure more information will come out in the future.
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  2. Fran

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    I read the story. It's horrifying to read this story. This girl has been a prisoner and her two children treated as animals. I'm disgusted that this went on. What is to become of these 3 innocent victims?
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    I have been watching this story as it has been being reported on the news today. I seem to remember some of this from back when she first went missing on the John Walsh Missing Childrens show back then. Her face and the sketch of the car look very familiar.

    I cannot even imagine what Jaycee has been through in all these years. Trauma doesnt even begin to cover it. Her parents have also been through sheer hell. For her step-father to have gone through the past 18 years having been under the suspicion of being her murderer is something no one can ever fix. It has changed her family forever.

    Jaycee has lost the last 18 years and she cant reclaim them no matter what is done for her. She has never been to school past the 5th grade. How can that be made up? At 29, that is just awful to consider. She has two kids who are 11 and 15 who have never been in school. Someone needs to get them intensive tutoring to catch them up to their peers. Plus everyone needs intensive counseling.

    I dont know how Jaycee can even begin to emotionally bond with a family she hasnt seen in 18 years. Im sure she remembers them, on some level. She wasnt that young but she has to have been brainwashed to some extent. I think it would be completely irrational to think she would be able to just walk in the front door of her old home and say "Hi mom, Im home. Whats for dinner?" Like she had been gone a week.
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    I saw this as well. I can't imagine the pain that entire family has been through. Jaycee must be very strong to just have survived this, but I would think it would take even more for her to regain her freedom. Just unbelievable that she was found.
  5. witzend

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    Janet, you have to wonder, if she was not allowed schooling, and probably not to read or write, what part if any of her education did she retain.

    This guy is yet another who was, at least at the end, under the belief that he had a direct line to God. Just awful.

    I wonder how many of these children that we have given up on have gone on to live these lives of horror.

    FWIW, you can google "Jaycee Lee Dugard" and find the story.
  6. Mattsmom277

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    I've been reading on this story too. To add to the sadness of this story, over the years neighbors had called police about children being seen living in tents and sheds in the yard. They knew he was a registered sex offender and they thought he shouldn't have children on the property. Even this guys parole officer had been to the property. Yet nobody discovered the tents/shed. Sad :(.

    Despite all the counselling and help this woman and her 2 children will need, it is a blessing she is alive. The story overseas of the woman raised in that bunker where she had children, was horrifying too. But they are all recieving help and learning to acclimate. I hope that can happen here too.

    Her mother must be going through so many emotions!
  7. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    On another note, the police system worked as it was supposed to work. One officer was suspicious, checked it out. Found out he was on parole. Called the parole officer who followed through. Sometimes it does work.

    To think that this woman and her children could live like this until the #######(self censoring) died. There is no punishment or consequence that will be enough for this man and his wife. They stole their lives as if they were murdered.
    To hear him talk about what a heartwarming story it will be when all the facts are heard makes me want to be sick.
  8. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    My heart goes out to this family for the horrors they endured.......
  9. Mattsmom277

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    Fran, I so agree. It is wonderful when you hear that someones hackles are up and when following through, something like the rescue of this woman and her children is the result.

    I also can't imagine any sentence that will do justice to the level of the destruction this couple inflicted on this woman, her kids, the womans family etc. Its so so so sad.
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911

    When I heard the news about Jaycee and her captor-fathered children being found; for me it had profoundly sickening memories. Mostly because for the short time my son was taken from me and then returned I know what we've gone through in a life time with him. With that said...I can't imagine what Jaycee's Mother and step-father have been through in 18 years of not knowing at ALL where she was. I knew who took Dude, I knew what they did to him, and when they were done? I got back a very damaged child who was told daily that I hated him.

    So knowing what I know about how kidnapping affects a child and how they are not the same when they are returned to you. How they will NEVER be the same even IF you get them back? I think that kidnappers should be given the same penalties as murderers. I think if you steal or take or remove someone elses child I think you should get the death penalty. I really do. You've taken MY life. You've taken MY child and altered it, changed it, and it will NEVER be the same as if I raised it.

    The little girl Jaycee that was taken? EIGHTEEN years - of HER life - EIGHTEEN years of her PARENTS lives....are gone. To give the kidnappers a prison term? NOT ENOUGH. Not enough. She will be forever 11. If she were to have Intense therapy for years and I'm talking 15-20 years - she MAY be able to have a 1/2 normal life. But then there is ANOTHER TWENTY years. GONE. Then to father children on top of that? With a THIRTEEN YEAR OLD CHILD and then Hide behind God's will? OMG - This man just needs the gas chamber and his little wife too.

    UGH - these people are beyond sick. I have never been a strong proponent of the death penalty really, because there is always that shadow of a doubt. There is NO doubt here.

    I hope THIS prompts something called JAYCEES law - and that they make the penalty for kidnapping - death. I really, really do. I'm sickened, heartbroken for her family and sad all over again for anyone whos had to deal with a child that's been taken from them. Even if you do get them back - it's never ever the same. I'm sure there is a special, very special place in Hades for these people. :mad: My forgiveness cup is empty on this subject.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Fran you are so right that the system worked in this case when a person got suspicious and called. Because he was on parole or probation, dont really know which one, they PO's have more power than the police to gain access to the housing units to search without a search warrant. Cops have to have a reason to take to a DA to get that warrant, all the PO has to do is decide he wants to make a home visit. When Cory lived here, his PO could show up at any time and search my common living areas and Corys room. I suppose he could have really searched my whole house but he told me he would give me and my other son our privacy.

    Now why this guy who had been tried and found guilty of rape in the 70's and sentenced to 50 years was out of prison in the late 80's and able to kidnap this girl in 1991, is a testament to why we do need tougher sentencing guidelines. 50 years should have meant he served longer than less than 10 years of his sentence. I think he was sentenced in 79.
  12. Nomad

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    I'm rushing at the moment...I WILL read more of this story later. Thank you for posting it. It is interesting. Thank goodness someone checked something suspicious out. How dreadful. So touching reading the followup posts...someone said they recently sent up a prayer...soooo glad that this is touching. :anxious:
  13. susiestar

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    I am so thankful that a campus cop (in our campus-driven town the campus cops get NO respect although they are actually state troopers who deal with a LOT of garbage that the other officers in town do not have to take) took the situation seriously and followed through when his instincts said that something was wrong.

    I am sure that Jaycee's family is thanking that campus cop and will keep him in their prayers. He is in mine, as are all the players in this except the captors.

    I totally agree with Star. This man and woman should be put to death. If the law does nto do it then I hope and pray they are put in the general population and the corrections officers turn a blind eye to anything that happens to them. The other inmates will inflict far more pain than the judicial system will, so I actually prefer that.

    I also think a rusty knife should be used to excise parts of the mans anatomy without anyone giving him even a tiny bit of pain medicine.. He should feel every bit of the pain as he bleeds out.

    Yes, I am bloodthirsty in this case. I feel that treating this man with the kid gloves our inmates get (I know prison is hard but our prisoners are treated better than most of our homeless people, and certainly better than most of the populations of other countries.). I hope and pray that this man and his wife live in agony for the rest of their lives.

    Jaycee and her babies are all in need of a LOT of therapy, love and still they won't really be "normal". Maybe by selling the rights to the story they can make enough to support themselves while they spend the next few decades trying to heal and sort out their lives.

    I am so glad that the stepfather was called. He was the major suspect for all these years - it would have been so hard for him. As it is it broke up his marriage. I hope that everyone involved can find some measure of peace.

    Why do evil people exist? Why do they ALWAYS try to say that God made them do it or is somehow "OK" with their evil actions?
  14. klmno

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    The guy is a whack job, to say the least. The legal system has never given severe enough punishments to those who rape or otherwise violate children or rape women, in my humble opinion.

    On top of the younger kids never going to sd, I also heard they'd never gone to the dr. I wonder if there had been other pregnancies or babies that didn't survive. I wonder if the man raped the other kids- his own- too.

    And while I can see women getting into denial about their families members to some extent, the "wife" went way beyond denial in this case and I'll never understand a woman being able to live with this.
  15. Nomad

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    Well, I've read more and I've read enough for now. The man is dellusional, at the very least. Certainly, not well. Sociopathic tendencies...seems to me. I am very very glad him and his wife were apprehended and arrested. I didn't read anything about the wife of this man. Her behavior/lack of action is very hard to understand ( to say the least). No sense at all...disturbing to the extreme.

    klmno...I see your point/ telling what traumas will be uncovered or may not ever be told.

    What a hideous tragedy for this young woman, her parents, and those children she ended up having.

    A blessing that someone discovered the situation, explored, some justice can be had, and lives can begin to heal.
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  16. TerryJ2

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    I saw the story this a.m.
    I did not see this part, which Fran posted: To hear him talk about what a heartwarming story it will be when all the facts are heard makes me want to be sick.
    OMG, it just gets sicker and sicker.
    But I have to hope that the mom and stepdad can sleep better tonight. Even though it ruined their marriage, they both still cared about the daughter.
    If she sells rights to her story, I don't think I'll read it. Too difficult for me. I just can't handle things like that.
  17. Marcie Mac

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    Actually from what was reported today, the system didn't work - a neighbor reported it more than a few years ago, said someone was living in the back yard and the police blew it off as a housing code violation. Another neighbor heard children but never saw them - told her husband someone was living in the back yard and hubby more or less said maybe they like to live like that - mind your business.

    What I don't get is these children were out and about with him while he was talking like a lunatic and passing out religious phamplets - no one questioned themselves if this guy who had two little girls with him was playing with a full deck.

    Can only shake my head ..

  18. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    There are some things in life worse than death.

    This is unimaginable. This little girl was held captive for as long as my son has been alive.