girlfriend/CF problems


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Our son has been girlfriend/cf for six weeks now. The only difference that we can attest to is that he has become violent , hitting others, and harmful to himself in several ways. He is only sleeping 2-3 hrs. a night, no naps in the day...ever, and screams at the top of his lungs constantly. We called his naturopathic doctor this morning, and he said to experament a little, and maybe to give him something with either gluten or casien in it, but not both. We gave him a glass of milk and 15 minutes later he wrote part of his abc's on a piece of paper! He's never done that before. I'm starting to become sceptical about this. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? maybe he just needs girlfriend/cf reduction...not elimination?


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From my own experience with the gluten free diet, reducing gluten made no difference. Eliminating it completely, meaning almost never eating in a restaurant because of cross contamination, changed my life. I was anxious, irritable, and tired all the time before. I had brain fog and thought I had ADD. I had been irritable my whole life and just thought anyone would be irritated by what I had to put up with. Without gluten, all of that went away. Now if I have a tiny trace of gluten, like crumbs in my salad, all of that comes back. And now, I am extremely moody as well when I get some gluten. So it is actually worse than it was before.

So based only on my own experience, I don't think the benefit to the diet is there unless you do it all the way.

A good gluten free site is Many of the people there are also casein free.

From what I remember, you were just trying the diet for your son without testing. So it is possible the diet isn't the answer for him. If you haven't tried being extremely strict about it, though, then I don't think you have really given it a full chance.


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You may be right about a reduction. Perhaps there is something to what your doctor is saying. A friend of mine tried her autistic son on a girlfriend/cf diet and it didn't appear to make much difference. I know that autistic kids sometimes may only eat a very limited variety of food, so if that is the case with your child, perhaps he is hungry or even hypoglycemic by the end of the day from not getting enough protein or fat in milk/mild products that he would otherwise have gotten while having him on a normal diet.