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The drug environment has gotten much worse in our rural area. We have a prison system that is corrupt. 4 people have been murdered in 'hits', one was living next door to a prison employee and was killed when the murderers broke into his home thinking he was the prison employee. The man murdered by accident was 89yo and murdered in his sleep. The 4 killers, 3 women and 1 man, were ordered to kill the prison employee by a 25 year old man serving a life sentence for murder. The 25yo was running a multi million drug organization from the prison.

The killers made so many mistakes they were easily caught. The killers were either on drugs, incredibly stupid, maybe both. 2 of the women are taking plea deals to avoid the death penality. It's really terrifying. One woman was paid only $2000 to take a human life. She is 23 years old.

The prison warden has been arrested. The warden was taking bribes. Drug cartels are involved.

A wealthy family owning a big farm empire is involved.

A girl friend of a close family member of mine is involved in selling meth. She is retired military and 60 years old. She is sentenced to a year in prison ( probably will be served in jail).

My family member had to know his girlfriend was selling meth. The same with the wealthy family. They have a 7 bedroom home with 10 bathrooms, inside pool. The wife had to know.

Has our country gone drug crazy? When did it become socially acceptable to be a drug dealer? It's far worse than when I was growing up. Drugs are too easy to obtain. People over dosing. Something has to be done to stop this craziness.
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I know my eyes were opened when we helped move our adult child to a more rural area about an hour from our home. We had no idea the area had a drug problem, particularly meth. This couple who were drug users and dealers took advantage of of our daughter (not a drug user, but mentally ill) and things got really insane fast, because in addition to that horrible situation, our adult "child" makes hideous decisions, repeats mistakes as she doesn't have any cause and effect reasoning, thinks she knows best (nope!), breaks rules and is often mega unappreciative , moody and disrespectful. It makes for a very bad/wild combination of factors. Anyway, when we were trying to sort out the horrible mess, some people related to law enforcement quietly told us about the bad drug problem, about how the jails were revolving doors and how many easily make bail , how they thought things were too lenient and how the problem especially in recent times seem to be escalating. The people who took advantage of our daughter and caused our family extreme stress were long term drug users, dealers and had a "rap" sheet a mile long. There is no doubt when things started to get sorted out on our end, they were moving on to find their next victim and continue with their chosen "profession" practically right in in the open. So, I can see where rural areas might be at high risk and things likely are worsening...I think I saw this very thing. It was very sad and concerning.
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