Girls with Aspergers


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Just wondering if any of you with daughters that have Aspergers have noticed if they have less traits than boys with it? And what are their "obsessions"?

My daughter has suspected aspergers wiating for the neurophyc tests to be done, but she has a great imagination and is very into fairytale stuff. I wasn't so sure when this suggestion of Aspergers was given to me but after reading Tont Attwood's papers on girls it seems very real now. Maisie's social skills are poor but not inward she is overly friendly towards strangers.

Would love to hear your input or ideas on this.


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easy child 2/difficult child 2 won a writing competition when she was 11. She had a very detailed sci-fi story which she had written for school and which I sent in for her. Part of her prize was to sit with a professional author and re-work her story - it was amazing, what she came up with.

Her obsessions were certain textures such as fur; teddy bears and teddy bear information. She had a few problems with schoolwork until we began medicating for ADHD when these problems reversed (while medicated) and she did well with some subjects especially, such as maths. She hated analysing test in English but is actually a lot better at it than she believes. Surprisingly, difficult child 3, fully on the autism spectrum, has written some lovely poetry this year and watches a poetry for schools program on TV which is quite advanced; he seems to follow a lot of the discussion even though it is pitched several grades above his.

Most of the Aspies I know are boys. In fact, I'm finding it hard to think of any girls I know. Those that I do know wouldn't be good examples - other disabilities, or acquired autism following a car accident with serious brain damage... sorry I can't help more than this.



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Many Aspies are good writers and artists. I recommend reading "Wrong Planet" (I don't have the link--you can put it in your search engine). Aspies post there and you can ask them questions. Being Aspies, they answer very honestly and with flair and introspection!!! It's a very interesting site! :smile:


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My difficult child also does not show the typical traits. I think they may just be more subtle in girls. Her "obsessions" are fairly mild. They are mostly stuffed animals, cartoons, and pokemon cards. She has no need to know every last detail about them though. She is also very interested in animals, which I can see becoming a full blown obsession!

"Maisie's social skills are poor but not inward she is overly friendly towards strangers." - That sounds exactly like my daughter!

As I like to say, My daughter is very atypical in her atypicalness.

Whatever it is, it sure makes life interesting!


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lol life is intersting a little hectic and demanding but now we are seeing the funny side more. Maisie had her birthday party today and until 5 mins before she was not willing to go to her own party lol. She had a good time but went looking a mess but still she made it to her own Party lol.


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I know 2 Aspie girls who are very "into" fairy tales, Princesses, etc. Definitely typical of them. Of course they also tend to be attracted to Harlequin Romance type novels too. The couple that I know are overly friendly to strangers as well but often use a funny high pitched voice that seems really contrived if you know what I mean. Here's a link for Wrong Planet, great site!