Gladware Type Containers


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Do any of you get as frustrated as I get with those semi disposable leftover containers? It seems I can NEVER find the right lid for the container I want and that they end up being pretty expensive. About the best deal I have seen was at Sam's with 60 pieces (30 containers and 30 lids) for $20. That was a limited time offer that they ran out of quickly. Given that it had different shapes and sizes of containers, even that was frustrating. Those containers don't last forever, esp if your kids do the dishes.

I have finally found a solution. Sam's sells deli containers, like the ones that potato salad comes in, in bulk. They come in 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz. Not sure the costs on the 8 and 32 oz, but the 16 oz containers were $34 for 240 containers AND 240 lids. They are FAR sturdier than what my local deli uses and are microwavable and top rack dishwasher safe. They don't say dishwasher safe, but they seem to be fine even after thank you does the dishes. They end up being about 14 cents for a container and a lid, compared with 67 cents for the best deal on the other containers.

FYI, did you know that you can go online and choose the Sam's Club you want to shop at and actually see the current price of items at that specific location? I find this invaluable for planning out what we want to purchase at Sams each month. It makes life a lot easier to know exactly what the price will be when I plan my list. It also makes me wonder why Walmart cannot do this, after all they are the same parent company.

Anyway, just thought some of you might be interested.


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I've used the gladware type containers for a long time. Recently - well about 18 months ago - husband bought me a set of the ones with red lids, I think they're made by Rubbermaid. Anyway there were like 75 pieces for $20. Several different sizes but I threw out all the random ones I had and have gone with these. I love them. I wash them in the dishwasher!


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I know the ones you are talking about. They are not bad until a kid does the dishes and doesn't put the lid back with the container.


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I love the Rubbermaid ones with the red lids. The lids attach to each other, and the bowls nest. I used to open the cupboard and a stack of lids would fall out. No more! It's the little things....


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I paid good money for a set of these stupid containers where you could suction out the air. Well needless to say the lids got

I now keep the containers we get when we get take out. Also when we buy lunch meat. I do really need to invest in a set of canisters though. I want a set like you can get from Tupperware.