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    I believe my christopher likes to make people think i am nuts...I picked him up from ccd (catholic education) and spoke to the teacher...i wanted to make sure that the office had told her about the odd and that if he is absent it is because he is having a meltdown and won't go to class(although i wouldn't send him like that anyways) she looked at me strangely and said that he was the best kid in her class behaviorally....<sigh> god forbid i co8uld say that at home...lol...on another note..my anthony had two ekg's done and they both came back at 46 (norm is in the 60's i think) so i have to take him to a pediatric cardiologist to find out what's wrong...keep your finger's crossed, i and my doctor are hoping he is wasting my time...someone had mentioned athlete's heart (he is my football player and very active) and that is why his heartrate is so low...i hope so...
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    I will keep you in my prayers. I KNOW how scary ekg results can be. My daughter had one done at the ER and it was done incorrectly. The way it was done indicated a very serious heart problem, and we were terrified. We had to push to get into the pediatrician cardio and it was a very good thing. They (pediatrician cardio) said that most of the ekg results that they get that show a problem are due to incorrectly done ekg, not a problem with the child.

    I will pray that this is what you have also!!

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    Immediate prayers for your Anthony.

    Christopher? Ha. No different than a lot of the kids here. My Tink's teacher raves about her. I called a meeting at her school to try and get her an IEP. The staff looked at me like I was nuts. I have heard many times here that a lot of the ODD kids can hold it together when they know that they absolutely need to, but when school's out, that's it. The second Tink walks in the door, she starts her whining.

    That is not to say ALL the kids do that. Some kids have as much trouble in school as at home.

    While I am forever grateful that I am not being called to the office on a regular basis, it would be nice for her to give the school some of her GFGness just ONCE and behave for me...
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    Travis' teachers (most of them) swore there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with the boy. Don't let it get to you. Just be glad that so far he's behaving in school. (one less worry for you)

    Sending out prayers for your athelete that it isnt' anything serious.