going on my gut feelings


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I got up this am dropped off a letter/bills/contact lenses to difficult child.
He didn't ask for them, I left them in an envelope taped to the door of his work. I felt it was better to leave touchy subjests out of the letter, just "I love you, you have a home, where ever you are I want you to be happy and well, etc. I thought he might call, but nothing. It will be 2 months on Aug. 4th since I've seen him. I know I'm wimping out. I don't know....My gut feeling was to at least get his contacts to him so he doesn't get an eye infection.Any ideas on how to stay strong when I am a forgive and forget kind of person and I just want this over. I guess he isn't coming home any time soon.


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Yes it's difficult not seeing them and wondering what they are doing.....Sounds like you did well with the letter, no touchy subjects, that is very good. The door is unlocked on your side, it's up to him to open the door.....frankly once they have been out on their own it's better if they don't come home....the day-to-day living can wear quickly....


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Kitty, please do a profile signature. It helps us remember your situation, the age(s) of your child(ren), dxes, medications, etc. There are too many of us to be able to remember the particulars of each person.

That said, as difficult as it is, you are going to have to sit tight and let him make the first move. My difficult child perceives being nice as being weak. Perhaps yours does, too?

I know it's very hard to wait.



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Without fully understanding your situation I am not comfortable responding with any advice other than..

I have not seen my son since the end of April..You are not alone.

I ditto what Suz said, my son also takes any kindness on my part as a weakness or in other words a green light to take advantage of the situation again.