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    I received a phone call from my son's new probation officer. He informed me that my son will be leaving the county juvenile facility and will be moved to the Krier Juvenile treatment center. He will be there a minimum of 6 months. We spoke at length about the program and the goals of the program. This could actually be a wonderful thing for my son IF he truly has the desire to make something of his life. The center is truly a multifaceted treatment center even though it is a secure facility. While he was in juvie, he earned enough credits to receive a high school diploma. When we had our last conference prior to placement, the staff said he had been working his butt off even during rec. time and weekends to be able to finish the course work. He will still have to go to classes at the center, but he can concentrate on vocational classes. He will be able to earn home visit passes as he makes his levels. They provide many different enrichment programs including equine therapy,storybook, theartre arts, cooking,and sports. We will have family counseling sessions and I will be able to call his therapist at anytime for updates. It sounds very positive, but it IS a facility with barbed wire and guards.
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    Wow, this is huge news! It sounds like he has some motivation to make use of it. I hope his progress continues.

    A hard situation turning positive, that is wonderful news.
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    Here's hoping difficult child will work hard and make progress!
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    This sounds so positive! I am glad to hear this and that your son is trying so hard, how encouraging. I hope for you and for him that this is what turns it all around now. Sending you big hugs, I'm sure you are so relieved and you can have some peace at home too, he is safe.
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    I'm so glad he's being so industrious - that's a truly positive sign. I hope he makes the very best of this upcoming situation, and hope you have a peaceful breather, too.
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    It sounds like this has the ability to be a huge positive environment for difficult child. You are in my prayers.
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    Sounds like he has been doing well and this new placement sounds great too. Some kids just do better in a locked facility. Mine was one of those too. I could never get the powers that be to see that if they had just gone to that way first it would have saved much pain and frustration.
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    Sounds like he has been working very hard. Hope he continues to do well in his new placement. It sounds like it is a good fit, even though it is a locked facility.
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    We had our first visit yesterday and I can visit again today. The facility is not far from where I live and much easier to get to then juvie. He called me as I was leaving the house to tell me he needed me to get him some shoes. The co confirmed that they did not have any size thirteens and I could bring a pair of new in the box slip on canvas shoes under $40 dollars. I lucked out. Payless was on the way and they had 1 pair in his size. They will reimburse me the 22 dollars. I just love when things fall in place. My son was super excited about wearing real shoes again and not rubber shower shoes. Every person working in the visitation area introduced themselves to my son and shook his hand. Every kid that walked into the visit area shook hands with the people at the desk and said "Goodafternoon Mr. so and so" The kids are expected to learn the names of all the people they will encounter on a regular bases and they are expected to do a formal greeting. From reading the parent handbook, it appears that they use the Boys Town Model to teach appropriate social skills. Kiddo spent the better part of the visit going over the things he has to do in the orientation phase of the program. There are 14 things that they have to master to move to the next level. He is nervous about remembering all of them.
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    That's impressive. Glad you liked it.
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    Wow, 14 things he has to learn...................and then he earns the next level, that sounds so good to teach consequences that are positive that he has to work for. It's great that it's close to your home too, it all sounds like it is exactly what was needed, for both of you.
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    This sounds like a great program! I am so glad that difficult child is working hard at it.
    I hope he can keep it up.
    Sorry about the barbed wire, but it sounds like he's in the right place.
    Breathe a sigh of relief.
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    Wow, this sounds like a great step! And it sounds like a really good place as well.
    I am having my 17 year old "evaluated" at a residential place this week, with the hope that he will go there within a week after evaluation. There are just not enough places for kids with these kind of conduct/substance abuse issues. My son has no issues legally, so has never been sent to a juvenile center.
    Wishing you the best as your son continues on this journey!