Going to see Temple Grandin at a conference in July!


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Woo hoo!
It's the American Art Therapy Association Conference. My daughter is getting a Master's in Art Therapy and she was it advertised. Temple Grandin is the keynote. It takes place in July in Mpls.
I've always wanted to see Temple in person.
I also tried to sign up for a workshop by an individual who created an art therapy trauma program after the Sandy Hook shooting, but it was filled. easy child got in. Good thing I didn't, actually. It's an entire day! And with that much info, I bet a lot of it is technical and clinical and much better suited for easy child. She can give me the highlights ... in plain English.
While we're there, we'll attend a bridal shower for my niece. Fun! This is the niece who was on drugs for so many years, and we didn't think she'd make it. She went through 3 or 4 treatments and finally made it through. He fiance' is a former user, too. They are great supports for one another.

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Awesome!! Temple Grandin is such an amazing person.

Congrats to your daughter!!


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Hubby and I saw Temple Grandin several years ago. Even Hubby, with his ADD, was fascinated. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.