good day for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Mar 28, 2009.

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    :D He hung out with friends after school. That is so important to him. A week ago he said it wasn't worth even leaving the house. So I am glad.
    School got out at 11:30 cause they had finals. His initial plans fell through, but hooked up with some buddies. Proud of him. He came home. (after the big boom) but he said the kids lit up a bowl....and he isn't going to waste his time watching them get high.:D

    He played a video game with older brother....and they didn't fight!
    difficult child went to a friends house for a few hours. No arguments on the time he had to come home. He laughed. I haven't heard him laugh like that in a really long time. It was a real genuine laugh. I went to bed happy.

    Usually I am the one who deals with school/homework/grades. I make him re-do things....He failed his final exam for Algebra.:( However even with (more than half wrong), 5 missing assignments that I gave up on (oh, by the way...those missing assignments was the section of the test he didn't understand)..he also had 5 incompletes. His final grade for 3rd quarter is a C. husband wants him to study this weekend and retake the test. I just want to ignore the test and move into the 4th quarter fresh. Then stay on top of him and make sure things are ok.

    husband talked to me for hours. He never talks to me. ..another post.

    difficult child played a joke on me. I can't believe he did this. After he came home from friends house I followed him in his I do. I check him out and make sure he is ok. I was hovering over him, gave him a big hug....just then my cell phone starts ringing in the other room. husband yells - hey, your phone is ringing. I let difficult child go and start towards my phone. difficult child is laughing...HE did it. He had his phone in his hand when I was hugging him and he pressed the button to call me. Guess I was over doing it. Hint, hint...give him some space.

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    What an awesome report! I am so proud of him for walking away when he didn't want to watch his friends get high.

    No fighting, no arguing, laughing, joking - a heavenly day! I hope you have many more to follow.
  3. kjs,

    It is so good to hear that you all had a good day yesterday. I agree with Andy, I hope that it is the first of many!