Good Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Oct 17, 2008.

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    :fall: Happy Friday Morning Everyone!!

    Seems like fall has decided to make itself known around here. Yesterday we hit 89 degrees and today our high will be 61! I'll take it.....

    It's a busy weekend planned here. This morning I'll hit the gym while difficult child holds down the fort. The cleaning crew should arrive when I'm gone. When I return he and I will head to the movies. Bonehead will pick him up this afternoon for the big rehearsal (bonehead is getting married tomorrow and difficult child is the "best dude").

    We will be going from tomorrow morning until Sunday around 7! Just lots of plans and obligations. However, tomorrow evening (while the kids are at the wedding), my cousin and I have been invited to a cookout. It is the parents of one of easy child's best friends. They tell me there will be a "man of interest" present......we'll see.....this will be the second time they have set me up!

    Hope your Friday is not too crowded and there is room for a free choice :alien:

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    Happy Friday Morning my Friends,

    Sharon-We both started at the same time again:) I'll add mine here so if you or another moderator could delete mine that would be great!

    Sounds like a busy but fun weekend for you! Be sure to sneak in a bit of rest if possible:)

    Yeah! Friday is finally here! It's been another long week but the weekend is almost here:D

    Tonight is parent's night for the football players and cheerleader parents. It is going to be rainy and cold (our high is only 52 and the low is suppose to be 33) so I was thinking sweatshirt, jeans, warm coat. easy child wants me to wear "nicer" stuff because we will be out on the field for about 30 seconds. difficult child is excited to go see his sister cheer! There is only one more game left and that is Wednesday of next week.

    Wishing everyone a very happy free choice Friday:witchcrafting::ghost:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    good morning. great minds and all that....

    I suppose she will need to approve your outfits before you guys leave? Cute. Hope you guys have a good time. Cool and crisp goes great with football.

  4. Andy

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    Little Dude's Mom - You indeed have a busy few days coming up. Sounds like a fun weekend. Enjoy!

    Wiped Out - Sounds like an exciting night on the field tonight. Sounds like it has been a good year of cheering for easy child. Enjoy!

    I am up early - I need to ice my neck before starting the day. I am taking a neighbor to Fargo. Still don't know if difficult child is coming with or not. I will ask him at 6:30. We leave a 7:00. My neck started acting up yesterday. Hopefully washing my hair and than icing will help it through today. It better behave for the weekend and then to the chiropractor on Monday if it hasn't straightened out.

    difficult child is going to a birhday party tonight (he will be the only guest for bowling). I am going to try to get that gift ready before leaving this morning.

    Have a great day everyone!

    (my computer is acting up again so I can't play with colors like I usually do on this thread)
  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like a big day set up for tomorrow. Enjoy the cookout - I hope that any man they set you up with is worth the effort.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy the football night. I hope you can stay warm and dry and still not disgrace your child! Honestly, kids!

    Andy, I hope your neck feels better. It's awful having a problem like this.

    What a day! We were late getting away but I felt there was no point in rushing. I had to take copies of all difficult child 3's reports from way back, so I printed them off over the first hour or so of the day (husband scanned them ages ago). Then we got into the city in comfortable time, arriving punctually. Of course, they were running late. difficult child 3 has been a bit apprehensive about this study - it's a double-blinded trial of oxytocin nasal spray. We talked about it on the way in to the city, difficult child 3 finally agreeing to do it. But he was still concerned, especially when he found that we had the chance to do the first two sessions in the one day. Session 1 - the interview, to see if he was a good candidate. Session 2 - the first actual study session after the first dose of nasal spray. Session 3 will be in another week or so, when he gets another nasal spray with another session on the computer. We don't know whether he got the dummy spry today, or the active oxytocin one. The idea is - oxytocin improves social skills in autism by dramatically increasing awareness of the fine detail of facial features. Once the trial has been completed and there are results to justify it, a clinical trial will begin.

    difficult child 3 was increasingly anxious until he made his decision to have Session 2 today. At one point he even grabbed my hand to hold it next to his cheek - he only does this when he is REALLY anxious.

    I had promised him we would go shopping afterwards, but everything was running so late that we didn't get to the mall until almost closing time. I got the most important household shopping done but some items I need to go back for, so we may be shopping tomorrow. I've got to call ahead first, to see if the shop has what I'm after.

    This hasn't been a good week for difficult child 3's schoolwork - he's been trying, but not managing the work. I need to set up something with the school to show them what I'm dealing with. We may need to modify his work. Alternatively, I could try to put his medications up the little that I'm permitted by the doctor - it might make the difference. But I can't do this on a day when he's doing the research study.

    Summer is moving in - tomorrow will be warmer still. Today was sunny, warm but pleasant. we're increasingly seeing sunburn on people who have taken early chances without sunscreen. So maybe if we don't go shopping in the morning, I can take difficult child 3 to the beach for a couple of hours.

    Enjoy your Friday, everyone.

  6. TerryJ2

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    Hi Sharon and Sharon,
    we had a hot day, too, VA Sharon. 88 degrees. Today it is chilly, about 59.
    Sounds like you both have full weekends!

    Andy, so sorry about your neck. Sounds like you slept on it wrong. I have 2 bone spurs so I often go to bed with-an ice pack. :(

    Marg, our difficult child is falling behind on his schoolwork, too, and I'm wondering if I'll have to meet with-the teacher b4 our regular Nov. conf. I know what you mean about not getting all the shopping done and running out of time!

    difficult child said he had a headache this a.m. and is missing another day of school. If he doesn't get held back again this yr it will be a miracle. He is the boy who cried wolf, so I seldom have sympathy for him unless he's bleeding through the ears. :( Right now he is sleeping. I think he stayed up too late, reading and listening to the radio. Looks like we'll have to remove the lightbulbs from his rm again.
    On the one hand, I want him to get up and go to school at least by lunchtime. on the other hand, I'm not thrilled about making a special trip for him. We'll see.

    Have a great day, everyone!
  7. Pookybear66

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    Good morning everyone!

    Sharon-Best wishes for a fabulous wedding and fun date!
    Sharon-Have fun at cheerleading and parents night!
    Andy-I'm sorry to hear about your neck. Hope it gets better.
    Marg-Good luck with the trial! I hope you help them learn alot about this potential fix.
    Terry-Hope everything works out for you and your difficult child feels better.

    I have a few things going on today that I am of course avoiding. Yesterday I had to make some phone calls to start the full neuropsychologist workup going. The dr that was recommended to me does NOT do neuro psychiatric evaluations however. :( So last night I was just a mess thinking "What is it going to take to help this boy-ugg"?

    Today I will not think about it and give my tired brain a break. I have to finish my daughter's Halloween costume for a party in neighborhood on Saturday and also clean house some more. This is a roving party where kids go from house to house and do a craft or game or something and then move to next house. Kids get excited-I do not!

    Hope everyone else coming in finds a way to smile today. by the way, if anyone anywhere remotely close to Harrisburg PA knows of any good neuropsychologist doctors please send their names my way.