Good Friday morning friends,

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Made it through another week & onto the weekend. I woke to beautiful non humid breezes - opened all my windows & letting the fresh air do some of the cleaning.

kt is off to respite this afternoon after in home therapist. husband is heading off the the local butcher after working & picking up a couple of rib eye steaks. I'm going to sautee mushrooms in a bit of olive oil, lots of garlic & bake a wonderful French garlic bread.

Can you tell we celebrate respite??? :smile:

PT is coming in this morning & then my therapist is doing an over the phone appointment until he can find a disabled assesible office I can reach. (His is currently in an old historical bldg with no elevator).

Then I sleep until kt heads off to respite.

My kind of day.

Enjoy yours - keep it calms
*sigh* good morning, I think.

Linda, so nice to "hear" (read) you sounding better. Do enjoy kt's respite this weekend.

This has been my worst bout of insomnia to date. I was up until 1:30, then woke at 3:00, and here it is 3:30. Coughing like crazy and can't breathe. In addition, I thought I was developing restless leg syndrome because my leg was bouncing like crazy whenever I laid down (you know like when hyper kid is sitting and his knee starts going?). Well it's not RLS, it is my nerves from the inhalers. No wonder I can't sleep.

Yup, I'm just a ray of freakin sunshine. Hope everyone has a fantastic day today!


Linda sounds like you have a great dinner planned. Makes me hungry. Working this shift, I usually eat my dinner around 8 am. Your dinner sounds great. Enjoy your respite. Glad you are feeling better

BBK - I get real wired when I use my inhaler. My whole body is shaky. Sounds like you have had a really rough summer. Is it allergies? Hope you feel better soon.

Today I have a psychiatrist appointment. Guess just medication check. Don't know what to tell him. I really want to begin HRT. Until I do that I really don't want to mess with any medication. changes. I will have to call regarding the HRT next week...the dr.'s office took the week off.
The boys took husband out to dinner yesterday. Then when they came home we did the cake thing.

This is a really early morning post..Hope everyone has a GREAT end of the week Friday!


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Good morning everyone! My apologies for not addressing everyone but I was late getting up this morning! Today we are off to mini-putting and then to Dairy Queen! Looking forward to a nice sunny day and then dinner alone tonight with husband. We are trying an italian restaurant that has been raved about, can't wait!

difficult child will finally get back into his hockey tomorrow. He says his neck feels good. We'll see after he plays how it is feeling.

This weekend will be crazy hectic, difficult child has hockey, easy child has riding and cheerleading and I have to braid and bathe two ponies to get ready for easy child's show on Sunday.

I wonder why I am tired so often, lol!


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Good Morning All,

I'm sorry I can't address everyone individually but I have to finish packing and get out the door. difficult child appears to be feeling better so we are going to try going. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm looking forward to meeting a friend and her family this afternoon at a pool. The reunion is tomorrow night.

Enjoy your weekends! :princess:
Good morning, all! Lots of busy folks this morning! I'm up a little early but I need to go into work early so .... This is the last day of the Science Camp for the cubs. difficult child is supposed to make pizza today there. He's been looking forward to it all week. I have no doubt that he will want to make pizza for dinner as well. Hope everyone has a good day!


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:smile: Good Friday Morning!

Linda, sounds like a nice day and a great dinner! Think I'll hit the farmers market this afternoon for some fresh green beens and tomatoes and then stop by the grocer and get some steaks - see you inspired me to use the grill tonight!

BBK, goodness I hope you are back asleep now.....wishing you a better day than the night you had.

Kjs, hope you have a great Friday.

Christine, sounds like a really busy weekend. Find a little time in there to relax!

Sharon, glad difficult child is feeling well enough for you guys to take flight! Have fun.

Running, enjoy all the pizza!!!!!!!

Well, I did it......I got the hot tub up and running :bravo:! The three of us went in yesterday afternoon and then last night about 9 difficult child and I went in for about an hour. I just lay back and relaxed in the lounger seat and difficult child put on his goggles and "dove" for burried treasure!!!!

I never made it to the office yesterday! I was so busy working outside getting the tub running, filling in an area for pavers so I could reposition my grill and general outside cleaning, I decided to just go in this morning.

Linda has inspired me to do a cookout tonight! Not much on the schedule this weekend other than getting easy child ready for her trip to south beach with exbonehead and her best friend. She wants to hit Khols at 7am tomorrow morning and look for a new suit for the trip :rolleyes:

Wishing everyone a great friday :smile:


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Good Morning all. I have been a bit scarce lately. I keep reading but don't get much chance to respond. Sorry, I'll try to be better.
Keep your fingers crossed that we find out by the end of the weekend if our offer has been accepted on a house. Now, to sell this one and start the next phase. Lots of activity happening.

difficult child stopped by (as most days). He is interested in an assisted living/vocational program in NJ. He has 2 friends there and it's not schoolwork. He said he wanted to not just be "the guy with learning disabilities". :dance: What's this? Introspection? He even has a plan. Needless to say we will support his choice but this program may not be a fit but I sent for info. We will go in a direction he wants but this is the first time he had a suggestion that was actually based on life on this planet.

On another more gfgish note, difficult child got written up at work because while bagging groceries he smashed a customers bread. We did get a laugh out of it. Even he didn't take it too badly. He is usually defensive. We spoke about customer service and what he should learn from the lesson.
All in all it has been a good difficult child week.
Hope your weekend is a relaxing one. husband returns home tonight.


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G'day, all. It's really late here - I was out at a friend's place and came home at midnight to find husband still fretting over concerns with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and HER concerns that we're not being consistent enough with difficult child 3. I know I'm going to be in for a long talk with her in the morning, right when I have a lot of other things to do. She's got a point, but parenting isn't easy; plus our methods have changed since she was difficult child 3's age.

difficult child 3 - had the CT scan today. It's fairly inconclusive. No evidence of acute appendicitis but we knew that. He was constipated - we suspected that - and the radiologist seemed to think that explained the symptoms. I'm not so sure. Besides, there are enlarged lymph glands in the area corresponding to the appendix, which could be an indication of a grumbling appendix.
So we deal with the constipation, and wait to see how his symptoms are going.

oh, the joys of Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)!

Enjoy your Friday, everyone. I'm off to bed before Saturday gets any older...