Good Friday Morning!!

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Good Morning All!

It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am a bit excited. It has been a long week and I believe I am starting to catch the cold that started with husband and then traveled to difficult child! Sadly, I skipped bootcamp this morning. I am hoping I can motivate myself to go to the health club tonight.

Tomorrow is one of my nephew's wedding so I am really hoping I am wrong about this cold. However, either way I am very excited for the wedding!!

We have a beautiful day predicted here! A high of 70 is expected after a night of storms. We even had some flash flooding here in Madison last night.

Wishing all a fun Friday!! Saturday is right around the corner:)



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Good morning. :coffee:

Sharon~ I hope you're wrong about the cold too. Enjoy your beautiful weather and the weather. :)

Duckie and I each have dr appointments today and I have a boatload of errands to run so husband is working from home to be with the contractors. It's bound to be another interesting adventure here.

Have a great day! :warrior:


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Morning Sharon and TM,

I wish more folks would post here in the am - it's nice to be able to come to the general board and talk "nothings"!!!! Gives us each a little window into the day of the folks we turn to for suggestions or advice and those we offer support to.

It's Free Choice Friday and I'm off today. I've already been to the grocer, done 3 loads of laundry and am almost finished my friday straighten of the house - just stopping in for a quick cup of coffee! difficult child gets off today at 12:05 and he wants to go see The Butler. I was kinda surprised he didn't choose an action movie, but I've been wanting to see The Butler too. Since he's early dismissal this year, we are taking advantage of matinee prices and no crowds at the theater!

Sharon, hope you are wrong about the cold coming your way. Enjoy the wedding and being with family!

TM, hope the doctor appointments are just routine -- at least you are not stuck in the house with the contractors!

Wishing everyone a great end of the week!



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Good morning. I am SO glad it's Friday. This has been an incredibly long and stressful week for all of us. The weather here is getting more tolerable. Low 80's instead of high 90's and no more humidity. Thank goodness. I don't mind the heat but the humidity was killing me. There's nothing like just getting out of the shower and sweating within five minutes. Yuck! I am happy the heat is gone. Tonight was supposed to be my free night but the kids' dad cancelled on me due to his wife not wanting the kids there. So for us we will do our normal Family Feud night and maybe catching a movie before going to be early. Tomorrow we have an early morning weight watchers meeting so no sleeping in. I am just glad the weekend is finally getting here. It's about time!


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I just got home from a trip South......had to catch up on laundry and still need to deep clean the bathroom. Nothing exciting going on in our lives but it's nice to check-in and read what others are up to. I love the daily thread.