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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jannie, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Sorry I haven't been around too much lately....We've survived the summer...the usual up and downs... as good as can be expected; some camp, some visiting with relatives and some quiet time(not really..I just wish my kids could be in the same room without it just me?? :faint:

    Well my difficult child's are starting back to school tomorrow...hopefully all will go well. I did manage to get them to bed very early (Thank you melatonin!!!!)

    Anyway I wanted to wish everyone a great start to the new school year. Here's wishing everyone a more positive experience than last time; Here's praying for understanding and outstanding dedicated teachers!! Here's hoping that our difficult child's matured over the summer...and are ready to use their coping skills and academic strategies....OK.. a girl can think positive can't she??:goodluck:

    Let's just hope they can get to school without a meltdown...

    by the way--we went to open house on Friday and my younger difficult child was NOT happy with the girl seated next to him. He was able to politely speak to the teacher and let her know that he did not get along with this girl and would she please move his seat...the teacher agreed :D and moved this classmate to a new spot since the teacher wanted to keep difficult child up close near to the board and her desk....sounds like a good start...
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    It's definitely not just your kids who can't be in the same room together without arguing! I'm glad you were able to get your kiddos to sleep early last night!

    Thanks for the good wishes on the school year. Hoping your difficult children have a great one too:)

    Most of our kiddos start on Tuesday. easy child and difficult child, however, don't start until Wednesday because in our sd at the middle and high schools only the 6th and 9th graders have class the first day so they can become acclimated to the school with-o the older kids around.