Good middle of the week morning (Wednesday)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by dreamer, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. dreamer

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    Hi everyone! Im not really up this early, I am still up this late, LOL. I'm not even real sure WHY I'm still up.

    We have had pure chaos again around here, PCs gas incident went into a broken hot water heater that led into broken incoming water pipes that meant no running water for several days. How weird, no water IN the house, but- let me tell you, outside? YIKES. Here we are middle of country, northern IL and woo boy it was something. SO much rain, and then after our own rain, the gulf nicely shared remnants of Ike with us way up here and everything is under water.
    It has been a mess.
    Buttoday I was able to catch up on everything I could not do while I had no water....(altho we did rent a hotel room to shower etc a couple times) and I even was able to mow lawn today cuz my yard is dry enough today, kind of, anyway. YAY!

    So, now is all good agaiin in my little corner of the world. :)
    For today, Wed I am prepareing for an exciting presentation at Medical Reserve Corps, my son helped a LOT. and am excited to be able to cook dinner a nice meal again.....(since the water is fine now and I can do the dishes again etc, LOL)

    SO I wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very wonderful wednesday.
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Dreamer-Nice to see you on the morning thread-sorry you haven't gotten any sleep yet. Sounds like things have been rough-I hope they start going in a positive direction and stay that way! Enjoy your day!

    I've had a full night of sleep-was sleeping by 9:00 last night and am still feeling tired but hopefully I'll shake that off soon.

    After work today difficult child has a psychiatrist appointment and then I am hoping to get to the health club-didn't make it there yesterday so hope to do so today.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day and may you find many reasons to laugh and smile.:peaceful:
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Dreamer, I'm glad things are picking up for you. We've been without water for a week, when we were hit by really bad fires. Our house was fine but it was the middle of summer and we had no water at all for over a week. We had filled the bathtub, so we dipped into that to sponge ourselves down, and to also give us drinking water. We now have a rainwater tank in case that ever happens again. We also always have reserves of drinking water, in various bottles and flagons. We tend to run out of water most summer weekends. It's an unusual thing for Sydney - it's just the local water supply in our tiny village that's the problem, when the tourists come in and put too high a demand on things.

    Sharon/WO, I hope you can get your sleep debt paid off soon. One good night sometimes isn't enough. Good luck with getting to the club.

    We've had a big day today. difficult child 3 & I went in to the city with husband today. He drove us to his work so he could load a couple of heavy items into the car, then I drove difficult child 3 to his school for a special study day. It was based on the Olympics and was a fun way to deal with the various subjects - Science was set up like drug testing, with pH testing of various samples of "urine" - actually water dosed with various acids or bases. History was covering Berlin 1936, Technology was dealing with Wii Olympics and Wii Sports, Geography was dealing with various locations in China and Visual Arts dealt with Chinese artists. After it was done the school put a barbecue on for the kids. We left about 2 pm and I got back to my doctor just in time for my 3 pm appointment - only to find she had to leave for a house call. So we did the shopping then got back to the doctor just as she returned. She is puzzled by my condition but doesn't think it's polymyalgia rheumatica like the neurologist thinks but has referred me to a rheumatologist to be sure.
    We got out of there with just enough time to spare to get difficult child 3 to drama class. And it turns out hardly anyone will be there next week - they're all going to the snow for the week (a very special deal for kids with disabilities and their families). We are also invited, but I would have to cancel three doctors appointments (much as I'd like to). Plus, with difficult child 3's schoolwork etc, it would be just too awkward. They do it every year, so maybe next year?

    I'm very tired, my hands especially are clumsy tonight. I wish the doctor wasn't so cautious, but I guess that's better than rushing in up the wrong path.

    Tomorrow is my cooking and cleaning day. I've also got a bit of lazy gardening to do - putting in some small plants I bought today. I am looking forward to a rest, when I can get it.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    ;) Good Morning Friends!

    Dreamer, nice to "see" you here this morning. I'm glad to hear that the rain has stopped and you are drying out :D!

    Sharon, glad you got a full nights' sleep last night! Hit that gym girl :anxious:!

    Marg, sounds like a busy day you had today - and tomorrow doesn't promise to be a slacker either! Pay attention to the needs of your body :aww: and don't over do.

    Really late this morning.....the kids should have been up 30 minutes ago! I'll hit the gym this morning then spend the day doing homemaker stuff around the house!

    Wishing you a great Wednesday :peaceful:

  5. Andy

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    Dreamer - Good night then? I hope you got a few minutes to dream. Wow, what a week for you - glad things are starting to get back together.

    Wiped Out - Wake up girl! Hope you make it to the health club.

    Marg - Sounds like a very fun day today for difficult child 3. I hope the docs can figure out your pains soon.

    Little Dude's Mom - I hope you were able to get the kids back on schedule. 30 minutes is hard to do sometimes.

    Not much planned here today - I will try to get 6 hours in at work. I owe 2.5 hours since I left at 12:30 on Monday and was late yesterday. difficult child has his math tutoring tonight. If he doesn't have homework that time will be spent in reviewing basic skills. We are both coming down with colds - I am fighting a sore throat :(. difficult child had 100% on spelling again. He complained that the words were hard. I told him that is why he has an entire week to study for the real test. If he needs more study time for the pre-test, we will need to work on them Monday night also. This week's "hard" words that he struggled a little with: endeavor, rhythm, rhyme, oxygen

    Well, I better get going.

    EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT DAY! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh.

  6. Fran

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    Good morning on a drizzly Wednesday morning.

    Dreamer, hope you are tucked in and sleeping. Good luck with the presentation.

    Wiped out, good idea about extra rest. It's been a stressful start of a school year for you and your family.

    Marguerite, the visit into the city and difficult child's school study day sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you feel better after some rest.

    LDM, can't believe you slept in. Must be that you are relaxed. : ) Hope your day goes smoothly. :coffee2:Enjoy some coffee. You may need it.

    Adrianne, hope work goes well for today. Your difficult child's spelling words are difficult. Hope he does well. Hope yout throat settles down.

    difficult child has been helping with some big chores around the house. Now that vacation is over, it's time to start looking for a job. I must admit that I'm dragging my feet over getting into the system. I really find it stressful.

    husband and I have been scouring the internet news agencies to see how Galveston is doing and when we can go in. Lots of anxiety for everyone including us. Not knowing is very unsettling. We saw a fair amount of damage in the one house. :holymoly:It will be a long time before we are back to normal.
    It's another long day. Hope yours is productive, pleasant and without meltdown.
  7. dreamer

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    OK, now, Good morning, LOL.
    Actually, I guess it was quite a spell we were without the water- I think PCs gas incident was the first of Sept? The water heater went then. But water heater has no seperate shutoff valve (It DOES now! LOL) Got the waterheater and had water on for a day, and realized there were leaks, - cuz they bumped the pipes doing water heater. We gathered a supply to hold us of precious water and turned it off. ALas, our plumber began the work, and had a crisis. In the middle of the job. Midway thru, we turned water on again for a few hurs, and someone else came to step in for our plumber and broke the pipes entirely. ACK. SO off the water went again, altho that time, we did not have a chance to gather enough water.
    Thinks went downhill from there. PCs boyfriend brought us water daily for some uses helped a lot. And my presentation? LOL is on Emergency Preparedness. Our home emergency preparedness, our evacuation preparedness and our "plan" The kids had teased me as had some "friends" over my "preparedness kit" over the of it did come in handy for this silly mess. Yes, we have a LOT of bottled water everywhere around, in many forms, in jugs, single serve bottles and spray bottles, even in our cars- "for an emergency" LOL. Our little water crisis helped my kids look at the whole emergency preparedness a little differently, LOL.

    Fran, you were on my mind while I watched Ike. There was murmurs of dispatchng us to go thre after, and we still might. But right now there are more murmurs of us being used here for our local flooding crisis. Im sending you good thoughts.

    Oh an we do have some exciting things on the horizon, easy child is supposed to find out soon if this is a boy or girl she is haveing. :) Right after me and our son get back in from a road trip to eye dr. (provided the flooding recedes some, right now I doubt we can get thru) She REALLY wants to know if it is boy or girl.

    So, like I said, all is right here in my little corner of the world. :) and it sure is a pretty day outside today. The flowers in my garden LOVE that rain, except one batch that got too battered. :-( (by wind and pounding rain)