Good Middle of the Week Wednesday Morning!


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:coffee: Good Wednesday Morning All!

The weather here is definately on the upswing (if you like that spring type of weather :crazy:). We should be almost at 70 by Friday. It appears I never got my snow this winter - no snow days, no snowmen.... :frown:

This is easy child's last day of behind the wheel - next time is her driving test then she's done. Kinda a nervewracking thought actually, that means she can drive ALONE :eek:.

difficult child came home about an hour early yesterday. He appeared to be fighting a cold the last couple days and lost the battle yesterday afternoon. I'll keep him home today.

Wishing everyone a great middle of the week - take a minute or two today to smile :smile: and let it go :whistle:



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Sharon- i'll pack you up some snow and send it your way before it melts over the next couple of days. I hope difficult child feels better soon. It must seem weird that easy child will be driving by herself, good luck with it.

Well i've been down with the stomach bug, it went through my work like wild fire. difficult child has done real well with getting back in the swing of things with school. I hope everyone has a nice day!!!


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G'day, Sharon and all to follow.

It is scary when our kids take custody of the car. We sit at home fretting about whether we'll see either of them again, in undamaged condition. difficult child 1 gets his first professional driving lesson next Tuesday, when they'll assess his driving to tell us how soon he can go for his test. It's a day we never thought we'd see.

Jen, I hope you can shake that stomach bug soon. Nasty.

I'm glad the weather is warming up for you. It's still hot here, but raining as well. We're not complaining - we need it desperately. Mind you, some are complaining - news tonight said that parts of western Sydney (Campbelltown) are not happy with cars being washed over 8 foot fences. It was only two weeks ago that the roof of their mall collapsed under the weight of a sudden downpour. On the news tonight the place looked like a disaster zone. Again.
And Canberra last night had a super-cell go through, it dumped over three feet of hail onto the centre of the city. A good thing our Parliament House is underground, eh? Mind you, some might think that our beloved leaders could do with a thorough soaking. A bit more than a bucket of cold water now and then... "you might think that - I could hardly comment..." (Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart, "House of Cards").
We drove to the doctor's this afternoon through another storm that followed wet and loud on our heels. Amazingly, the road didn't flood.

We had a bad power outage this morning. It really bothered difficult child 3 because as luck would have it, all his current schoolwork required computer and internet use, and with no electricity... not even my laptop could help. And the cause - probably a nearby transformer which shorted out with either condensation from the high humidity, termites, or both. I had to ring his school and notify them that he couldn't do schoolwork today. So your kids in the US get snow days, difficult child 3 gets a termite day. Weird.

It never rains but it pours. Hopefully I'll make it to the beach tomorrow. Rain or no rain. We've been too busy so far this week. We're getting a lot of sun in the mornings and middle of the day, it's reverting back to the summer weather pattern I remember from my childhood - big storms hitting the city at about 3-4 pm. Mind you, they're bigger than I remember, which is saying something. Still, they're fun if you can avoid being hit by anything.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.



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Good morning.
Sharon- The snow never makes there because it melts out of the envelope! :rofl:
Jen- Hope you are feeling better soon. :ill:
Marg- I hope difficult child 3 gets his school work caught up quickly today. :warrior:
I'll be at the school all day. I'm volunteering for class picture day, it should be fun, lol! :hammer:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:


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Good morning, ladies!

LDM - Sorry to hear difficult child is sick. Congrats to easy child for passing her test (eek!).

Jen - Hope you feel better today. SO had that bug last week :frown:

Marg - sorry to hear about the power outage. Have to chuckle at termite day lol. Whatever works. Stay safe with all those storms, my friend.

TM - I'm always :hammer: at all your volunteer work. I don't know how you do it. Enjoy the picture day.

difficult child 2 has an IEP meeting first thing this morning. I'm praying foster mother isn't there. I didn't recieve a formal invite (we made the appointment over the phone), so I'm wondering if they sent any out. I hope she isn't attending.

My goal is to get difficult child 2 mainstreamed as much as possible. He was in mainstream 90% of the day before he was transferred to this new foster care. Now, he's in Emotional Support 90% of the day. 10 steps back. I'll try to get him to where he should be.

I got a letter from the CPS worker yesterday cc'ed to me that went to the judge. In it they ask he remain in his current placement. I will have to fight for that. They ask we still work on reunification. I don't like their plan, though. Also, some discrepancies in there regarding difficult child 2's behavior, job, etc. Things difficult child 2 tells me are NOT what is in this paper. So, we are back to manipulation and lies. No way to weed out the truth when I cannot communicate with the foster parent.

Should be fun. Enjoy your day!



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning LDM, Razz,TM and Janna. It's nice to see your bright shining faces. Hope all that are ill are on the road to recovery. Sharon we have incredibly beautiful weather. T=shirt or light jacket only. Definitely time to take the roof down on the car.
If any of you can spare a good thought send it difficult child's way. Aliens seemed to have kidnapped him and sent a pleasant, enthusiastic, put together young man. I'm hoping to capitalize on it with getting more applications out. Keep your fingers crossed that this is the person we will see more often.

Hope you have a reason to be grateful today. :smile: </span>

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Good Morning,

Sharon-Seventies-I'm jealous! You're more than welcome to come for a visit to enjoy some snow-we have more than our share! Wow-easy child driving on her own-I'm glad my easy child still has 3 years before driving. I hope difficult child is feeling better soon.

Razzle-Hope you are feeling better soon!

Marguerite-I hope you make it to the beach tomorrow-glad you're getting the rain-too bad about the flooding in parts though.

TM-Have fun with the picture taking-the kids always look so cute!

Janna-I hope the IEP goes well!

Fran-Wow-roof down kind of weather-how cool is that! Keeping a good thought for your difficult child-glad to hear he is doing so well!

difficult child is up and he is very awake! Today I plan on making it like a school day for difficult child-we're going to to school type work much of the day as I don't want him to enjoy being home on his suspension.

I hope everyone enjoys their day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Morning guys! I'm getting ready for some house projects. I think I will paint today. :smile:

I'm still enjoying my time off before I hit the pavement looking for another job.



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I was wrong, today was easy child's driving test. She just texted me and said she passed!!!!!!!! Only 30 minutes of observation left, which she is doing now. Even though it was a text message, you could "hear" her excitement!!!!!! Can you "hear" my fear????????

Fran, I will hope this new alien invasion results in a job!!


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Good morning all,

Excuse me for not addressing each of you this morning - my brain isn't fully functional yet.

We're expecting another winter blast over the next couple of days. Other than an attachment therapist appointment with wm there's not much on my schedule except some laundry & errand running.

Have a calm day all.


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I wish the snow would finally melt here, too. Even though it's getting warmer, it just won't go away! I can't wait for spring and to be able to let difficult child play outside.
Good Morning Everyone,

Sharon, easy child being able to drive alone - I can't imagine how I'll get through it!!! I'll probably need a double dose of :smile: each day!!! I hope difficult child feels better soon and everyone else stays healthy!!!

Jen, I hope you feel better soon!!! I'm glad difficult child is doing well!!!

Marg, I'm glad you're finally getting the rain!!! I've never heard of a termite problem like the one you described - I guess we should be glad we only get snow days. I hope all goes well and you make it to the beach tomorrow!!!

TM, You should have an interesting day offering to help with school pictures :hammer:... Make sure you take a bit of time for yourself this evening :bath: :smile:...

Janna, I hope all goes well at difficult child 2's IEP meeting this morning!!! I'm hoping foster b-tch, excuse me, mother, isn't there either!!! Please let us know how things go... I'll be keeping you in my thoughts all day... :flower:

Fran, I'm wondering if you could send some aliens this way??? I'm hoping difficult child gets a job soon!!! The poor guy - He seems to be trying so hard!!! He is lucky to have you supporting him!!! Let's have a cyber party :smile: to celebrate when he gets a job!!! I'll be happy to provide the :smile:!!!

Sharon, I think it is a good idea to keep GFF's day as much like a school day as possible. I'm with you - he shouldn't enjoy a day off because of a suspension. I'm hoping difficult child does well and your day is peaceful!!!

Steph, I'm glad you're going to enjoy your day :smile:!!! I think it is good to take some time for yourself before pounding the pavement. I hope you find a good job as soon as you're ready...

Sharon, I know its still early, but, I'de be happy to have a :smile: with you. Hang in there - my friends who have kids already driving alone have all survived... I don't know how - but they did... Maybe you should try a :smile:, more :coffee:, or a :bath:??? I guess I'm no help at all!!! I'm sure I'll be ready for the nut house when we actually have kids driving in my house...

This morining husband drove difficult child 1 to school and came home for our weekly meeting. It went pretty well. I didn't get through all the stuff I had to do yesterday so I'm going to try again today...

I hope everyone has at least one positive experience today :flower:!!! Hope everyone has a good one... WFEN

Linda and Michelle, Good Morning to you both too!!! I guess I need some more :coffee:. I didn't realize there were already two pages to the Good Morning thread.

Linda, I hope all goes well with the appointment for wm.

Michelle, It's nice to meet you.