Good Monday Morning (Our New Weekly Thread!)


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Good afternoon!

We are having nice autumn weather today and quite warm day in fact for the season, almost 50 F and sunny.

It's afternoon already here and I have only two hours work left for a day and I'm bit nervous and quite excited about this evening. Me and husband are going to have a playground date with the family that has been matched to be our respite kids. Bigger family but two of the kids in need of respite care. This is meet and greet and after that we and the family will decide, if we feel it is a fit. If so, we will soon start to have these kids over a weekend and a week night a month to help their mom to keep quite stressful family situation together and to give these kids some extra adult attention.

Wish us luck, that evening goes well and we and this family are the match!


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Good morning. :coffee2:

Sharon~ Enjoy your good weather!

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary, it's hard to believe how fast time flies. We'll go to dinner tomorrow seeing as it's a work night. My day consists of laundry and trying to locate a shelf for my new shower. I couldn't find anything local in stock online last night so I'm more than a little worried.. :(

Have a good day, :warrior:

WO, Glad to hear that after work, PT, it's just you, a box of tissues and "Glee." Enjoy that much needed "alone" time! You've definitely "earned" it!:smiles:

SuZir, Glad to hear you're enjoying beautiful fall weather too.:autumn: Thinking positive thoughts, staying pretzeled that you and the family you're meeting with are a perfect fit!

TM, HAPPY 16th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!! Wishing you and your husband a very special, kid free, stress free, evening out, filled with lots of fun moments, delicious food, maybe a drink or two..., and beautiful memories to cherish...:couple: :smiles:

Yesterday was a tough day for me. My favorite sanity saver had a very difficult time waking up after her surgery. We were finally able to pick her up after dinner. Once home, she was still high as a kite and appeared to be in much pain even though she had already maxed out on pain medications. I called the vet hospital. and was told she should have come out of the anethesia by this time. If we wanted, we could bring her back, pick her up in the morning and have the nurse on staff monitor her. We were debating whether or not to bring her back, this was after mid-night, when she finally seemed to fall asleep. This morning I'm exhausted but, aside from a bit of break through bleeding, she seems a bit better. Actually ate a bit so I was able to give her more pain medications and antibiotics, took her out, and after what seemed like forever, she is finally sleeping! Wish I could go back to bed too!

Other then this, it's going to be a beautiful sunny day. Although I'm going to stick around the house, babysit my fur baby, I'm hoping she'll want to sit outside on the deck with me, get a bit of fresh air and sunshine...

Going to refill my cup:mornincoffee:, toss in a load of wash...

As always, hope everyone has a good day or at least one reason to smile... SFR


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(((SFR)))~ That's so scary about your pup!!!! I'm glad she's on the mend. I hope you have a peaceful and uneventful day!


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G'day, people.

SFR, it's scary when our loved ones (no matter how many legs they have) are not well.

It's Friday morning here and this is the first chance I've had to really check in, for ten days or more. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had her baby at the beginning of last week and there have been problems. He was getting transferred from hospital to hospital while they dealt with the small head injury from birth trauma. My girl has risen to the occasion marvellously, although it was a very difficult time since she could not stay in hospital and still see her baby - there were no beds for her to transfer to.

On Monday they transferred the baby back to the hospital where he was born, which made things a lot easier. It was also a day when we had a lot of family here - it had been planned for weeks, but with the problems with the baby, it was a complicated and rushed gathering.

Baby came home yesterday, in the full heat of an Aussie scorcher of a heatwave. Even last night when they came and had dinner with us at mother in law's, it was still over 30 C. I think it topped 38 C yesterday here (outside). The kids have no air conditioning (they have moved in to our place).

Living with mother in law means not being able to supervise difficult child 3 as closely as I'd like. He's been living on noodles and neglecting his showering. In yesterday's heat he was still wearing his winter pyjamas in the middle of the day (I had to drop in for a few minutes). I can't leave mother in law for long, so I can't be up at home for more than half an hour or so. Today I might have a little longer, the nursing service comes in for mother in law for two hours, although I will still be needed too for some of that time.

Summer is definitely here early, although today is a cooler, greyer day. The maximum for our neck of the woods today is only 24 C, much more manageable after yesterday.

Enjoy what is left of your week, my friends. I'm still playing catch-up.



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Good Afternoon everyone!

We too have now entered safely to Friday afternoon and we are having a beautiful and warm, about 10 C/50 F autumn day.

Marg, Huge Congratulations! I hope the little fellow will soon get better.

We met our potential respite kids yesterday and at least from our part they are a match. We will hear at Monday if they think we are the match. Two kids, girl and boy, 8 and 5 years old. No huge special needs. Some emotional stuff with the girl and boy is diagnosed with our all time umbrella diagnosis F83, but according the mom doctors say it will likely change to turn to high-functioning asperger in next evaluation. After meeting him it is easy to believe. They do have also a sibling who has severe special needs and her respite care happens institutionally and youngest in the family is still very young, but has other parent he meets regularly.

If the mom thinks we are the match we are asked to give lots of separate attention to kids and husband to spend lot of time with the boy. They would have liked both kids to have their own respite family but there is great shortage of respite families, so we with two adults and no young kids were considered to be the second best option.

I'm rather excited.

Have a nice day everyone!


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Yippie - It's Free Choice Friday!!

SuZir, the weather does sound lovely - I thought we were in autumn with temps in the 60's! I would prefer the 50's but we are having some much needed rain so I'll take it! Hope things work out with the little respites.

difficult child is off today and has a 1/2 a day on Monday - don't remember so many holidays when I was in school! I'm off to the gym shortly and then heading to the grocers. difficult child and I want to see Gravity today so we are hoping to go to an early show (around noon).

Wishing everyone a great Friday! Make your free choice a good one!



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Good morning! :coffee2:

SuZir~ How exciting for you and husband!!! I bet you'll enjoy having younger children around again.

Sharon~ I don't remember as many holidays either, lol! Enjoy the movie. :)

I'm here again, lol. Contractor is still working. I do believe it may never be done upstairs. :hammer: I do get to run to the school when they take lunch. I made sugar cookies for Duckie's volleyball team and will bring some juice too. They have a game after school and it's homecoming so I decorated them in school colors. Other than that, husband and I plan to go to dinner to celebrate our anniversary while Duckie takes in the football game.

Have a great day! :warrior:
Good Morning Everyone,

Marg, Congratulations on the birth of your grandson!! Keeping good thoughts for him as he recovers and hoping he is feeling much, much better now that he is finally home, surrounded by his loving family. You certainly have a busy schedule and lots on your plate! I didn't know you've been living with your mother in law. I will keep her in my thoughts and pray that she is comfortable, pain free. It is wonderful for her to have you with her but it must be difficult for you, especially because you aren't able to keep a close eye on difficult child 3. Your difficult child 3 sounds a bit like my difficult child 2. Hope in the midst of everything, you're able to carve out a little time each day just for you.

SuZir, Keeping my fingers crossed that the mom thinks you're a good match!! I'm excited for you!! What a wonderful thing to want to do!!

Sharon, Enjoy Gravity and spending the afternoon with your difficult child. Have a fun, relaxing weekend...

TM, I'm so impressed!! In the midst of contractor HE77, you baked cookies for Duckie's team!! I'm positive that if I were in the same position as you're in, I would have headed to the grocery store, picked up a package of store bought ones, and have been done with it. Hope Duckie has lots of fun at the football game while you and your husband are enjoying a relaxing, fun, romantic, anniversary dinner...Enjoy!!!

Just a quick hello to everyone. Got to toss in a load of wash, pack, and most important, refill my cup! I won't be around for about two weeks but will be thinking about all of you, hoping all is well, that everyone has at least one reason to smile every day... SFR


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Good morning. :coffee2:

I'm leaving to pick up Duckie from a sleepover in a little while then she must serve on the altar at church. We have a supply priest today so I really hope she doesn't nod off!

Other than that, hopefully we will have fully rewired electric upstairs today and I can paint some of our uninstalled new doors!

have a great day! :warrior:

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Good Morning,

TM-Sounds like a busy day ahead for you!

I've been to church and worked out at the health club. Now we are going to go see the new Tom Hanks movie. After that I will watch the end of the Packer game. I'm still recovering from my Wolverines losing in the 4th overtime last night so I hope the Packers win today:)

Happy Sunday All!