Good Monday Morning Sleepyheads!


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Good Morning Sleepyheads!

Get that in and move, move, move!!!!

Well, it is nice to sleep in a little extra. No school, no mail, no banks = no work for me! I will be taking the day off and doing nothing. It's going to be quite warm, probably 75 or warmer today. But, they promise winter is coming I bought difficult child snow boots yesterday so that equals no snow for us!!!!!

Wishing everyone a great Monday - remember it's No Meltdown Monday around here



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Good morning!
Sharon- I'll see you your difficult child's snowboots and raise you a matching winter coat and snow pants. Heck, I'll even toss in a new bag of de-icer!
We're supposed to have a play date later this morning and husband leaves for Cleveland. That's if the roads stay open with our ice storm...
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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For so long you have been waiting for snow, is it going already?

Sharon, I had a lazy Monday too, apart from not having time to do all the things I wanted to do. I'm only now catching up on some vital paperwork (talking to you guys!)

I'm not even going to try to compete with the snow boots! But I did manage to get easy child 2/difficult child 2 to emerge from her cocoon late this afternoon and wear her new bikini to the beach. Mind you, she still insisted on bringing her parasol and wouldn't go in the water because of bluebottles (Physalia physalis). I must admit, they put me off, too. I hate being stung. But they're only at the western end of the beach.

I'm hoping to get some more work done tomorrow. We've got a week of hot weather coming up, so the beach will be calling, too.

Enjoy your Monday.



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Good morning Sharon, tm and Marguerite...

They are calling for 15 cms of snow later this afternoon. It should be fun! I dunno, not much of a snowangel is my twin sister will love it though! I dunno part of me would rather the snow than the cold though! ~shrugs~

Anyways, enjoy your day off Sharon, you deserve to be pampered today!
tm, hopefully husband will get to where he's going with-o problems!
Marguerite, bikini? beach? bluebottles? I'm so living in the wrong part of the world! lol

Hope everyone has a good day, I feel really tired! The news is depressing and I'm worried for the members in Oklahoma, the storm there is wrecking major havoc! Let's all say a silent prayer for them okay?



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The news is depressing and I'm worried for the members in Oklahoma, the storm there is wrecking major havoc! Let's all say a silent prayer for them okay?

That's an excellent idea, Bonnie.


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Good Morning Sharon,TM,Marguerite and BJ. I have no luck when it comes to weather. It is freezing and slick roads at home and I am 5 hrs out where it's humid,warm and foggy. It's been predicting the cold since Sat. but it won't actually get to where I am until I'm at the airport. :hammer: So if you don't want cold weather, invite me over.

We meet with the carpenter and few craftsmen this AM. It's not easy doing long distance remodeling. What you envision isn't necessarily what they envision. Having no kitchen has allowed me a lot more free time. Funny how that happens.
We did find a lot of neat shells along the shore. husband and I puttered around an antique store(mostly junk) but I'd rather spend an afternoon looking through that sort of stuff than fine antiques. I didn't buy anything since I am bound and determined to keep this place clutter free. It was tempting though.

difficult child wants to just talk. LOL. He is trying to understand why he feels like he is different. It's hard to not get sarcastic. I'm biting my tongue. If he would read one page of the articles or books sent to him maybe he would understand a little better. He will just have to wait until I get home to have a serious discussion. Nothing's different but we keep trying. The need to use an external reason for an internal problem seems to never go away. Again it's the "not my fault" mentality. When does one accept responsibility for one's actions? It's another day in the Fran's Circus of Adult Gfgdom. Round and round we go.

Have a good day. Think peaceful thoughts in honor of MLK's day.


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thanks for hte prayers, it is pretty bad here. My family is all fine. My bro got our antenna up just before the storm hit!! We can see a couple of tv stations!!! (I am too cheap to get satellite).

We have tons of ice, and it looks like snow but is really ice, at least the top and bottom layers are. I have been dealing with side effects from a new medication regime, so have been off board.

We are having a sleepy, peaceful day. I will clean house a bit (it is a pit) and set up lessons for the week. Kids will play, husband will help clean and will play gamecube.

I hope everyone else is OK!!



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Good morning friends,

Sharon, we have 6 inches of snow here - about 9 degrees. You're welcome to come out & romp in the snow if you'd like.

TM, stay safe in that ice storm.

Marg, glad that difficult child came out of her cocoon & joined in the fun.

BJ, it's been quite the winter blast - keeping good thoughts for our members in those areas.

Fran, can't imagine long distance remodeling. I love wandering through those kinds of stores - glad you had a time of respite.

I woke to 6 inches of snow. I'm sipping my coffee & trying to dredge up the energy to shovel this morning. I'd rather snuggle in a quilt & read all day.

Stay warm & safe today.


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Here's hoping you don't lose power, Susie. We saw a TV program a few weeks ago, dealing with the hazards of ice storms and rime ice. Scary stuff! Those of us not experienced in this really have no idea how dangerous this can be. Rime ice can be beautiful, but really difficult to deal with when it's where you don't want it to be.

It NEVER gets that cold ANYWHERE in Australia! Except mainly Australian Antarctic Territory, in winter. And that's not really in Australia.

Keep safe, all those of you dealing with ice storms.


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Good Morning,

Sharon-We don't have school either and I'm glad because we have about 5 inches of new snow on the ground and if it wasn't MLK day we would have to be driving in this! Maybe you'll get lucky yet and get some snow.

TM-Enjoy your day!

Marguerite-So nice to hear it is sunny and warm somewhere!

BonnieJean-Good idea about prayers for those in Oklahoma.

Fran-You can come by here-I really don't want the cold weather! I hope that the talk with difficult child goes well.

Susie-Glad you are o.k.-hope things clear up quickly.

I think I'm going to cancel easy child's t-doctor appointment for this morning-I don't want to drive in this even though it's not a super heavy amount of snow. Other than that I hope to get in a workout later in the day and some homework done for the class I'm taking. Maybe I'll take difficult child out and give him a chance to use his snowboard.

Enjoy the day! Hi to anyone who snuck in


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Good Morning everyone!
I hope you all are doing well.

difficult child had a great time at his family party at pizza hut, i don't do friends party anymore, as most kids are so rude when their parents aren't around. So he had a blast. He was so shocked when he opened his ipod, he looks at me and goes you spent way to much. I explained that iused most of the gift cards that my class had given me, and just put in the rest. He's just such a good kid that never asks for anything, i want him to be able to have things. He is feeling a little better, and hopefully the short week will work in his favor!


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Jen, what a lovely response to your gift. It makes everything so worthwhile when your efforts are appreciated. Your son's response brought tears to my eyes. It's good to see the goodness in our children. Thanks for sharing that bright spot in the life of a parent and child.