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    friends & fellow :sword::warrior: warrior parents! It's Monday - time for our little wonders to head back to school. RESPITE! School is respite for me! Time for mommy play time. :targetpractice:

    Okay, the respite part is true - play time not so much each day. The fantasy keeps me going some days.

    It's to be another cool but sunny day. I can handle most any weather as long as I have sunshine along with it.

    As it's Monday, it's groceries & bill paying day. husband & I are in laundry mode - he does the stairs part - I do the sorting & folding part. Works out well. :couple:

    I'm picking up the last of my medical records to take to "the appointment" in less than 2 weeks. I've reserved a motel room for my sister & myself. As that week falls over Easter weekend, husband will be bringing kt down for Easter Sunday & we're going to have dinner & find something fun to do down in Rochester. Or kt can spend the afternoon in the pool area while the adults visit.

    Enjoy your Monday - remember there are no meltdowns today. Just isn't going to happen. I hope you accomplish all you set out to do & that your day remains calm.
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    Linda-I'm glad you have your appointment coming up soon. Sounds like you have worked out a good plan for Easter. Enjoy your day as kt heads back to school-find some time to play!:laughing:

    It's getting warmer out-up to 30 today and 40s by tomorrow-a heat wave! It's back to work today:teacher: After work we have a meeting at the psychiatric hospital. It's a big one-with lots of the hospital staff there and probably difficult child's therapist from out of the hospital as well as my therapist (I kind of lke that she'll be there for support).

    While we're there will do a quick visit with difficult child and then head home. Hopefully we'll have the energy left to squeeze in a workout at the club.:exercisebike:

    I hope everyone enjoys a calm day and finds many reasons for smiling and laughing.:flower:
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    :laughing:Good Morning All!

    Linda, glad your plans are coming together for the Mayo appointments. Hope the laundry, groceries and bills get done and you find your all mighty nap time before kt arrives home from school :tongue:!

    Sharon, glad your temps are improving. Our flowering pear and cherry trees are budding and the daffodils are in full bloom already. Spring is coming!! Hope the meeting goes well and difficult child appreciates your visit :peaceful:.

    I was offline here at home the last two days. Saturday, around eleven, the winds came in. It was a littel grey and rainy Saturday morning, but the temps were really nice. With little notice, the winds picked up, the temps dropped, and we had sustained winds at about 30 and gusts up to 60 mph. I live in an old neighborhood with big 'ole trees. Anytime we have high winds or bad storms, we anticipate the power loss. Well, low and behold, at 1pm saturday, while I was watching the Tudors and difficult child was in the middle of a major battle (online) two huge trees came down, one on our street a block away, and one on the side street at the corner of my block. We were without power until 8 last night.

    Fortunately we have a generator, but I couldn't get it to the house from the garage myself. Bonehead came over and hooked it up yesterday afternoon so difficult child was so releived!! He got to watch cartoons and play a little 360 before the weekend was over. You can tell you're getting old when you're just happy the fridge gets hooked up!!!!!!

    easy child had a great DECA state competition. This was a "team" competition were you had a partner. She and her best friend are in the Buying and Merchandising category. I got a call Saturday night about 10:45 - they were one of six finalists!! They competed against 58 other teams in their category in the state and came in fourth out of the top six. Meaning that they are going to nationals in Atlanta in April! Her teachers, a husband and wife team, were so excited. Only one other student in their high school has ever qualified for nationals! The girls have been asked to wear their medals and bring their trophies to school today! She's really excited. Bonehead and I just looked at each other last night with the "ok, this is going to cost us more money" expression.

    I've decided to move on from using my on demand for exercise. I've reached my frist 20 pounds off from doing WW but know that the battle has just begun! I've decided to go back to the gym. I'll drop difficult child off at school at 8 and then head to the gym on Mon, Wed and Fri. We'll see what "kicking it up a notch" will accomplish.

    So, today will be a typical Monday with laundry, household chores, and grocery - with the hour addition of the gym.

    Sorry this was such a long post - but I've been gone a couple days and had a lot to share!!!!!! Have a great No Meltdown Monday :surprise:!!

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    Linda, enjoy your sunshine. You and your husband sound like quite a team.

    Sharon/Wiped, I hope the meeting goes well.

    Sharon/LDM, congrats to easy child for doing so well.
    And on the subject of losing power due to fallen trees - it happens to us a fair bit too. Plus some of our Aussie trees are called 'widow-makers' for good reason. They don't need a strong wind, it can often be a still, calm day and suddenly these huge trees will drop a branch without warning. The branch often looks totally healthy.

    I've had a busy day getting not much done. mother in law dropped in this morning, a bit confused. She was trying to get to the shops to buy a paper and found the road blocked. She was sure there had to be a way to drive to the shops, surely the people working on the road wouldn't block off EVERYWHERE? So I went down in the car with her. To even get anywhere near the shops and the ferry wharf, we had to pass one roadblock. And she was right to be confused - the authorities had decided to resurface the road, but in doing so they had completely blocked all access. The car park was open, but full of trucks and road-building machinery. When I complained that I had to get medications from the pharmacy they lifted the second roadblock so we could drive through but we still had to park a long way away and walk the rest of the way.
    The stores could get no deliveries in and the pharmacist couldn't even get out to do his deliveries.

    I couldn't get all my medications, the delivery didn't arrive. I went down by mobility scooter later in the day, the roadworkers were still at it but had at least moved the barricades to a more sensible position.
    And apparently tomorrow they are shifting locations and will be blocking off the only other road out of town (for us). let's hope the main street is open by then!

    I had just sent a very long, whiny email to the mob responsible for the SNAFU when the landscaper arrived to take out a couple of dead trees which were threatening our back fence and the neighbour's shed. It was very hot here today, hotter than summer has been, and although it was getting late in the afternoon I could still feel the sun biting.

    But I'm glad those trees are gone. They could have been very expensive.

    Here's hoping I can get the rest of my medications tomorrow and we're not mucked around too much by the workmen.

    Enjoy your Monday, everyone.

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    Good morning, all! I finally took my car in for a radiator repair/replacement...long overdue! Waiting on a return call from school since Miss KT's progress report shows no progress in English and Geometry. I need to sort clothes, put away the winter onesand find the summer's supposed to be nearly 80 degrees today. Almost time to set my "solar dryer" back up!