Good Monday morning.....

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Spring break is over! :bravo: kt heads back to school this morning. :bravo:

Can you tell I'm excited?

We had a good holiday weekend visiting with my family, but it's always good to get home.

Enjoy your Monday - keep it calm. Hug your loved ones & find a reason to laugh. Even if it's at the absurd. :wink:


Good morning. Our spring break just started. Today is the first day. I expect I will be feeling the same way in a week. Have a good day!!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. :flower: It's Monday so it must be laundry day. Hope it warms up soon. It's been frigid lately. :coffee: I think I need a hot cup of coffee. </span>


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Good morning! :coffee:
Linda- Is kt as excited about classes resuming as you? :wink:
Kjs- I hope your family has a fun & meltdown free break. :warrior:
The family is off shortly to Rochester to visit the toy museum; we are bringing a friend for Duckie. :surprise:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good Morning,

Linda-glad to hear that your weekend went well! We have one more day left-it's back to work tomorrow and back to school.

Kjs-I hope your break goes better than you expect!

Fran-I'm with you about hoping it warms up soon-this weather is crazy-here it isn't suppose to warm up here any time this week!

TM-Enjoy the toy museum!

Not much planned for the last day of spring break. We will go to the health club and try to get in a nap. In a bit I'm going to play Yahtzee with difficult child-we gave it to him for Easter. I'm hoping it will help some with his math skills.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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Good Monday Morning,

Linda, our break begins today and it feels great! I know, I know, I'm one of those wierd moms who loves having the kids home for vacations and breaks!

K, hope you guys enjoy your spring break!

Fran, my usual Monday routine is broken today - that's good news. Have a great one!

TM, have fun at the museum today. Hope Duckie and her buddy have a great time! Hope you and husband survive unscathed!

Sharon, I love Yahtzee - you guys can come and play at my house sometime! Enjoy the last day of spring break.

The kids and I head out for the beach this morning. I'm letting them sleep in as we were up really late Friday and Saturday night. We were in that "don't have to get up early mode" and watched movies. Since it's less than two hours to the shore, I figure we'll put out around 10ish and get there at lunchtime. You can't check in until 3 so........

Hope everyone had a restful weekend. For those of you on spring break - I wish you peace and fun with your family. Those who are back to the old grind - find the joy and have a great day.

Good Morning :coffee:,

This is a really BUSY day for me!!! I just wanted to have my last sip of coffee with all of you before heading out...

I hope all of you have a great Monday :flower: :smile: WFEN

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Morning guys,

I'm getting difficult child off to school and getting ready for round 3 with argueing with all the insurance companies today from the car accident. :hammer:

difficult child is so excited. SO's mother just got back from Spain and Israel. She brought a cute tango dress back for difficult child. She is wearing it today. :princess:

Have a great day!



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G'day, everyone.

It was a public holiday for us today but almost everybody is back at work tomorrow. difficult child 1 is planning to mow our lawns (our recent rains have made it grow again) while I take mother in law to the doctor's, and then maybe shopping. Somewhere in there I'm organising the fuel pump repair on husband's car, and feeding the neighbour's cat.

We definitely have autumn weather although the middle of the day is still warm enough for the beach, for the hardier ones. maybe Wednesday... tomorrow is going to be too busy.

Have a good Monday, everyone.