Good Monday Morning:)

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    Happy Monday Friends,

    We are starting our last week of school today! It's been a very good school year with my group of students but here in Wisconsin there has been a lot going on with education that isn't so good so I think it's time for the year to end.

    Unfortunately, right now we are under a severe thunderstorm warning and we have our picnic today! It's a potluck and many parents come-lots of fun! From looking at the radar I think we may get lucky and it may clear up before our picnic time! Crossing fingers.

    After work we are meeting with difficult child's new case manager for next year. We have been fortunate enough to have the same case manager for the past three years. She has been wonderful for difficult child! However, next year difficult child is starting high school (hard to believe) so he will be getting someone new.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
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    Good morning!

    Sharon I hope the weather holds out for you today, the picnic sounds fun!

    I'm in the office today, my allergies are kicking my butt! Bad!! It was a strange weekend, but nice. Wish my mind and body would go to sleep when it's supposed to. I hit up Sephora yesterday and thankfully there was an adult, seasoned woman I remember from the girls' school days. She helped me with products for my hyper pigmentation on my cheeks-once summer arrives...they come out and I HATE them! People say the don't notice them, but I do. So, along with sunscreen and a product to help fade them, I've got a nice coverup/bronzer and I'm pleased with the look this morning. I hope it lasts all day!

    Have a great day everyone!