Good Monday Morning


Thought I would say good morning today. I have to go work for a couple of hours soon. Then off to gfg1s transitional staffing. We get to figure out what path (as if we can really decide that) she should take when she leaves Residential Treatment Center (RTC) next Spring.

Hope everyone has a pretty good day.



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G'day, Beth (and all to follow). I hope the meeting goes well, as best as it can. It does seem crazy to be making decisions for a young, unpredictable teenager who still has a long way to go before she can find her own way. Here's hoping there's some common sense in the room today for you.

I had to go to the mainland today to find a doctor. It's really difficult - there's no doctor in the village until Friday and if I've got diabetes I need to have answers now. Trouble is, I'm a long-termer AND I have a certain amount of medical knowledge which some doctors find suspicious.
I went to the doctor I took difficult child 3 to, when we thought he might have appendicitis. Because I'd rung ahead and said I needed fasting blood tests done, she had already written a pathology request for me to collect. I found the leeches, had the blood drawn and grabbed some food on the way back for my appointment. We didn't get everything discussed (we only had half an hour!) but they've got the beginnings of a medical history now, plus more tests happening. I'm seeing her again on Wednesday (to get results) and then I'm seeing my regular doctor (who I can only get to, once a month - not good enough in emergencies).
husband & I have our fingers crossed - the antibiotics I've had to have injected by the bucketload may be responsible for the sugar spillover from the kidneys. I'm hoping it's as simple as that. Wish me luck, rattle the beads...

Then I dropped in to the cop shop and gave them photos of difficult child 3's injuries as well as photos of the log. The cop behind the counter was suitably horrified. I'm still waiting to hear from Police Youth Liaison, though.

Tomorrow difficult child 3 & I head into the city for his Maths Study Day. I nearly called off going, but I managed today better than I thought I would, and he worked really well today, even though he was on his own. I can rest in the school library while difficult child 3 is doing the computer work.

Have a good Monday, everyone!



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Good Morning Everyone!

Beth, hope the visit and plan goes well!

Marg, knowledge makes docs suspicious? LOL Thats exactly what that mornon psychiatrist accused me of Friday. Good luck!

Today is the 1st day for back to school here. :dance:

I'm so excited! I get to come home to just my daughter and snuggle! :smile:

We're at a new school this year so I'm nervous not knowing anyone. Every year on the 1st day of school in our old school I brought banana and pumpkin bread to the front office because this is their busiest week. I'm worried the new front office is going to find me strange, making them food when I don't know them. Oh well!

Everyone who snuck in, have a great day! I plan to!


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All the best with the new school today, ASO. I hope the banana and pumpkin bread goes down well - at least if they think you're weird, it will be, "Who cares? As long as she keeps cooking for us!"

As for too much knowledge - I have had doctors get narky at me for apparently questioning their expertise, when all I'm doing is trying to get it straight in my own head. Some feel threatened by this; others feel it's a sign I'm too obsessed with medical matters and I'm likely to be either a hypochondriac or Munchhausen's. I like my main GP, although I need to change soon as he's specialising and won't be available - I like him because I can talk to him, discuss things, kick ideas around and not just have to sit there and take the pronouncements from On High. Also, I knew him back when he was just a medication student - he used to visit our lab to borrow a cup of sucrose.

Here's hoping this new GP is OK with me being a know-it-all.



Good morning

Beth - hope meeting goes as well as you hope it will.

Marg - sure hope you feel better soon.

ASO - First day of school, They will love the food! The office personnel are so busy, I am sure they will love it.

Today difficult child and I have meeting with Special education program director. I will have some time with her alone also. Then we meet his teachers. I don't exactly know what to say to them. They are new, and I am afraid. I don't want to come off saying negative things about difficult child. And I don't want to make it sound like he is an angel either.

Then we have haircuts and First baseball game of the Fall League. Last Monday and Wednesday's games were cancelled because of all the rain. So, tonight is the first game in the bigger league, major league size field. He has been practicing pitching. He's never pitched why would the coaches do that?? I think that would be a disaster. He will flip out if they call a ball and he thinks strike, or if he walks someone..or if they hit it. Hope he doesn't try that position yet.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Beth- I hope the meeting goes well. Does difficult child participate? :warrior:
Marg- Fingers crossed that the antibiotics are the culprit! Keep us updated. :doctor:
ASO- I'm sure the staff will appreciate the treats. Plus, it never hurts to make a favorable first impression when you have a difficult child enrolled! :wink:
We'll be stopping by the library (Duckie and family finally completed 100+ books together! :reading:), the pharmacy (hopefully new epipens are in :rolleyes:) and the school (time to get her acquainted with where her new classroom is :princess:). Check out the playground, maybe go for a swim at a friend's house :beach:.
She's kind of upset about her busing situation. Last year, she was on a regular bus that had an aide assigned to a high-functioning developmentally delayed student. Duckie sat near the aide (who knew about the epipen, etc) "just in case". It worked well because Duckie didn't feel singled out and it didn't cost the district any extra $$$. A real win-win situation. :thumb: This year, they've assigned all the highly-allergic kids with epipens to a small bus with an aide. I know the district is thinking safety and liability, but Duckie is afraid of being made ridiculed. Sigh. :rolleyes:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning everyone. Weekend was a blur but difficult child did make it through the first cuts, yay! Thanks for all the well wishes. If we could use them again for tonight I would love it. Final cuts are tonight (I am pretty sure) so mum is a nutjob, haha! We also found a house over the weekend and just put in our bid and are having to bid against another bidder, so if you could keep us all in your thoughts (extra for difficult child, lol) I would greatly appreciate it :wink:

Today is going to be nuts with stress and to add to it, I am taking the kids to a fun place thing, eek!

What was I thinking, haha!

Have a great Monday everyone, let's hope it stays this way for me.

good thoughts...good thoughts...good thoughts
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

mrscatinthehat, I hope everything goes well at the transitional meeting.

Marg, I've got my fingers crossed!!! Feel Better Soon!!!

AllStressedOut, Enjoy the day with your daughter!!! I'm sure the staff will appreciate the home baked breads!!! They sound delicious!!!

Kjs, I hope everything goes well with the SPED meeting this morning!!! I hope difficult child does well and enjoys the baseball game!!!

TM, It sounds like you have a BUSY day but a good one. Congrats to Duckie on completing 100 books!!! :bravo: A swim sounds like fun - I hope you and Duckie have time... I hope everything goes well with the new bus!!!

mumtoJK&TH, I've got my fingers crossed for difficult child tonight!!! I've also got my fingers crossed for you - a new house - sounds exciting!!!

I'm going to have one more cup of :coffee:, try to catch up on this bb (if difficult children give me a bit of peace this morning), throw in some laundry, and comb my favorite sanity saver. This is supposed to be easy child's job. However, lately, she doesn't seem to be doing much of anything asked of her... Oh well, at least it's typical teen behaviors...

Hi to anyone who snuck in...

I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: :flower: WFEN :flower:


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<span style="color: #3366FF"><span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. It's Monday and the first day of school at the public schools. It's the first time I'm not in the crowd watching their babies off to another year. It's nice to have gotten to this point.

MrsCitHat, good luck at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) meeting.

Marguerite,I know what you mean about doctors. being suspicious if you know too much. I always am careful to hide my medical knowledge or background. I have learned to ask intelligent questions without being threatening. Annoying as all get out.

ASO,kindness is kindness. The treat is a lovely gesture. Enjoy the first day of sanity back into a long summer.

KJSGood luck with meeting the teachers. I know what you mean about walking the line of not painting a picture that is too rosie and one that is bleak.

TM, congratulations on 100books. Seems like a huge amount for anyone. The "short" bus always makes parents and some kids uncomfortable but it's our reality. Hope Duckie comes to terms with it.

mum2JK&TH, good thoughts coming.

WFEN,Enjoy the therapeutic brushing of your sanity saver. You have my sympathy with teen behavior.

We dropped easy child off in NYC for "welcome week". :surprise: My baby(all 6'1" of him) all alone. Actually we all were pretty together emotionally and felt happy for him and his choices. The weather was...well like summer in the city and we were pretty tired so the emotions were muted.

difficult child has a lot more work hours since everyone is back at school. Figures since he will be resigning soon.

One more challenge out of the way. It's on to the next one. We close on the new house this week and I'm driving the pups up to N.Carolina. I haven't driven the route before or traveled with dogs so it's a new experience which lends to a little added anxiety. Hopefully the paper work for the closing is all in orde and I won't have to run around like a nut.

Did I mention that it's hot? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif It's time for a break from summer.

Hope you all have a good cup of coffee and a moments peace. Have a good week. </span></span>

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Good morning fellow warrior mums,

Beth, good luck at the meeting this morning.

Marg, I hope you find answers fun feeling this rotten for so long.

Stressed, take your bread in & offer it with pride. If nothing else explain this has been your yearly tradition. (A lovely one at that.)

TM, tell Duckie the small buses are the coolest. They get loaded first (usually) & get home quicker than the other buses. Worked for the tweedles.

Christine, enjoy your day of fun.

WFEN, enjoy your sanity saver this morning.

It's a quiet morning - everyone is still asleep for another hour or so. My calendar is fairly open today - have to meet at kt's school to sign papers & then a visit to the opthamologist for another eye check.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Good Morning,

Beth-I hope the meeting goes well!

Marguerite-Rattling beads here that it is the antibiotics and not diabetes.

AllStressed-Trust me they will not think you strange-they will love you! I hope the first day goes well.

Kjs-I hope the meeting goes well. In those type of meetings we try to share the goody and thee bad so they can get a clear picture.

Christine-Great for difficult child making it through the first round-will keep fingers crossed for him again tonight and that your bid gets accepted.

TM-Sounds like a fun but busy day! I hope things work out with the bus for Duckie!

WFEN-I hear you about the typical teen not doing much-mine is the same here. Enjoy your coffee!

Fran-I'm glad dropping off easy child went well. Drive safe with those dogs!

difficult child is still at respite. husband and I both have a meeting-work related. Then we will pick up difficult child around noon. At one I'm meeting my friend and godson at the pool. Tonight is a workout day with weights.

I hope everyone enjoys their day-hi to anyone who snuck in!


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About the bus... Duckie commented that the small buses weren't for "kids like her". This, of course, immediately set off my radar. Could my child be so horrible as to think she was possibly better than another child? Could she be marginalizing other kids? So I asked her... "What kind of kid rides that sort of bus?" Her answer cracked me up because it was so honest, "Kids with wheelchairs, walkers or crutches. You know, kids that can't walk up the steps of the regular bus. I can walk, Mom." :hammer:


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I love kids. They are so much smarter than we are.
It took difficult child months to realize the little girl he talked to on the short bus was deaf. Seemed like a perfect seat mate for my incessant talker.
difficult child's only comments about kids he was in summer school(class was quite a broad mixture) with was they couldn't do anything(wheelchairs,non verbal, some in diapers). So I asked what's the difference if they can't do assignments and difficult child who wouldn't do assignments. It was his job to accomplish a goal. I made him go.

Your Duckie is funny.