Good Morning Friday


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G'day, everyone.

We've got another schoolday ahead for difficult child 3 - he's behind in three subjects so he'll be slaving over a hot ... whatever tomorrow (Saturday). He normally races through his maths, but decided to painstakingly work every problem this time, although his teacher had said to do as he did last year - just do one problem form each exercise unless it's a bit tricky. So it's homework until he catches up. For me - I need to be on call. Blast. I was hoping to head for the beach in the morning, with difficult child 3's godmother.

We got some interesting mail today - it seems like the kids ARE going to be paid for being in the film after all. Good news - difficult child 3 is delighted. It's not much because it's only two days of filming, but he's happy. At the moment they've got him down for about A$250, and the other two for A$500 each. it really is NOT a lucrative profession! difficult child 1 of course is going to have to declare it for his pension, and once again they'll yell at him for not telling them sooner (like, how CAN you tell them before you know it yourself?).

They also indicated that they hope to organise a private screening for the kids later on, although no promises. It should be available for general release, from what I gather, so you guys can see it too when it comes out. Make sure you can freeze-frame it so you can see my kids - from experience, it will probably take that amount of careful scrutiny!

difficult child 3's English teacher has also told him to write about the experience as part of his schoolwork. That will be interesting.
And his NEW English teacher rang today - they still have difficult child 3 in the modified program for English, not the mainstream curriculum. I may have a fight on my hands, because I think he's made enough progress to go into mainstream English. After all, he DOES study at home, I think I can support him. He is in mainstream for almost every other subject, I believe.

I've fed the kids (roast lamb with roast vegetables), difficult child 3 is about to have his bath, then it's reading time for him. He's taking to this new rule very well indeed and is more settled too.

Have a good Friday, everyone.



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:smile: Happy Free Choice Friday Morning :smile:

Morning everyone.

Marg, tell the "kids" not to be too excited - they could still end up on the editing floor! Post production is lengthy and you never know what will end up in the film........ Sorry your beach trip won't work - perhpas you could run up in the afternoon.

Well, you all know I was laying in wait for our frist snow yesterday. It was forecasted, we were ready. About 8 am it began to snow lightly. As difficult child and were out the door to school I got a text from easy child. Her school was closing at 10:30 :smile: The snow had stopped!

What did we get? A dusting.

difficult child had a great day yesterday at school. Fingers crossed for the same today.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a relaxing weekend :smile:



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Marg- that is good news about the kids film, i hope they really do get the money

Sharon- I hope you didn't have to much trouble with all that snow lol, we also have had it very easy this year

Well i have been awake most of the night difficult child has had been having a real bad time with his asthma, as i do not have any :smile: at hand, i am starting on mt. dew, and will switch when i get to my moms, difficult child got hiis game last night he kept calling me at work to tell me about, i tried it when i got home and am horrible at it, however difficult child is thrilled as i can usually beat him in every game, well have a nice day we still have no car and have to walk to my moms.

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Good morning all,

Marg, very cool about the kids being paid for their performance.

Sharon, I still have snow here I can send to you. Better yet it's 7 below zero.

Jen, sorry to hear about difficult child's asthma.

:smile: Gulping down hmj this morning. Just struggled to sleep last night. kt's pass may be postponed until tomorrow - husband is in the hospital & we need 2 adults with her at all times. While she is improving she still needs constant supervision.

Stay warm * Tell your loved ones how much you care. :smile:
Good Morning Everyone!!!

Marg, I can't wait to see the film!!! I'm sorry you can't go to the beach this morning. It sucks when you anticipate being able to do something you want to do and then can't. I hope things go well and you don't have problems getting difficult child 3 into mainstream English. Dealing with our school system can be so tough!!! It really turns me into a :warrior: quickly!!! Do you have any leftover lamb and veggies you could send this way? You're making me hungry!!!

Sharon, Our school system also does the same type of thing. It can be really difficult if you're at work, at an appointment., etc, and you have the stress of needing to get home ASAP for the kids. Once, when easy child and difficult child 2 were in elementary school, the school shut down at 11 a.m. and didn't notify all the parents. I came home to find difficult child 2 and easy child's backpacks by the garage dooor but they were no where in sight! The bus driver left them at an empty house! I panicked, but luckily easy child was smart enough to take herself and difficult child 2 to a neighbor's. She said she left the backpacks so I would know they were ok. A little eary for the :smile:, but I'm ready to join you!

Jen, When it rains, it pours!!! I hope difficult child is feeling better today. No :smile: would be the equivalent of a major DISASTER for me!!! I'de be running all the way to your mother's!!! Hope you get your car back soon. Do something nice for yourself this weekend!!!

Well, today I'm going to go to difficult child 2's camp to give them a deposit. I think he is going to go for 5 weeks this summer!!! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: He'll leave with husband in the morning and I don't have to pick him up until 4:30 p.m. I am so HAPPY!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:

Then I'm going to work on finding a program to help difficult child 2 with his daily living skills. I still haven't gotten any response from the program I originally wanted to send him to. It's so FRUSTRATING!!

Well, I'm hoping everyone has a melt-down free weekend!!! It's time for a bit more
:smile: before I start my day. WFEN
You snuck in... Good Morning.

I'm so sorry husband is in the hospital. I'm wishing him a speedy recovery!!! Please update when you can...

You're making me * * * * SHIVER - 7 below!!! After I finished my :smile:, I would have to boil water just to hold the cup...*

Please take extra good care of yourself this weekend. I'm thinking of you... WFEN

And Good Morning to everyone else that sneaks in too..


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Good Morning my friends.. :grin:

Marg, how exciting about the film. :grin:

Sharon, I really don't mind the is the freezing temps that make me want to move to Florida *

Jen, I'm sorry difficult child is having trouble with his asthma... :frown:

Linda, Hope husband is ok... :shocked: Take care my friend.

Wishing, you have a busy day planned. :shocked: :smile:

Well to add to my other activities I have taken a part time job with Baby's R Us... :grin:. May turn into full time and work into becoming a loss prevention specialist or something along those lines. :grin: Sooooooooo I am getting ready to get in the shower and then go to work for the first day.. I just love baby stuff. :grin: That will be for 4 hours and then it is off to finish a part of my Casino Shop.

husband gave difficult child 1 week to do something, anything, or he is out. We shall see if anything happens. Couldn't hear the TV for the yelling yesterday morning between the 2. I think I have gotten this detaching thing down pretty good. :frown: My heart still hurts but it is done secretly now.

Praying for a peaceful day for all..

Hugs & hi to any who snuck in...


Happy Friday, Happy Groundhog Day!

Marg -- Can't wait to see the film. The pay seams great to me -- but maybe it is not the equivalent of our $500??

Sharon -- Glad to hear difficult child had a better day yesterday!

Jen -- You're having a rough week -- TGIF!

Timer -- So sorry to hear husband is in the hospital!

WFEN-- I have to tell you - I love your board name!!

In from my night shift - and husband is driving difficult child to school so I can get a nap. easy child has a bonus day off from school today, so we may have a Mom/Daughter lunch out today.

Thanks again for all the support for my son's anti- smoking commercial! I wish we had a " You guys Rock" icon. :cool: This board is wonderful!

Have a good one! And Hi to anyone who snuck in!


Hi, Coookie -- you snuck in on me! So glad to see you on the morning thread. You are one busy lady! Babies R Us sounds great!! Love babies!!


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Good morning,
Duckie and I are running late this morning so I can't reply to each of you, I'm sorry. But Linda: I'll keep husband in my prayers, please update with what is going on. :shocked:
Have a great day! :smile:


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Good Morning all! Here's to Blue Friday!!! There are rally's planned for all over the state today to support the COLTS (or the bears) and we're having a thing at work today. Should be fun!

Hope you all have a good weekend!


* <-------- closest we had to Colts Blue! lol


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Good Morning my friends from the somewhat snowy, frigid N. Texas. * Nothing is sticking to the roads but the grass and bushes are fairly white. It's very pretty. I hope my daffodil buds survive. It's a lot of snow for a winter around here. Usually it's a few snow flakes a year.

difficult child went to the temp agency for an interview. I had absolutely nothing to do with it. I didn't help in anyway. He took the initiative. :bravo: He dressed in his suit (which I didn't think was necessary) but I kept my mouth shut because for once he had a plan. He made the appointment, he looked up the directions, he got there, interviewed and is hoping to hear back today. The only problem will be when they call his references. Still it's a relief that he took some action. Any action will do in my book. Keep your fingers crossed.

I'm enjoying the family and my :smile: I need to bundle up and head to the market. The Superbowl party food needs to be
prepared. We are looking forward to a little break in the winter doldrums.
Hope all of you have something positive to cling to today.


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Good morning all! Coming in here late as usual. I never have caught on to how you all keep track to reply to everyone individually ... so I won't.

We have finally had our very first snow! It's the perfect kind of snow too - 2" to 3" here, no power outages, no ice, not too cold, and just enough on the road that I could call in to work without feeling guilty! I do NOT drive on snowy roads. When the nice people I work for agree to cover the $500 deductible on my car insurance if something happens, THEN maybe I'll try it. It's just enough to make everything look pretty and I already went out and took pictures with my new digital camera, which I have finally figured out how to use. But the sun is out now and it's already melting off.

Hope everybody stays warm and has a great Friday!