Good Morning Friday

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Good Morning Sleepyheads,

Hopefully many of you are still sleeping. It's FRIDAY-can you tel I'm excited?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a long week but it is almost done and we've decided not to do tomorrow's wrestling tournament. I don't think difficult child will be too disappointed as not many, if any from his club is going and it's an hour's drive. We need to do some shopping for clothes for my nephew's wedding next weekend and decided not to try to cram it all into one day. We all need new clothes. easy child is not happy about having to wear something other than jeans so my niece is going to take her which should soften her up a bit.

I hope everyone enjoys Friday-Timer-I'm keeping a good thought and a prayer for kt's return this afternoon. :angel:


Good morning everyone.

Sharon, glad you're taking it a bit easier this weekend and not trying to do it all.

It's pouring rain here this morning, and I'm planning not to do much at all while the kids are at school. Maybe some bills, phone calls and light straightening up. We finally have our house back to ourselves after a week of company. My parents and brother left yesterday, and my brother-in-law leaves this morning. It's wonderful to visit with family, but it's also wonderful to have some peace and quiet (and less cooking!) when they leave.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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good morning..
Sharon, shopping for clothes always sounds like fun. I hope it goes well and I hope your difficult child isn't too disappointed about missing the wrestling tournament.

Today we pick difficult child up from psychiatric hospital. I'm hoping things go well. Supposed to get more snow later on in the day but at least we should make it to psychiatric hospital and back before it hits.
Timer my thoughts and prayers are with you as well today. I hope the transition goes smoothly and the anxiety has decreased.

Good morning to everyone that sneaks in. Hope everyone enjoys their Friday and that it's a stress free day.


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:coffee: Happy Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!!!!!

Sharon, glad to hear that you guys are taking the weekend off! That wrestling schedule was crazy.........good luck with the shopping. You know, girls do come full circle. easy child and I went to Old Navy yesterday because she wanted to buy.....dressess :grin: Have a relaxing weekend.

A day of kids for me - even though easy child and difficult child go to schools in different districts, they both have early dismissal. difficult child gets off at 12:30 and is bringing home a buddy - easy child gets off at 1:15 and she is bringing 3 buddies. difficult child's will be here until 4; easy child's buds will be here until the church program tonight at 8. easy child and I are mulling around what to have for dinner since I have to feed the four teens!

My cleaning crew comes in this morning which means I will have a pleasant tomorrow! No household chores await me when I wake. I'm thinking of taking a little 30 minute drive to the "The Glass Lady". It is a huge, huge building filled with all types of glassware - from the most expensive venetian glass to collectible glasses from the 60's. It's been about a year since I've been out there and I just love to walk around and look. I always find something cool to bring home. I mentioned it to easy child yesterday and she's game.

Wishing everyone a great Friday and a great weekend :smile:.


P.S. Small and Joanne - edited my post to say goodmorning. I took so long because I stopped and restarted the dryer and got a refill on my coffee. Wishing you both a great Friday!


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Good Morning-
Sharon- have a good shopping day.

Smallworld- It is to rain here today as well. I hope you get caught up on your bills.

Joanne- I hope things go well picking difficult child up from psychiatric hospital!

I plan to do some bill paying and organizing today. The meeting at the psychiatric hospital went pretty well. They are thinking that it might benefit difficult child to go into their Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for awhile. Our insurance keeps denying coverage.

My NAMI class went really well this evening. I got some really good ideas in providing support and structure at home, and someone in the group said that her job is to help people get services and gave me her contact information.

I am thinking that I would rather he come home. He is doing so well. They are concerned because the has had difficulties over the past 6 yrs, and this is the first time medications have worked. They think it would benefit him to continue in a structured setting and continue to learn or relearn new coping skills.


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Good morning.
Sharon- You are wise not to push so much into one day!
Smallworld- Enjoy that peace & quiet...
Joanne- My thoughts are with your family today, saying prayers & crossing body parts.
Linda- Prayers being said & body parts crossed...
I have to run over to the school this morning. It seems Duckie and a very good friend made a book for their principal during free time earlier in the week. The principal has asked both girls to be featured on the school's closed circuit tv for the morning announcements. Other than that, I'll be doing fish fry prep and visiting with Grandma.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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G'day, everyone.

I just got back in from our monthly folk club. Last weekend I was asked to MC it because our usual star attraction (and his offsider) were going to be at a folk festival interstate. Turns out another regular was also away, as was our newbie who is stretching his wings. So in the end it was me and our regular singer. Mind you, she is worth listening to all night, but she has to rest sometime, so we alternated her singing with my story-telling and bush poetry. Finished early due to lack of interest. It's a hot night, so we sat outside our usual venue, which allowed them to close up shop and go home, leaving us singing on the steps. Still enjoyable, even though it was low-key.

Sharon, I'm glad you're not pushing yourselves too much tomorrow. Enjoy the clothes shopping.

Smallworld, enjoy your personal space. I know how it is - you enjoy their company when they're there, but it's a big sigh of relief when they leave, like taking off a pair of pantyhose after a long day at work.

Joanne, I hope you get difficult child home before any snow falls. Hope it all goes well for you.

LDM, I hope you can find something to feed the hungry hordes - what about nachos or tacos? Get them to add their own fillings.

Oceans, I hope you can get some useful answers re difficult child, soon. Sounds like you're beginning to get helped at last.

TM, it's great news about Duckie. Is she excited?

It's almost Saturday here. It was a hot day today but with an occasional drop of rain. I got rained on a little coming home from folk club - it was nice to be cooled a little. I only use a raincoat if the rain is really heavy. Otherwise, I let it fall. This was warm and fresh - very pleasant on a hot night.
If it's warm enough tomorrow I'm hoping to get in a swim. Then we are going to a friend's birthday party in the evening - she was a girl the kids met while filming "The Black Balloon". This girl was one of the pandas.
by the way, looks like "The Black Balloon" is scheduled for cinema release in September, according to the websites.

Have a restful Friday, everyone. I remember Esther said yesterday she's going to be baking biscuits for her grandchildren who are visiting for Sabbath. Sounds lovely.