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Yes, I am already seeing the old behavior crop back in. The rudeness, aggressiveness etc .

Keeps questioning why she does not have a lockable door knob anymore .Says she has a right to privacy (we ALWAYS knock on any closed doors and wait for person to say come in before we enter) . Says what we did was traumatic for her . Says she can't show gratitude because she doesn't feel joy. That she has PTSD , that she has a diagnosis for that. (From shady therapist).


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I'm only seeing this now. Sorry. Congratulations!
I agree with your husband. No candles. One more candle, she's out now. There are LED candles. I learned about them from New Leaf. Now I have 5! I so, so agree with all of this. She could kill everybody. And I agree with this too. Except, you need to think of yourself. This car will save you, if this is the only way she can get back and forth to work. I think you are better off thinking of goals that benefit you and your husband, not her. Her being out is what benefits both you and her. If she's doing voodoo in your house and sticking pins in you, how is this good for anybody?
I had violent thoughts when I read this. Please forgive me. I couldn't help it.

Wise. You sound very strong here in this thread. Your strength is helping everybody show up strong, your husband, your daughter, as well as you.

I agree with Busy. But I don't think she's unstable. I think she is venomous and out of control. She is like so many of our kids. She needs to be curbed by life. If she is disrespecting you, your husband, the house and family to the extent she is, she needs to be out now. That is what I think. She has the job. She has the car. She has a college degree. What are we waiting for here? Billions of people (the majority, really, including me, were out years younger, with none of these things.) Let her do this. She's begging for it.

I am thrilled for you about the job.
Doesn't have the degree yet. One more semester .


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Busy, she has actually threatened to burn down the house once in the past.
Wow, Wise this is scarey. I hope you dont take her threats lightly. Who knows what's going on in her head, but it doesn't sound good at all. I sure hope your husband does what is necessary to keep you all safe.