Good Morning Friday

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    G'day, folks.

    We still have ghastly weather here. Looks good in SE Qld where the kids are honeymooning, although apparently yesterday was a bit nasty...
    I know it's supposed to be heading for summer now, but we've had a flash-back to winter again. It won't last too long, we can feel the sun trying to break through. There's power in the sun where it shines, but the wind from the south is cold and ice-laden, when easy child rang from Canberra last night she said it apparently had snowed on the hills there overnight. She said it felt icy enough!

    Today we had to go to the city for difficult child 3's therapist appointment. husband came too (last day of leave) and we dropped some stuff off at work for him (dash in, dash out) then headed homewards for the mall.

    I had to buy some sort of stick-on bra (we'll post wedding photos soon, you might see why I need the stick-on bra!) because for my friend's son's wedding next week, I'll probablt wear the same dress. It will depend on the weather. We've got a friend's birthday party tomorrow night (dress - formal) so it's another opportunity to wear The Dress. The packet of bras has three pairs in it. Let's hope I don't have an allergic reaction to the adhesive...

    I've got a meeting to organise at some point over the weekend and somewhere in there I need to tidy up the house a bit - a news crew is coming on Monday morning to interview me and difficult child 3 about the autism research project. I got asked by the reporters how I cope, I would have loved to mention this site, but if I do, I'm outed permanently. I'm going to try to find some way, however. I might give the details to the news crews to pass on to anyone who enquires, but to NOT screen it. Because I have two stalkers (from the past) who will use it to backtrack me and I don't want that.

    The Rainbow Lorikeets visited early this morning, difficult child 3 fed them. But he forgot to put water in the mix. It would have been like feeding a baby on powdered wheat cereal, but with no water it would have been dry and powdery.

    So - a busy weekend coming up. There's another week of school holidays so we at least can relax a bit for a while longer.

    Enjoy your Friday.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sorry to hear the weather is still so lousy. I love when you have warmer weather when ours is cooler-at least I know someone is enjoying warm weather even though it isn't me!

    TGIF! Both difficult child and easy child have been on a roll-yuck is all I'll say to that for now! Nice day planned at school and my class always leaves me smiling. Tonight I'm not sure what is on the agenda. husband for sure is going with sister in law and niece to dinner. I think I'm going to keep difficult child at home. He's been so off lately. Also since I weigh in tomorrow I don't mind skipping a Friday night meal out although they are going to eat Mexican which is one of my faves!

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day:peaceful:
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    good morning everyone

    Weather is not too bad in SE Qld though it got a little chilly with the breeze late this afternoon. Hoping for storms and lots of rain!
    It was actually nice to get out of the airconditioning at the hospital.
    Cherub was discharged today till Sunday when she needs to go back.
    Just a little stressful as biodad turned up unexpectedly. Dept said he could visit in the hospital unsupervised. I was not impressed! The nursing staff escorted us to the car, and we drove off within 10 mins!
    On the phone to Dept and they said it's okay for him to have access as long as he doesn't toilet her. Biomum said they told her unlimited access!
    To cut it short, after saying rather a lot of stuff to the "Safety officers" I rang biodad and told him I would arrange an hour access sometime next week after cherub had settled into her routine of tests at the hospital.... but I'm phoning higher up.
    "When are you going to start protecting this child?" is my question to these socalled 'safety officers'.
    Anyway, it was nice to be home, and cook a meal and do a few normal chores etc.
    Tomorrow we hope for a fine day to go on a picnic with our Japanese student, and something similar on Sunday before taking cherub to be readmitted to the hospital.

    Have a lovely Friday everyone in US.... I'm off to do some prepping stuff for the week ahead.:D
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, you're becoming a celebrity! AND please don't bring the entire world down upon us. Please.

    Sharon (with-o), here's to a peaceful night with difficult child. I smile everytime you say your class makes you smile ~ you're such a dedicated educator.

    Theresa, isn't it lovely to get home to your own bed? I'd have a few words with those safety officers as well. What good is all this if there is unsupervised visits? I'm livid for you.

    It's a chilly 29 degrees here this morning ~ I haven't check but I'm sure all but my mums have bit the dust. My birds are begging to be fed.

    I started feeling down yesterday & am running a temp so PT asked that I don't show up. Fine with me. The running about is exhausting. PJ day!

    Piano this morning & my painting lady is coming in to finish the hall & up the stairs today. brother in law found some pretty significant wood rut around my bedroom window so I'm getting a bid in for a new window &/or repair.

    It's a no tweedle weekend.

    Have a good day all.
  5. Mattsmom277

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    Good morning everyone!

    Well it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend, so I'll be busy later today baking some pies etc. I'm going to try to whomp up the energy to make homemade dinner rolls as well, although something tells me I see a trip to the bakery department of my favorite shop in tomorrow's future lol.

    easy child has the weekend off without hockey (yay!) and her first game of the season this coming Tuesday. Exciting stuff!

    difficult child, always the negotiator, managed to wrangle $80 from me yesterday for a new video game. Just 3 weeks after the last "must have" $80 game. Yeah yeah yeah ... I know you won't ask for a THING for Christmas ;). As if. Imagine a difficult child on Christmas morning with the by then used games under the tree?? On the flip side, it is nasty outside this morning and he brought his sister to school on his way to school. Meaning I'm warm still. I'm dry still. I'm in pj's still, drinking my coffee and feeling as if I'm a Lady of Luxery!

    We've had dark skies and rain for near to 10 days now. Let's just get some snow and get this dreary rain over with already! Sheesh! ;)

    Have a great day everyone! Or at least a great moment today!
  6. timer lady

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    mattsmom27, I forgot this is your Tgiving weekend. My husband & I were up in your beautiful country on our honeymoon during that time. In Victoria, BC. We had a beautiful visit up there.

    Enjoy your holiday after all the hustle & bustle.
  7. TPaul

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    A great day to all, from T. Paul