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Good Morning everyone, we made it yeah, :bravo:. I picked difficult child up last night from his friends house, and the boys parents were like your son is so nice, and polite we were amazed that he kept thanking us, and telling us how much fun he had. They ended it with your around all summer right, i know the boys will want to get together more. :smile: So he did it, had a great time i am so happy. He also got a certificate from school for making ohnor roll all three terms, still waiting for this terms report card, but hey we'll take it. Well got to run, it's some of my students last day in class today so i'm a little bummed out. Have a nice one!!!

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Good Morning,

Razzle-I'm glad the sleepover went so well. :thumb: I hope the last day with this group of students is a nice one!

Not a lot on the agenda today. After I take easy child to her program we'll go to the health club and then take difficult child to his swimming lessons. On the agenda for this afternoon is a long nap! I also plan to do some reading :reading:

I'm not sure just when I'll be back on line as it looks like our plug for the laptop has died and we need to order a new one. We only have a bit of battery left. It usually takes a couple of days to arrive. Honestly since we've had this computer-just over a year-we've had to get 4 new plugs!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :dance:

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Good morning friends,

Jen, could maturity be creeping in on difficult child? You sound so proud, as you should be.

Sharon, maybe you should order a couple & have a spare on hand, along with an extra battery. Enjoy the nap.

Another hour before chaos (kt) wakes. I'm sipping my first cuppa HMJ & enjoying this time.

Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist in here today to work with kt; PCA comes around 3 or so. kt & I have this morning to dink around - hoping I can get her into helping me rearrange furniture in our seating area at the top of the stairs. I need new cushions up there and want a different look. Of late, this has been an empty space - no one using what I thought was a peaceful retreat.

Enjoy the day - keep it calm. As always, I plan on it.