Good Morning, Monday!



Good morning all,

I have been MIA for the last few weeks. I was back in the hospital on April 4 with unstable angina. Another heart cath and they didn't find anything this time. Yay! Had more severe pain in my abdomen, like the pain I had following the hemorrhage, and had another CT Scan last Tuesday. They said everything is resolving itself so they aren't sure why I'm still having pain issues. Yesterday was the first day I was able to be off pain pills. Yay!! Am having SEVERE itching from the Plavix and numbness in my right foot. The itching is mainly in my hands and feet, but I itch all over. I've taken skin off my feet from scratching. Sigh... Will be calling the cardiologist at 8am to get in to see him today, so hopefully I will know more later. I'm ready to be back to normal.

difficult child has a cold, but otherwise is doing great. I'll be posting separately about her and my thoughts on her behavior. easy child has been a wonderful help for me.

Nothing much on my plate today other than to get into the doctor and set up a meeting with the school. They really need to follow the IEP. I'm in no mood to be annoyed. :rofl:

Hope everyone has a meltdown free day!


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:coffee: Good Morning Heather and all to follow!

Heather, glad that you are off the pain pills! Hope the doctor has another medication option other than the plavix - itching can drive you batty! Good to hear from you this morning.

Man, it was tough to crawl out of bed when the alarm went off at 5 this morning. I hit it twice and didn't get up until 5:20. One week of spring break and I am outa practise!

Well, easy child and difficult child got all ready to get back to school yesterday afternoon. Backpacks and binders were cleaned out and sharpened pencils and pens went in! I'm still concerned about difficult child's allergies, but his cough is better. Gave him benedryl last night and he literally dropped off while I was reading! First time he's taken that medication. I hope he's doing better than yesterday because I don't think I would send him to school if he is feeling like he was yesterday.

easy child is excited since she got her parking pass for school the last day before spring break. She took a three hour nap yesterday, got up and had some dinner, took a hot bath and went back to bed! Hopefully that means she is well rested and will get up and out the door on time!

Well, the visit :nonono: resumes today. Mom returns this afternoon and will probably stay until Thursday. We've got cool weather today and big winds so I'm going to do a pot roast in the crock. I like the no worry aspect of my crock.....

Well, my perculator is done so I'm off for the elixar of life! Have a great Monday. If it's Monday, it's No Meltdown Monday.


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Good morning friends,

Heather, I'm glad that you're on the mend - it's good to see you again. Good luck with the IEP.

Sharon, that 5 a.m. wakeup is a killer. HMJ is brewing even as we speak. Hope difficult children allergies are better today.

It's laundry, grocery & in general my Becky Homecky day. I have a meeting downtown but I'm hoping to reschedule it tomorrow before kt's therapist appointment. I'm really trying to watch the number of trips I make on any given day.

Enjoy your day all - find a reason to smile. Don't forget to hug your loved ones.


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Good morning friends.

Heather, hope the itching stops soon. It's good to see you again.

Sharon, I hope difficult child's allergies are doing better today. Hope easy child enjoys having that parking pass. I loved driving to school, although that was many moons ago. lol

Linda, try to remember to take some time for yourself today. Sounds like a busy one.

Bus has been here and gone, weeeeeeee! Although difficult child woke me up at 7am almost every morning while on spring break, I wasn't ready to be woke at 5:15 this morning to get him off to school. But glad he's back at school. Going grocery shopping this morning. Got laundry to fold as well. Other than that husband works today so I get some time by myself as well. :smile:
Hope everyone has a peaceful, stress free day.

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Good Morning,

Heather-Good to see you! Glad you are feeling better-I hope the itching goes away soon. Good luck at school today-they dare not mess with you :warrior:

Sharon- I hope difficult child is feeling better. easy child should have a good day with her parking pass! I hope the visit goes well. A roast sounds good-what time should I drop by for dinner?

Linda-Enjoy your day-hope you are able to reschedule your appointment.

I'm feeling very tired-my cold is driving me nuts and today I get to be home with difficult child because of his suspension-I'm not looking forward to another day of being difficult child's teacher! Enough whining-Tonight difficult child's therapist is coming here. Other than hoping to get to the club I have nothing planned-it is supposed to be in the 60s!

Enjoy your day-hi to anyone who snuck in :flower:


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Good morning everybody.

Heather, I'm glad you're improved. mother in law has similar problems. She's had to stop the Plavix because she was getting seriously anemic and all other causes had been ruled out.

Sharon, I hope difficult child copes OK at school.

Linda, have a productive day.

Joanne, enjoy your personal time in between the shopping.

Sharon, you STILL have that cold?

I've had difficult child 1 & girlfriend arrive unexpectedly for dinner and the night. girlfriend is 21 tomorrow. difficult child 3 didn't like what I'd cooked for him, so I've just rushed through a microwave corn on the cob. I'd better dash & feed him before he falls asleep. I really hate this Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) problem, with food!



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Well today is a holiday in MA. it is patriots day, which means i have no work, and it is the start of difficult children April vacation. The weather here is horrible, the wind is whipping by at 60 + miles per hour, and the rain is just as crazy. I was going to og to the parade in the next town, but refuse to go anywhere in this weather. difficult child is a little freaked out by this storm, not sure why but i tihnk it is bringing back memories of hurricane Chralie, which happened while we were on vacation in fl. a few years ago. Well i'm off to build my ark, i may need it to get to work tomorrow!


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Good Morning friends. I am back in my home. Yay! F I L did well but both in laws are stumbling around and needed help. It was a very pleasant visit. I am glad to be home though.
Unfortunately I only saw the sun for about 15min.
easy child and husband are still in NYC. Their flight was cancelled due to the Nor'easter hitting the area. They won't get home until late tonight. Not a good thing. On another note, they had a wonderful time exploring easy child's school and program.

Wyntersgrace, glad the cath revealed nothing.

LDM,it's tough to get up after spring break.

Linda, I'm having a "becky" day myself.

jodyice,enjoy school break for you.

Wiped out sorry to hear about the cold. Maybe it's time to find a back up plan for difficult child's suspensions. Any students who need money to baby sit difficult child?

Marguerite,how nice to have unexpected company.

Raz, enjoy the day off.

husband and easy child are trying to figure out a way to get home. If easy child misses school tomorrow he will lose his senior exemptions and will have to take all his finals. He is not a happy camper.

It's Monday so that's laundry and mail and cleaning of the kitchen. Add the unpacking of luggage and returning things to where they belong and it's a full day. Unfortunately the cupboards are bare. The grocery store is going to have to be on the agenda also.
Foster daughter turns 18 today. Her only request was a family dinner with all of us, difficult child and my sister. It's sweet. So tomorrow will be a party day for her.

It's good to be on my own computer and in my own bed.
Our weather is perfect but a tad chilly. Right now, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

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Good morning all,

I am home from work today, as difficult child is having dizzy spells along with a wicked bad headache. We're off to the doctors - please keep a good thought for her.

Hope everyone has a good day.

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Morning everyone! :coffee:

It's another errand day for me. Have a ton of things to get done before knee surgery tomorrow. Apparently my knee cap cracked in the car accident and I also have fluid in my leg bone. I'm just ready to get it over with and get back to work.



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Good Morning!! Actually all of the kids did great this morning! So glad they are all back to school today.
Hubby is the one being a JERK! today, wish he would understand that I did not ask for all of these problems either.

Today a social worker is coming to inspect the house and re certify our foster care license, don't really know why I am doing it as I have enough kids here as it is. LOL!

Hope everyone has a blessed day. Here I will be cleaning and working to get things ready.