Good Morning Monday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    Hi people.

    Winter is back. Unbelievable! It's been cooler today, but not too bad. Drizzly rain, needing to wear a cardigan and long-sleeved shirt. But tonight - the wind is driving this damp, cold air and it feels like it's going right through - a "lazy wind". I just went down to mother in law's briefly to put dinner on, and just about froze even though I was wearing my long wool cardigan. So it's back into the ugg boots and parka to go back down there in a few minutes, to finish getting dinner.

    I know, I'm a wimp compared to you guys. The temperature at the moment is 18 C (64.4 F) and I'm complaining. But I think the wind chill is a bit lower.

    They had a surfing Iron Man competition yesterday at Coogee (a Sydney beach) and the water temperature was 16 C (60.8 F). They had to treat a lot of competitors for hypothermia.

    What happened to summer!??!?

    Anyway, enjoy your Monday.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :imok:Good No Meltdown Monday Morning - especially after the long holiday weekend!

    Marg, I totally understand about the cooler temps. If we were in the midst of summer (and I don't know where you are in your summer season) and had a day in the 60's, we would consider it cool!! We would also be happy for the relief since our summers tend to be in the 90's and humid! 60 degree water temps are cold :nonono:.

    Speaking of's 24 degrees here this morning - It's beginning to feel a lot like :xmasdancers:.......

    I've a day of house stuff today. It's laundry day - the downstairs is still nice and clean from all the entertaining, but I've got to do a little stuff in my room and in difficult child's room. I might make a quick run to the fabric store. I want to find some green and red tule for my canning gifts.

    difficult child started feeling bad Saturday afternoon with slight fever symptoms, head congestion and sore throat. easy child started with symptoms yesterday. So far, I'm symptom free. I'm on my way up to see how difficult child is feeling. It's really tough to miss a day when you get in upper school because there is so much you miss - and, like a typical teen boy, he is not big on going in and asking teachers for what he missed.......

    Hope your Monday is meltdown free :mornincoffee:!!!

  3. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning Marge and Sharon. Happy Monday.
    Marge, brrrrrrr. I know you must be hoping for winter to be over already. Keep warm.
    Sharon, today is a house day for me too. Hope your kids recover soon. Being sick isn't fun.
    We drove home from Orlando yesterday. Poor husband got home in time to change out the suitcase and
    get to the airport. He is definitely living out of a suitcase but the week with easy child and difficult child worked out well
    for him. He got a lot of sleep and recharged his batteries.
    I'm pretty beat but I have a long "to do" list to start. I'm pretty sure the dogs are glad to be in their own yard
    instead of the dog park.
    Lots of christmas stuff to do. Hopefully, this week will be the week to finish some details.

    Have a no meltdown Monday.
  4. HaoZi

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    Hate this cold weather. I grew up in far warmer climes and my first two winters I kept the thermostat close to 90F. I've adjusted enough to keep it in the upper 70s now. It's about 30 outside and I bet my truck is covered with ice/hard frost.

    Kiddo went to bed late cranky and has been up since 3am (in a better mood), waking me up with various requests ever since. So much for getting a good night's sleep. Still no idea where her homework reading is that she was supposed to finish over the long weekend.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-Hopefully summer will make a return soon for you so you can get to the beach! That water temp sounds cold for the surfers!! It's so funny how we get used to our climate. If it was 64 here the kids would be going out to recess in short sleeves and shorts!

    Sharon-I hope both kids recover quickly and that you don't catch it! Hard to believe that it is warmer here than by you this morning. Our temp is sitting at 36 and we're expected to get to 48-practically a heat wave!

    Fran-I'm glad your visit was such a good one! Hopefully with your to do list you put a nap in there for yourself!!:)

    We ended up skipping boot camp because husband isn't feeling well. Since we carpool that meant I wasn't going either. That's o.k. as I ended up with a lot of sleep and feel really good this morning (other than my sore back:()

    Back to work today-I start wearing all of my holiday clothes today! Although I hoped to get my holiday decorations up this past weekend I only got as far as bringing up my Christmas dishes. Maybe after work today I'll bring up a few, on the other hand, maybe I'll hit the health club since we skipped boot camp this morning.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!!

  6. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    HaoZi-You snuck in on me-hope your day turns out to be a good one!
  7. hearts and roses

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    Good Monday Morning!

    So the common theme seems to be that it's too danged cold everywhere! Including here~

    I have a busy day toda and I thought it was busy before difficult child's boyfriend brought her home last night with a kinked back. Yep, difficult child's back went out...while on the toilet sneezing. Poor kid developed a cold and had a sneezing attack. She had to crawl back out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where boyfriend (E) found her! She came home for some ice packs, a humidifier, pain killer and muscle relaxer. She slept sitting up in bed all night.

    I was supposed to go to work, then to my own DR appointment for the femur pain, then to see my mom for lunch and then back to work. Instead, I am working from home this morning, I have to reschedule my DR appointment and take difficult child to the chiro, which is a huge production because it takes about an hour for her to move an inch. She can hardly bear any weight on her legs so it's very slow going. After the chiro, I may dash into work, but the day may end up being a wash in travel trime. Oh well, at least I can work on my homework while I'm at home and check into my work email for anything important. Maybe I can see my mom later on sometime today.

    Have a great day everyone and stay warm~