Good morning Monday


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G'day, people.

It's been a moderately busy day today. It started out cold after a chilly night. I had some early morning phone calls to deal with (always at the most awkward time!) and then hit the road to go to my writing group. Collected difficult child 3 from college, let him drive home, went to see the local doctor (follow up after last week's antibiotics) and then home. Saw a friend down the road who showed me some disturbing signs of local council interference, so once I got home I was on the phone sorting that out. Seems like council want to build an amphitheatre (which nobody has asked for) and we're in the middle of a consultation process that nobody has been told about. The proposed amphitheatre seating is right where the village has its monthly market stalls. No alternative space is in the plan for the market. No toilet facilities have been proposed. The total number of village public toilets - two. Parking spaces to be reduced (putting in more street trees which we don't need, we're already surrounded by trees).

Oh yes, and the location of the proposed amphitheatre is right where the creek floods during spring tides. Even today the creek was running high, you could see the tide rushing in, surging in waves.

Tomorrow I'm dropping difficult child 3 off at college (a late class) and taking myself and mother in law to the neurologist. Somewhere in there I need to call easy child 2/difficult child 2 and find out if she's heard back from her uni. This is one time where no news is not good news. So much for disability support... we'll have some shopping to do, then if I can stall long enough, we'll pick up difficult child 3 on the way home after his class. Then I have opera choir lesson in the evening.

At least our holiday is organised, booked, everything. Now I need to revise my French by July!

Enjoy your Monday.



Well, today I'm going to try to do dishes. I'm fighting depression, so if I can do this I'll be proud of myself. I got the kids off to school well. We even all sat at the table. The pcs are playing together nicely instead of watching movies. Buster is down for his morning nap. difficult child 1's IEP is scheduled. His therapy is scheduled. I just need to get this blanket off my brain.

Marg, no one ever thinks of flood plains until the building is already built and then they are in a panic about the water coming in. We have the same problem here, but its with people building homes.