Good morning Monday


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G'day people.

We've just had a lovely weekend, if a little busy. easy child & SIL1 visited, bringing Baby Grand. They stayed with us and we went out to lunch yesterday. The other kids joined us for lunch so we had a lovely family time.

easy child, SIL1 and Baby Grand left this morning. I had to then go out to my writing group (I was late, I wasn't going to leave before the kids left!) and then collect difficult child 3 from college at lunchtime. Got a bit of shopping done. Definitely developing the bad cold that husband has been suffering from. I have probably shared it with Baby Grand, unfortunately.

Tomorrow - much the same, but minus granddaughter and the others. Collect difficult child 3 at lunchtime, head home, and going by how I feel, go to bed.

It's cold, it's wintry, I'm about to head to mother in law's to cook dinner - home-made pasta and some Italian meatballs I bought today while "on the mainland" (where we try to do most of our shopping).

Better run - pasta dough is made already, I just need to roll it out and cook it once the meatballs are cooked. I reckon half an hour and we'll be eating.

Enjoy your Monday.


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Good Morning,

Marg-Your dinner sounds delicious! I'm sorry you are getting that bad cold.

Here it is very summery! Yesterday we hit 93 degrees-unheard of in May. husband and I went to boot camp this morning so our exercise is done for the day! We might take difficult child bowling later this morning.

Remembering today, Memorial Day, all of the soldiers who have fought for our freedom

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Good morning Marg, Sharon and all who follow,

Happy Memorial Day! This morning, after watching E's boys in the parade, difficult child is coming over and we are taking a ride to see her wedding ceremony site. Other than that, we are messing with the danged pool.

Marg, I hope you enjoyed that delicious dinner!
Sharon, enjoy your hot day-it's hot here also! Bowling sounds fun, but my back always goes out when I play.

Have a good one!