Good Morning Monday!


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Good morning! :coffee:
Most folks must be enjoying their early days of summer vacation, but not us. We go through Thursday at 11:45am. Then my little Duckie will be a 1st grader. :smile: How the school year flew!
I'm incredibly busy today: three shopping errands, drop off stuff at my sister in law's, the school talent showcase :princess: at 1:30pm, then a funeral visitation, then paperwork later. Plus, I'm trying to give my house a thorough cleaning this week before school lets out. :hammer: Ugh! I hate days like this! :slap:
Stay cool! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/hot.gif


<span style='font-family: Century Gothic'>Morning, we too go through to Thurs (although one of mine has failed for year so he was asked to sit out from finals and the other is in hospital)

So we're kinda done in a manner of speaking LOL

and can I have an "Hallelujah" D/H went to work this morning!! :bravo:

Now I just have to get my bottom moving!</span>


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Good (yawn) morning all.

Must be everyone's tired as this thread is slow to get up and running this Monday morning!!

Sounds like you have a very full day ahead of you, TM.

Back to work for me today. I took Friday off from work as a vacation day to go with easy child on a field trip. Fun day, which sort of made it a long weekend. It was nice spending some one-on-one fun time with her - don't get enough of that.

Very quiet weekend. Spent yesterday by the pool in my new bathing suit - and got a bit of some sun to prove it. Cooked husband's favorite dinner last night while he lounged on the couch watching some sort of sporting event ? ? ? It all sounds the same to me and I can't stand to watch any of it.

difficult child's short summer break starts today - extended school year program begins just after July 4th - so he's sleeping in. easy child was slow to get moving this morning, too. I finally had to tell her to get up and she replied "NO. I don't want to get up today." To which I replied "I know, Princess, but it is a school day for you, so get moving". I'm sure she is jealous of difficult child, but wouldn't admit it to save her life.

So, back to work for me today. :crazy: I am sure my desk looks very much like a fort and I will spend all day digging out. Ah, the price we pay for an occasional day off.

Hope everyone has a great day - I know I need more :coffee:

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Good Morning,

TM-You are incredibly busy today-It's making me tired to read about all you have to do. Wow-I thought we were the latest school district but your district takes the cake! I hope your busy day leaves you some pleasant surprises.

Ivana-I'm glad husband went to work today. I hope all goes well today.!

Jamie-Sounds like a nice long weekend! I hope digging out from all that work isn't too bad.

Yesterday afternoon difficult child and I were at the pool and I'm finally beginning to get a little color. He starts swimming lessons today and then we may go to the pool this afternoon but not if it gets cloudy because they are predicting storms.

easy child starts her summer program today-this summer it goes for 5 weeks from 8-4:15. She's not thrilled but it's good for her because otherwise she just sits around. In the morning it's a fun class and then she learns some pre-algebra and study skills in the afternoon. It will be worth it because eventually if she gets accepted to the UW they will pay her tuition!

I hope everyone has a peaceful day and finds many reasons to laugh. :dance:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Once again, I don't have time to address everyone individually, but wanted to finish my last few sips of:coffee:with all of you.

Tomorrow is difficult child 2's last day of school. difficult child 2 has a graduation ceremony tomorrow night as he is entering high school in the Fall. difficult child 1 and easy child have half a day of school on Wednesday. Unlike most of you, I'm dreading the end of school!!!

I'm looking forward to the middle of July when my difficult children go to camp. difficult child 2 is going to day camp for five weeks. :dance: :smile: difficult child 1 is going to overnight camp!!! :dance: :smile: I'm so HAPPY!!! :smile: :dance: :smile:

Once difficult children start camp, it's time for a little R & R!!! :beach: :flower: :bath: I'm looking forward to getting to spend some quality time with easy child. I know having difficult children for siblings is really tough on her!!!

Well, got to run!!! I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN :flower: :flower:


good morning all

TM - You sure have a busy schedule.

Ianav - husband went to work. Bravo.

Jamie - Hope you don't spend too much time digging out.

Sharon - Summer school already? Sounds like a long day for easy child.

I just came back from work after 4 days off. We actually had a very peaceful couple of days. difficult child is more irratable, and annoying than usual. Putting the blame on the beginning of summer vacation. Hope it wears down. Baseball game tonight if it doesn't rain. Very warm and humid today.

Have a good Monday.

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Good morning friends,

TM, an incredibly busy day ahead for you - find some down time for yourself, okay?

ianav, good news about husband - may it continue.

Jamie, life is so unfair; poor easy child having to get up while difficult child sleeps in - she'll be bragging when she gets to sleep in.

Sharon, time at the pool, hmmm. Not for me - I hate the resulting sunburn. I'm glad you're finally enjoying the down time you so need.

WFEN, not too excited about summer camp, are we? LOL

kjs, hopes for a peaceful day for you.

This week is looking pretty low key around here. kt is off school until next Monday; mental health case manager is stopping by today to have paperwork signed & check in with kt.

It's cooled off here - the a/c is off & I'm enjoying a cool refreshing breeze this morning. Feels so good to let real air in the house.

Enjoy your Monday - keep it calm.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. Sounds like summer has hit most of the members homes. It's nice to think of kids sleeping in and mom'[s enjoying the quiet in the morning.
We have had incredible amounts of rain. Building an arc is possibly a good idea. We have yet to use the pool and we are lucky to not be washed away. Today should be the last day of it.

We spent the weekend, cleaning out closets again. I swear this stuff multiplies everytime the door is closed. Today is laundry and mail like every Monday but there is a run to the dump and some errands. I'm going to slip in a quick :smile: and some grocery shopping.

difficult child worked all weekend. He was asked to stay 3 hrs extra yesterday (7 hrs instead of 4hrs) He agreed but he felt obligated to call and not be happy with me. He acts as if I called and told them to make him work more.(good idea though :thumb: ) He is always in some emotional overdrive about something. It is exhausting.

If you don't hear from me, look around for an arc floating by. :bath:
I'm going to enjoy the :coffee: then get moving. Have a good day everyone. </span>