Good Morning, Monday


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Good morning, everyone,

I wasn't going to start the GM thread, because I didn't want to bring anyone down, but I figured, I'm up, what the heck?

Today is Dylan's admission to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). We did our shopping spree yesterday. He got new sneakers, new white tee shirts, some other new things. I didn't want to buy pants, hoping we can get him off the Lithium, and he'll drop some weight. He was 130 pounds at the doctor Wednesday, a whopping (at least) 50 pounds over. He's now diagnosis'ed with obesity.

I have all the papers in a row. Doctors physical, dental check up, current IEP. All scripts filled, paperwork from the eyeglass place, his Game Boy, his CD player (was hard choosing CDs lol, luckily he's on a country kick, whew!). I made him an album, I bought one of those brag books, and there are 30 photos in there or so. Pictures from the day I brought him home, to his recent accomplishment of getting his gold belt. I am so proud of him.

I think I have everything. Good thing is, if not, he's only 15 minutes away. I love that.

difficult child 2 actually gave him the first hug I've seen him give Dylan since his reunification. Too bad this is what it takes for him to be nice to Dylan. 'nuff said about him.

Hope you all have a great day.


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Good Morning Janna, somedays it's tough to see a positive. Try to remember this may the first day of him getting back on track. I haven't read all the posts lately so I'm just guessing why he is going to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). I'll catch up. I'll keep a good thought for Dylan.

It's beastly hot. I hate when it is so hot day after day. To make things worse we had no power for 8hrs yesterday. I'm hoping for an early autumn.

difficult child is having a little struggle with what is expected with work. Keep your fingers crossed. He really has very little time until he moves but I would really like for him to hang in there. It would do wonders for his self esteem and getting another job.

The march to N.Carolina is getting closer. I'll be glad when we are settled again.

Hope you each have a no meltdown Monday. Do something good for yourself.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Janna- You aren't bringing us down. This is unfortunately an option for some of our children. :warrior: I'm glad that difficult child 2 was at least kind to his brother.
Well, I was going to try to take Duckie to the zoo today but my feet hurt pretty badly. Maybe another day. :rofl:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Morning everyone. This weekend was rough in many ways and Monday has come way too soon. I could really use a good Monday.

Have a great day everyone :smile:

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Good Morning,

Janna-I know today will be hard for you but you also know you are doing the right thing for Dylan and I like how Fran put it about this being the first day of him getting back on track. Will be thinking positive thoughts for you today. :flower:

Fran-It's hot here too but not like it is where you are. I do hope it cools off before we head back to school-the no ac is a killer. Luckily difficult child, husband's, and easy child's school all have ac-I'll be the only one suffering! Will be keeping a good thought that difficult child finishes stron on his job! :angel:

TM-Hope your feet are feeling better soon-maybe you can squeeze in a nap today!! :beach:

Christine-Hoping your Monday is the type of day you need. Hugs. :flower:

Yesterday I finally mowed the lawn-had been putting it off way too long. Graceful person that I am, I fell four times in various holes in the yard from our dog and my old garden-ouch! My ankle is killing me. It's not broken or even sprained as I have lots of movement but it hurts like the dickens if anything touches it and even just walking. It didn't swell up until after I did my work out last night.

Today difficult child is off to day camp!! I'm not really sure what I will do -maybe go to the pool, maybe just read and take a nap.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! Hi to anyone who snuck in :dance:


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Janna, there are some positives in this. First, you've made a decision you think is in his interest and you're following through. Second, the place is really close, you will be able to see him a lot more easily than if he were three hours away. And third, if he DOES lose weight it will be great, plus you can always take pants in, it's a lot harder to let them out. if they can get him off the lithium, here's hoping you will have the sewing machine at the ready. Or the alterations place, whichever you prefer. In the meantime, there's always belts.
I looked at difficult child 3 today - he has ONE pair of jeans that fit. Only now, they only JUST fit, having taken the hem completely down. But round the waist? They still look like they've been gathered in on elastic, because he has to belt them on so tightly. He's so skinny that if I buy jeans long enough, they're twice as far round his waist as he needs.
Janna, you've done OK. He needs this, so do you.

Fran, our spring is definitely on the way (although it's cold again tonight) so here's hoping your autumn is also on the way.
TM, the best thing at the zoo - find somewhere for you to sit where Duckie can shuttle back and forth, checking out enclosures and still letting you rest.

Christine, I hope your Monday is better than most. Sometimes we need the week as a break.

Sharon, you need to whack a bag of frozen peas on that ankle.

It's easy child 2/difficult child 2's 21st birthday tomorrow; BF2 gave her a lovely designer dress (or should I say, frock?) which she wants to wear to her birthday luncheon next Sunday. It's very elegant. Now husband have about six hours to find something to give her for her birthday as a small token from us. Plus, difficult child 3 bought something for her in NZ and do you think I can find it? I have six hours... plus, of course, the extra time she will sleep in in the morning. OK, make that 11 hours...



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Good morning everyone!

We survived the weekend with M acting "manic!" Right now he appears calm, but only because he's attached to the wall playing a video game...I'm sure as soon as he's detached, he'll be jumping as high as the ceiling again! The weekend included jumping onto rafts in the deep end of a pool (M is not a strong swimmer), bolting into the street to stop the icecream man, and sticking his finger into a fan to stop the fan blade! Yikes! Last night he was such an emotional wreck he gave himself two timeouts and didn't eat dinner, which happened to be his *favorite* meal- steak! Just waiting for 9 am for the psychiatrist's office to open so I can reach someone.

Janna- :::Hugs::: I am hoping the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement is the next step in the right direction for Dylan. I'm so glad he's only 15 minutes away. Good luck with the admission today- you'll be in my thoughts.

Fran- I'll trade the rain for the heat today! :smile: I hope difficult child has a better time with what's expected with work.

TM- Soak those tooties! Maybe Duckie would be up for pedicures today? LOL

Christine- So sorry to hear you had a rough weekend! Here's to a better Monday!

Sharon- Ouch! Take care of that ankle! I bet the pool would do it some good (as would a nap! LOL). Enjoy your free time while difficult child is at camp!

Marg- Happy Birthday to easy child/difficult child 2!!! Good luck finding a present! I'm sure you'll be ok... :wink:


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:beach: Good Monday Morning from the Shore!

Janna, you, Dylan and the rest of your crew will be in my thoughts. You have planned well for this - you are doing what you believe is best for your son - keep strong :angel:.

Fran, we've actually gotten a little cooler here lately. I was sitting on the beach yesterday afternoon after coming out of the ocean and was actually just a tad chilly! Hope difficult child hangs with the job till the end :future:.

TM, hope you are able to take it easy today :bath:

Christine, here's wishing you a good Monday :flower:

Sharon, sorry that ankle is bothering you - I'd say a good long nap is medicine :doctor:!!!!

Marg, hope difficult child 2's birthday goes great and you find the gift difficult child 3 got for her :dance:

difficult child and I had no sooner hit the beach yesterday than difficult child and her buddy showed up with their chairs and joined us :beach: It was a nice suprise to have the girls with us for the day. Tonight difficult child and I will go to the condo easy child and the family she is staying with are - the girls will take difficult child to the amusement park while her friend's parents and a male friend of theirs (yes, I'm being set up) will have a crab and shrimp boil with summer drinks :smile:

Wishing everyone a great Monday - remember it's No Meltdown Monday :thumb: