Good Morning on a Sunday


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It's been a bit of a soggy weekend. Reminds me more of the Memorial Days as a kid. It was always cold and wet for some reason. The pools opened and we would be standing in line to jump into the frigid water. LOL. :rofl:

It's been a nice weekend with the sisters and nephews although baby sis keeps disappearing and leaving the nephews. Mostly she is napping but she doesn't get much of a break.
We are having a barbecue tonight. It's also a non graduation party. easy child didn't want a party but he invited his group of 10 or so over. I got a cake anyhow. It's going to be more of a tropical beach theme. We got flip/flop hanging lights and paper lanterns. Hope it doesn't rain.

difficult child is having a good time in Virginia Beach. No news is good news.

Hope you have a peaceful Sunday and enjoy the start of the summer season.
Good morning Fran and all who follow~~

Fran, hope the rain stays away for your BBQ tonight. Love the theme party!

Rain has kept it quiet kids, no screeching cicadas. But holy moly I have the mother of all migraines and a coughing fit too boot (yes ladies, get out the cheese, here comes the whine).

Of course the coughing makes the head hurt worse. And makes you dribble a little. So much for my restful weekend...spent a lot of it on the toilet, coughing and rubbing my temples...


Enjoy your Sunday. Find something beautiful to look at.



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Good morning. :coffee:
Fran- easy child's non-graduation party sounds fun! :hammer: Fingers crossed that rain holds off. We haven't even opened our pool yet. It took husband several hours to drain the pool cover and remove the leaves. It was a very wet spring around here! :rofl:
We start our early service schedule at church this weekend, so we have to be there at 9:30. It will be fun as it's Pentecost: we'll all wear red, carry banners & have a potluck afterward. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:


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I hope everyone has a nice day!

Well we are off to Nh. today to pay the cabin we stay at for the summer. It's a long ride, but it will be okay as traffic will be thin. Then we will stop in at difficult children grandparents, where they both have new atvs that difficult child can not wait to ride. Have a nice day everyone!

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Good Morning All,

Fran-Sounds like it's been a fun time with everyone around this weekend. Glad your baby sis is getting some napping in. The non graduation party sounds great-I love the flip flop lights. It's great difficult child is having fun on his getaway. I hope you don't get any rain!

BBK-Hope you are feeling better soon. Migraines are no fun!

TM-Enjoy the church service-sounds like a nice day.

Razzle-Sounds like you have a fun couople of days planned-enjoy!

It rained a bit here yesterday but not much so I took Dad and his wife to the farmer's market-our market is really cool and covers 4 huge blocks. Later some of husband's family was in town wo they came over and we had a nice barbeque.

Today it's church and a workout (I haven't worked out since Tuesday). I also have a huge nap planned. Hopefully the lawn will get mowed as well. Tonight husband's sister and two of our nieces are coming over to watch movies.

Enjoy your day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :wink:


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G'day all.

Fran, I hope the barbecue goes off well and stays dry.

BBK, I think you and I are the only ones coming close to liking cicadas. I hope the migraine eases off soon. hate 'em.

TM, I hope you get your pool set up soon, you could be in for a hot summer.

Jen, I hope you enjoy the drive. Anticipation is a great thing.

Sharon, I love a good farmer's market. Lots of lovely fresh food and inspiration for healthy living that always seems to get sidetracked into decadence.

We had a lovely sunny day today, sleeveless singlet tops sweating in the sun - it's supposed to be winter in less than a week! husband, mother in law, difficult child 3 & I went to play trains in Wollongong again. The best day for it - husband was occupied thoroughly while mother in law & I dozed in the sun and difficult child 3 played Nintendo DS games in tandem with three other kids. On the way home we stopped at the fish market and bought the best fish in the world - Aussie barramundi! I pan-fried it in butter and macadamia oil. One fillet filled a plate! difficult child 3 has decided he only ever wants to eat barramundi, ever more. And we'd bought it because it was also one of the cheapest fish there, too. We'd also bought some harbour prawns - they were delicious, but paled by comparison.

husband just noticed we have a doctor's appointment in the morning. And I'd been hoping for a quiet day!

Oh, well...

Enjoy your Sunday!



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Fran your weekend sounds very nice. Good to have friends/family around. :)

BigBadKitty hope you feel better soon! I am north of Chicago just a lil bit and we have not yet seen any cicadas in my neighborhood, and we are quite rural. I think the rain and storms of the last few days chased them away here? (kept them underground)

tiredmommy- I never liked when our church went to the earlier summer hours, LOL- cuz working nites it was so hard for me- but hey, I LOVE potlucks! Enjoy!

RAZZLYN- Happy & safe travel- my oldest likes to ride on ATVs. The cabin sounds very nice. I have heard nh is quite nice.

Wiped out- sounds like great things for this weekend! I got part of my yard mowed before the rain, - but gosh it sure was WINDY when I did it and I had to dodge falling branches and flying items! YIKES! I am hoping todays sunshine dries the rest so I can finish.

Marg- that fish sounds interesting- I like fish. Our farmers market here has not really yet begun to have much to offer, but all last week it was quite hot and I made us fresh vegs and salads for dinner most of the week. Playing trains? Sounds like great fun! My dhs first years Christmas gift to me was an electric train set. That was also my sons first birthday gift from me. :) And- I am eagerly awaiting the emergence of our 17 yr cicadas! :)

My easy child still has almost 3 weeks left of school- and always the last day they go in for one single hour. I have always hated that.
This Memorial Day my town is not doing their memorial service or the parade after, - first time they haven't and I am not sure why they aren't? Most years my husband would march with fellow veterans and my girls would be in marching band and I would watch, and then to lunch at VFW. But this year none of that is happening.
Sadly my illness flared bad earlier this week and it stopped me and I was stuck down in a darned chair for 3 days. :-( That has not happened in quite awhile and I did not handle it very well. I guess the good part was the weather was so lousey, I could not be in the yard working, anyway. I have been creating a bird sanctuary and a butterfly/hummingbird garden and an herb garden and a veg garden (my first) and I had enough done that I was able to watch the birds and squirrels scampering around enjoying what I have already done. The dog and 3 kitties sat beside me as we all stayed glued to the window. :)
Today I am again able to walk some, and the sun is out, now, so I am hoping I will be able to get out there and do SOMETHING.

Have a great Sunday everyone! And Hi! to those who may have snuck in behind me.

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Good morning friends,

Fran, hope the weather clears soon & you see the sun.

BBK, ice packs & a dark room. I hope you're up & about feeling better soon.

TM, enjoy your day,

with-O, sounds like a good visit with family.

Jen, enjoy the drive.

Marg, really need to get to your house for dinner some night. That fish sounds wonderful.

dreamer, sorry to hear you've been down & out. Hope you're feeling better soon.

As you can tell I've slept in again this morning. kt is on the internet (under my watchful eye) searching for recipes for dirty rice. She wants to cook dinner tonight.

We have a few errands to run this morning (medication refills) then it's out to the yard to plant those last plants I've been trying to get in but haven't due to rain & storms.

husband is on a rampage to use the round up on all the weeds - if I gave him free reign he'd destroy every blade of grass in our yard & pour concrete.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm.


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Oh Timerlady- is your husband related to mine? I have been argueing with mine all week (actually for years, LOL) becuz my husband is SERIOUS and he wants to lose the vegetation and go for concrete for it all- and hey- it is ME who tends to the lawns etc! Now the other day he said he wanted to set my yard furniture in concrete so nothing could happen to it! I chased him away! Yeesh!
Hope kt finds a good recipe. My son likes to watch foodnetwork and then try to make some of those things he sees. LOL.

timer lady

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husband has been threatening this for years. We have a city lot - it's not that big. You'd think the 20 minutes of mowing a couple of times a week (at worst) was killing the man. :hammer:

Sometimes my husband is such a putz! :rofl:


Good morning everyone.
busy today at work
just on to say morning, everyone enjoy your adventures this weekend..and the good food.
Ice pak for headache
I also do the yard work. husband tries to rush through and misses
several strips, only mows one side of house, then says they don't grow the same. No..not when you mow them different times! I took over the mowing and the edging, flower planting. Only can't afford flowers yet.

Take care and relax. Enjoy the holiday


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LOL, I am in town and our lot is I think one fifth of an acre only. But for goodness sakes, it is ME who tends to it so I have no idea WHY my husband cares either way? LOL. I cannot even say he resents my time outside, gosh we have lived together 23 years this weekend, LOL- and neither of us works anymore so----LOL- I doubt he cares if I am outside. He crqacks me up with some of his weird ideas (after I get over the revulsion of some of them)
Yesterday he told me he thought I should have my yard furniture set in concrete so it did not blow around during storms. ACK! I like to move it around week to week, set it up in different configurations.......yeesh, it is cheap plastic, 2 white benches,(with 4 little tables) one round table with 4 chairs and now 2 canopied swings and another table that matches one of the swings- with 4 chairs. Oh and an older glider and table on the side- (one of the swings is out front) I move it- I play with it all- I like it.......LOL. I now just nod and tell him to go back in the house. LOL. I doubt the wind blowing the white plastic stuff will hurt it, and the newer swings and table, well- even if they are set in concrete they would still get damaged if the wind chjose to harm them. Then I would just be stuck with damaged stuff stuck in concrete. ACK!

I am working on adding a sit on front porch/deck in front, and he said I should just concrete EVERYTHING.

We have a 2 car wide, 2 car long driveway and a one car garage (which we do not park cars in) and easy child is getting ready to get her drivers license and difficult child is finally starting to show interest- SOoooooooooooooooo my husband has said he wants us to get rid of the butterfly garden on side of house and the other garden next to driveway so as to make....................a ..........parking lot!!!!! ACK! I highly doubt my kids will have enough $ to buy cars anytime soon, and husband is giving his license up (for health reasons) so what does he care if we hafta juggle cars in driveway? I don't want to live on a parking lot! LOL.

ROFL, well, good news for me, since my husband has been mentally ill for so many years- he turned over everything to me long ago- and while he does still toss his opinions into the ring, - all final decisions are up to me. LOL. I'll just buy him a new videogame and he will be so immersed in that, I will do it MY way, LOL.
If you could spare a prayer,

My coughing is SO bad, it is hurting my stomach muscles (who knew I even had them?) and now I am short of breath and my heart is palpatating.

Heading out to ER.

:ill: :doctor:


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kjs, yes, my husband also woul;d miss spots when he still did the mowing. It would look AWFUL. In the middle of the yard there would be a wide long strip unmowed. I have recently found that mowing on my worse health days is good PT for me, my lawn mower is similar to useing my walker, LOL.........and working at weeding is great for my hands and fingers. :) The worst part is my knees, so I usually plop down on my bottom side and sit in the dirt while I work. and then scoot from spot to spot.
It is only recently I have been able to afford flowers, myself---- but I used to get cuttings from friends sometimes, and clippings.and would try my hand at seeds from dollar store sometimes.useing just the dirt already in my yard, no special potting soils etc. (now I use seeds and Jiffy pots a lot)


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Oh, scary! Bigbadkitty- I will keep you in my prayers today. Hope it is not pneumonia? Could it be an allergy to maybe mold or something triggered by the wet weather we had the last couple days? GOOD LUCK!