Good Morning on a Thursday


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Guess insomnia makes me the first to start the good morning thread. :surprise:. We missed the line of storm last night but the lightening hit a community not too far away. The upside to all the storms are the lake levels were hideously low but are now reaching a healthier level.

easy child's drama club had their end of year party honoring the graduating seniors. It was set up as a coffeehouse. Very intimate with each of the seniors performing. It's a pretty talented group. It's such an emotional but exciting time for the kids to go through. I can still remember the excitement of graduation. The whole feeling of stepping off the cliff into life excitement. :crying: My baby is growing up.

difficult child and I had a long talk. Again. It was actually a pretty productive talk. As always I keep my fingers crossed that something that he heard is processed into something he does or changes.

The work on repairing the house continues. It's like a revolving door.

I hope your Thursday is productive. It's to the gym for me and waiting for the a/c guy. Who says I don't live an exciting life. LOL. It's a GA night so that's a good thing.
The coffee is ready so off I go. Have a good day. :coffee: </span>
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:princess: Good Thursday Morning :princess:

It's Thursday, one more day till Friday!

Fran, you, Sharon and I all were posting at the same time! I too remember the excitement of graduation. What I remember the most was the desire to get the heck out of the house!!!

I won't be going to the office right away this morning. I'm going to stop and talk to the asst. princ at difficult child's school when I drop him off. His Special Education teacher said he was really behind with his grade level assesment in writing (which replaces our standards of learning tests in writing only). This is a notebook she is supposed to keep on all his writing assignments. She mentioned something about missing pieces all the way back to the beginning of the year :surprise: I looked at one piece and it was an assignment from October where he was missing the organization piece where he put his "pre-thoughts" together. So, he has to go back and recreate this? Why is this being done now right at the end of the year?

Do you really think a difficult child is going to compliantly redo/first do all this back work for writing assignments that have already been turned in? Hmmmmmm :faint:. I want to check with asst principal about this and find out how much work we are talking about here.

Then, I have to come home here and do a quick run through the upstairs. My cleaning folks come tomorrow morning and my upstairs needs a little "organizing". Since I also have to go into the office, I need to get that done first. I can't ever plan on doing house stuff after 4 - no energy left!

Wishing everyone a great day!


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Good Morning!

Fran-We posted at the same time and I tried to delete my post when my computer decided to be a difficult child and froze-I had to restart the modem downstairs-and then restart my computer-argh! The drama club party sounds nice-it must be hard watching them take that next step-glad to hear that your talk with difficult child was productive! Enjoy your workout :smile:

Sharon-Oh my gosh-no way is it realistic to expect difficult child to do a redo-I hope something can be arranged!

Well if it's Thursday then Friday must be almost here! It's been a long week at work. My student teacher is leading so I've gotten a lot of organizing done and things planned for next year but it's hard not to be working directly with the kiddos. At least I'm still doing one reading group! It was so sweet-yesterday for teacher appreciation week was bring your teacher a flower day-I brought home a beautifult bouquet.

Another warm day here-supposed to get up to 82!

After work today we have therapy for difficult child and then maybe I'll get in a workout. I've actually worked out the last 5 days in a row-yesterday I took my dog for a three mile walk at 5:30 a.m.-not sure I have the energy left for that. I also have to pack tonight as we're headed for Michigan tomorrow after work.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day and finds a reason to smile :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Fran, you're in a busy space of late. Glad that the difficult child talk was productive.

Sharon, can't imaging trying to redo all that work. And why wasn't this brought to your attention sooner? Geez. When the housekeepers are done if you could send them my way, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Sharon, good for you! It feels good to get that "me" time in on a regular basis.

"hi" if you snuck in.

Well, turns out kt wasn't malingering - the child is actually sick. Strep throat - pretty involved. She never ran a temp! I'd feel more guilty if she wasn't such a hypochondriac. pediatrician doctor said that it's never easy with a kid this anxious.

My day includes a run to psychiatrist with wm - foster mum is too ill to do all this running; husband is home today so it should work out. Then onto piano lessons.

Have a calm day - find a reason to smile.
Good Morning :coffee:,


I cried every time my kids graduated - All the way from the preschool graduation ceremonies through middle school. I'm going to need an entire box of tissues when high school graduations start happening... We went through home renovations a few years back - It reminded me of the old movie, "The Money Pit." I hope things are going smoothly for you!!! Glad you're going to the gym!!!


I can't believe the teacher expects difficult child to complete writing assignments from the beginning of the year!!! in my humble opinion, this is totally unrealistic!!! Why wasn't this mentioned before? I hope you can resolve this matter smoothly... I'm like you, I have trouble doing housework later in the day. Since difficult children were born, I've become a morning person.


I'm glad you've been getting your workouts in. I always feel so much calmer after I've taken my favorite sanity saver on a long walk... As always, you're so BUSY!!! I bet your bouquet is gorgeous!!! I love the idea of every child bringing in a flower...


I know how hard it can be when trying to determine if a difficult child is really sick or not. difficult child 1 is a major hypochondriac (SP???)!!! It's horrible!!! We now tell him that if he is too sick to go to school, he not only will have to go to the pedi's office, but also, he'll need to rest and won't be able to use his computer. This has helped us. I'm glad you're getting in a bit of "ME" time today - Enjoy your piano lesson.

Today I have a bunch of errands to do and a few follow up phone calls to make regarding difficult child 2. Other than that, I'm going to try and enjoy the nice spring weather we're having. First I need one more cup of :coffee:.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone finds a reason to smile or laugh today. WFEN :flower:


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G'day, all. I'm trying to type this while difficult child 3 keeps talking to me, stopping and walking away, then coming back and talking again, then walking away, then coming back... you get the drift. If I yell at him he gets upset and can't understand why. But trying to keep my brain on track - AARRGGH!!!

easy child 2/difficult child 2 is now being very difficult child, arguing about who knows what with husband. She's been very obsessive this evening, wanting us to arbitrate with her and difficult child 3 over whether he deliberately crept up on her to startle her, or it was an accident. Sometimes I wish I could bang their heads together!

I watched the "first morning post tango" with interest but waited until you had yourselves sorted out.

Fran, that drama club presentation sounds interesting. I find it fascinating seeing what our kids are capable of. easy child 2/difficult child 2 studied drama for her final years at school also. Since then she's done some professional acting jobs but I'm sure will never make a permanent living out of it. I hope difficult child takes at least some of your talk on board.

Sharon/LDM, I hope you get some sense out of/into the :censored2:'t principal. It sounds like they're nitpicking a bit about the notes.Sharon/WEO - the bouquet sounds lovely. You need uplifting moments like this to compensate for the difficult times as a teacher.Linda, I hope kt feels better soon. I often find difficult child 3's behaviour goes out the window for a few days before he has symptoms show up. I think it's funny that an anxious kid DID NOT spike a temp. difficult child 3 has low grade fevers all the time, purely from anxiety!

WFEN, Enjoy your weather. Our Indian Summer has now gone, we've got true late autumn weather - grey skies, damp air, brown leaves clinging, spiders spinning webs all round the garden.

I saw the neurologist today - I have benign vestibular vertigo. He said it's the neurologist's favourite condition to diagnose because it's so easily treated. It's the middle ear dropping 'bits' into the semicircular canals, and those 'bits' getting caught up and triggering a false reading when you move in a certain direction. They treat it by tipping you up and around to try to jiggle the tiny 'bit' back into place and away from the tiny hairs in the vestibular system. He then proceeded to tip me all over the place, stopping every so often to record what my eyes were doing (nystagmus, it's the oscillating back and forth when you're dizzy). And it didn't work. Not even after the third time. "Hm, maybe in your case, the little 'bit' is stuck to the nerve ending, we'll have to jiggle it loose with a vibrator. I just hold it on your mastoid bone and try to vibrate it loose, then we tip you again. But you'll have to bring in your own vibrator, I haven't got one here."

husband wants to know why the doctor assumed I own a vibrator!? OK, he's got to know me well and can be a bit cheeky at times. I suspect husband is going to want to come along to watch, for the next visit. As long as he doesn't bring a video camera...



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I had to laugh. Your husband's statement was what I was thinking. Pretty funny doctor. Hope it works.


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Good morning! :coffee:
Fran- I'm sure you'll treasure those memories of easy child's drama club for the rest of your life. :princess:
LDM- Fingers crossed that you & asst principal figure this out! :hammer:
Sharon- The bouquet sounds lovely. :flower:
WFEN- Have fun with the errands. :wink:
Marg- Duckie does that talking thing too. We call it "", as in sonar radar pinging that submarines use. It's like she's spewing wave after wave of verbal junk at us. by the way, ROTFLMBO about the ear & vibrator. :rofl:
I'm taking off for the school library in a few minutes. Cross your fingers that Duckie does well today, she has 3 strikes against her this morning: her allergies are just awful, she's overtired from being awoken by thunderstorms last night, and she has a planned substitute today. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Morning guys!

I'm at SO's house. I cleaned it this morning. Couldn't stand it anymore. Bachelors are gross. :smile:

Also had difficult child's IEP meeting this morning. I'll post about it separately.

Have a great day!